VCPN610 - VMware Certified Professional - Network Virtualization Exam

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Example Questions

An administrator can only log into the NSX manager using local credentials and not Active Directory credentials. Which option would cause this issue? Which statement describes the traffic throughput of the NSX Distributed Firewall? Which tool is used to display VXLAN connection information? A company has augmented its Data Center infrastructure by using vCloud Hybrid Service during peak hours. The company wants to extend their existing subnets into the cloud while workloads retain their existing IP addresses. The virtual machines in these subnets use an NSX Edge Gateway as their default gateway. Which solution should this company use? What are three switch features found only on vSphere Distributed Switches? (Choose three.) What is the minimum MTU size recommended by VMware for the physical network when deploying NSX for vSphere? Which is not a valid Destination option for a General Logical Firewall rule? Which characteristic or feature is required for VXLAN traffic to successfully travel across virtual and physical networks? A user needs to be given the ability to make configuration changes on a specific NSX Edge device. What role and scope could be used to meet this requirement? What is the frequency of the heartbeat between the active and standby NSX Edge instances when configured for HA? Which two actions take place when an active NSX Edge instance fails? (Choose two.) You are tasked with designing a data center architecture that should maximize the use of vMotion within your environment. You must use these VMware best practices: - The network must utilize widely offered layer 2 switching and layer 3 switching services - Purchase of new equipment should be minimized Which two network design architectures will provide the requirements for vMotion in your data center? (Choose two.) An administrator has created a logical switch, but when attempting to select a transport zone, the dropdown box is empty. Which option is causing this issue? An administrator needs to perform a configuration backup of NSX. From which two locations can this task be performed? (Choose two.) You have deployed a vShield Endpoint for antivirus and malware detection on an NSX network and need to monitor audit messages for the endpoint. Which log file are the audit messages recorded in? Which two web browsers are supported for programming the NSX REST API? (Choose two.) Which NSX component can validate that security policies at your organization are being enforced correctly? Which statement is true regarding multicast traffic when implementing NSX? What is the default delay when the active NSX Edge instance fails before the standby instance takes the active role? A company hosts an internal website on multiple virtual machines on a Logical Switch with VNI 7321. A Distributed Router serves as the virtual machines' default gateway. When an user resolves the URL for the website, the internal DNS server responds with the IP address of one of the virtual machine's IP addresses in a round robin fashion. The company wants to deploy an NSX Edge Service Load Balancer and maintain the use of the Distributed Router for the virtual machines' default gateway. Which mode can the NSX Edge Load Balancer can be deployed to meet the Company's needs? An administrator has deployed and powered on a new virtual machine configured to get its networking information via DHCP. The virtual machine is connected to an NSX network and connectivity has been verified. After reconfiguring the virtual machine with a static IP address, network connectivity is lost. Which statement explains what happened? Which components are required to enable layer 2 bridging? (Choose two.) You have deployed a two-tiered application using four virtual machines: - Two virtual machines are web application servers - Two virtual machines providing a clustered database service What feature can you configure to provide the most accurate account for only the traffic between the web servers and the clustered database? Where does the Distributed Logical Firewall enforce firewall rules? An administrator wants to implement NSX within the vSphere virtual environment. Which two statements correctly describe changes that will occur as a result of an NSX deployment? (Choose two.) What is the function of NSX Data Security? Which condition could prevent an ESXi host from receiving VXLAN Tunnel End Point (VTEP) tables? What is the maximum time span for viewing Flow Monitoring data? Where are the distributed NSX firewall decisions logged? Which two statements are true regarding NSX High Availability? (Choose two.) Where is the net-vdr command used? An administrator will deploy NSX within an existing vSphere environment containing two vCenter Server instances. Each vCenter Server manages three clusters with 16 ESXi hosts per cluster. How many NSX Manager instances would be required for this deployment? Which scenario can be configured to use 3DES encryption for virtual machine traffic? Which two options are valid distribution methods used by the NSX Edge Load Balancer? (Choose two.) Which two characteristics of the underlying physical network does VMware NSX require for robust IP transport? (Choose two.) Which two are valid types of authentication for an OSPF area? (Choose two.) After deploying NSX, an administrator does not see the Networking & Security tab when connecting to the vCenter Server using the vSphere Web Client. What should the administrator do? What is the minimum number of vSphere Distributed Switches (vDS) that must be configured before deploying VMware NSX for vSphere? Which statement is correct when upgrading vShield Data Security to NSX Data Security? A network security administrator wants to monitor traffic on several VLANs configured on a vSphere Distributed Switch. The traffic will be sent to another distributed port. What type of port mirroring session must be configured to meet these requirements? Which two vSphere components are required for NSX? (Choose two.) A vSphere administrator deployed an NSX Edge Load Balancer in HA mode. What happens in the event the Load Balancer has a failure? Using VMware's best practices, choose two statements that define the best solution for scaling layer 2 services for the virtual network. (Choose two.) Which component provides for installation of NSX hypervisor kernel components and user world agents? Which configuration change on the physical infrastructure is required when deploying NSX? What is the packet size of the VXLAN standard test packet when using the Ping test on the logical switches? Which statement is true regarding an NSX Edge gateway device configured with a DNS Server? Which statement describes proper packet processing of layer 3 traffic in an NSX for vSphere topology? Which two Virtual Private Networks are supported by the NSX Edge Service Gateway? (Choose two.) A vSphere administrator wants to setup an NSX Edge Service Gateway to provide traveling employees secure access to company servers located in specific network segments within the corporate Data Centers. The solution has to be as scalable as possible. Which Virtual Private Network solution will satisfy the administrator's requirements?