VCPD510 - VMware Certified Professional 5 - Desktop Exam

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Example Questions

An administrator is creating a virtual machine that will be running Windows 2008 Enterprise (64-bit). The application to be installed in the virtual machine requires eight vCPUs to run effectively. During installation, the only available options are one, two, three, or four vCPUs. What condition explains the available vCPU selections? During an installation of Security Server, a message displays that the pairing password has expired. Where must a new password be configured? Which service or task should be disabled to minimize unneeded OS disk growth on a heavily used linked clone pool that is refreshed daily using View Composer? What is the maximum supported number of linked clone virtual machines View Composer can provision per pool? An administrator decides to implement a Fixed multipathing policy for an ESXi host with four available paths to one VMFS datastore. After the policy has been enabled for the datastore, how many paths will have an active status by default? A View administrator assigns prescribed vCenter Server permissions to a vCenter Server role and associates the role with a domain user account named viewadmin. This account is used by View Connection Server for vCenter Server operations. The administrator creates and provisions two dedicated-assignment automatic pools that use templates, and everything works as expected. View Composer is enabled and a linked clone pool is configured. The linked clone provisioning operation aborts with errors in the event log. The errors indicate that there are insufficient permissions. What is the likely cause of the problem? What is a prerequisite for configuring an events database? Why must an unmanaged desktop be registered with View Connection Server before it can be added to a pool? A new ESXi host is set up with two virtual machines. A memory limit is applied so that users will have predictable performance as virtual machines are added to the host. What is the effect of applying a memory limit to these virtual machines? An administrator creates a kiosk mode desktop. The client device is unable to connect to the desktop. Which action should the administrator take to resolve this issue? A View administrator has deleted a linked clone pool, and communication between the Connection Server and the vCenter Server is lost. The administrator notices that the virtual machine associated with the replica still remains in the inventory view of vCenter Server and cannot be deleted. Which step must be taken to resolve this problem? What is the maximum number of ESXi hosts in a vSphere cluster used by View Composer if using VMFS datastores? An administrator has deployed a vCenter Server to manage a virtual environment. The administrator has been asked to develop a plan for handling major upgrades to the application. What should be included in the upgrade plan? A View vCenter Server role is created that includes all of the required View Administrator and local mode vCenter Server privileges. The View administrator deploys a linked clone, dedicated- assignment pool. View Client with Local Mode is installed on all client systems. Desktops have been correctly provisioned and can be accessed remotely. However, when a user tries to check out a desktop, the operation fails due to insufficient permissions. What is the likely cause of the problem? An organization has two large office locations connected by a WAN connection that is already heavily saturated with traffic. An administrator installs a Master View Connection Server at site A and a Replica Connection Server at site B. For desktops that are deployed the displayed state or availability is incorrect in many cases. What causes these inconsistencies? What is one requirement when adding an extent to a VMFS datastore? A company has a security certificate regenerated with a new password. The administrator reinstalls the new certificate. What must the administrator do to be sure the View Security Server uses the new certificate password? An organization has an automated desktop pool. During logon at the beginning of a shift, most users are complaining that it is taking too long for the desktop to appear. All desktops will eventually log on if given enough time. Which change will improve the connection times at the beginning of a shift? Which memory conservation technique collaborates with the server to reclaim pages that are redundant in a virtual machine or virtual machines? To use previously created desktop VMs, which type of desktop pool should the View administrator create? Which is the most secure method of connecting to an iSCSI storage array using an independent hardware iSCSI adapter? An administrator creates a View Composer linked clone pool of Windows XP Desktops, and the operation fails to finish customizing the desktops. The error log below provides more detail. 2010-09-21 12:46:04,281 [836] INFO Guest - [Guest.cpp, 248] Attempting to join Test1 to the domain vmw-dc.local f3 2010-09-21 12:46:04,562 [836] FATAL Guest - [Guest.cpp, 261] Domain join faileD. 1265 f3 2010-09-21 12:46:04,718 [836] FATAL CSvmGaService - [svmGaService.cpp, 116] Domain join failedError 1265 (0x4f1): The system detected a possible attempt to compromise security. Please ensure that you can contact the server that authenticated you. What is the cause of the error? An administrator is performing an upgrade on an ESXi host. Which step can be used to back up the host before the upgrade is performed? A View administrator must identify any changes that need to take place in the corporate firewall to allow local mode desktops to be checked out from outside the firewall. What is the minimum requirement to enable this functionality? What failure will beacon probing identify in vSphere networking? What is the default port number used by the View Composer when setting up the vCenter Server connection? A View administrator needs to limit the disk space growth of the virtual machines in a linked clone desktop pool due to Windows temporary files and system page file. Which initial pool setting will help limit disk space growth? During peak operating hours, an administrator finds that a business-critical application running in a virtual machine is not performing as well as during normal hours. Which memory management method can be used to guarantee that the application performs well at all times? When PSA is coordinating the VMware NMP and any installed third-party MPPs, the MPPs perform which task? What is the name of the group policy setting that must be configured to enable location based printing? What DRS automation policy must be configured for virtual machines that are used as a transfer server? An administrator user group named Restricted Users is created in a View environment to manage a specific folder. After a few weeks, the users in that group complain that they no longer have access to View Administrator. Further investigation indicates that the group no longer exists. Logs show that the group was not removed by any View administrators. What would cause the group to disappear? Which action must the desktop administrator take to use PCoIP with a physical desktop in a manual pool? An administrator has View installed in a LAN environment with tunneling disabled. When users connect from the View Client on a Windows 7 laptop, they can authenticate and select a pool, but receive a black screen when connecting with PCoIP. After 10 seconds, their session automatically disconnects. RDP users are not affected. What port is likely being blocked by a firewall to cause this issue? The security team has determined that the default setting for the connection ticket is too long and wants to shorten the period that the ticket is valid for authentication. Which GPO needs to be configured and applied to the View environment? An administrator notices that when a virtual machine is placed into a resource pool, a warning indicates that the virtual machine will receive a very large percentage of the total shares for memory. Which action can be taken to resolve this problem? When designing a storage infrastructure to support ESXi 5 hosts what limit will be reached first? A system administrator has an existing ThinApp package that needs to be integrated with View for deployment. When rebuilding the corresponding ThinApp package, which line does the system administrator need to add to the package.ini file to enable application streaming? A View administrator is creating a linked clone pool of desktops that delete or refresh after logoff. Which storage overcommit level should be used to maximize use of the datastore while retaining a reserve? An administrator has configured a virtual machine using the Emulate IDE mode for the DVD drive. Using the vSphere Client from a remote PC, an administrator wants to connect to a virtual machine and burn a DVD, but is getting error messages in the disk burning application. What must the administrator do to fix this issue? How many disks can a View Transfer Server concurrently transfer? What is the proper syntax to use when adding a domain user to the View Composer configuration? While building a VMware View environment one of the design requirements is keeping vCenter and View Composer always available. Which solution can be utilized to achieve this? Which are the correct parameters to specify when adding an iSCSI target to an ESXi Host using the Static Discovery tab? What should an administrator do to ensure that communications between a View Security Server and its associated connection server is encrypted? A newly created View Composer base image is unavailable for checkout in a local mode-enabled linked clone desktop pool. Which task must be performed on the base image so that it is available for checkout? An organization has an automated desktop pool with the following settings: · Number of desktops (minimum) = 200 · Number of desktops (maximum) = 500 · Number of spare, powered-on desktops = 5 Some users are powering off their virtual desktops, which is creating a situation where not enough desktops are powered on to service the number of users. Which action will resolve the issue? An organization has a View Connection Server in DomainA. Users in DomainB need to access desktops on the existing connection server in DomainA. What must the system administrator do in Active Directory to enable users from DomainB to access desktops in DomainA? Adobe Flash Throttling has been set to Aggressive, and Flash Quality has been set to Low in order to manage bandwidth. A user complains about the quality of Flash objects. Which action can be taken to improve the quality of Flash objects without changing the Throttling and Quality settings? An administrator is configuring a stretched HA cluster. The administrator wishes to restrict the failover of VMs to certain hosts within a given site. Which additional vSphere feature satisfies this requirement?