VCPC550 - VMware Certified Professional

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Example Questions

Immediately after installing an ESXi host, an administrator needs to examine the following log files: · /var/log/hostd.log · /var/log/vmkernel.log · /var/log/vpxa.log Which two techniques could an administrator use to examine these files? (Choose two.) An environment has Org VDCs with the following parameters: An administrator needs an Org VDC that meets the following requirements: - Resources are committed only when vApps are created. - The network must span over large distances. Which Org VDC will meet the administrator's needs? Which Edge Gateway network service uses pool servers and virtual servers? An administrator needs to configure vApps so that they will be deleted when the vApp is stopped. Which storage cleanup option should be selected in this situation? Which condition would prevent an administrator from unmounting a VMFS datastore? An IP address is provisioned from a vCloud Automation Center Network Profile static IP range. What will happen when the workload using the IP address is destroyed? An administrator creates a catalog named "DemoCat" containing vApps and media. Administrators in a separate instance of vCloud Director need access to the catalog objects, including changes. Which feature will allow the remote administrators to subscribe to the DemoCat catalog? A vSphere administrator needs a way of sending noncritical ESXi events to a remote server. Due to budget constraints, no additional costs should be incurred. Which tool will best meet this requirement? Which change will provide the most overall network performance benefit for a provider VDC? A system administrator needs to control vApp proliferation in an organization. Which policy should the system administrator configure? Which information can the administrator use to identify iSCSI nodes? An administrator needs to perform a Datacenter Extension on a 120 GB virtual machine from a corporate private cloud to a public cloud via vCloud Connector. The environment is configured as follows: The virtual machine is attached to vSphere Distributed Switch. The Routed vApp Network is attached to a Routed Organization Network. The destination cloud has 200 GB of storage available. The local node is not configured to talk to the vCloud Connector Server on port 22. Why will this operation fail? A vSphere administrator needs to enable Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS) in an existing vSphere environment: The environment contains a High Availability (HA) cluster with eight ESXi hosts. Six ESXi hosts will be added to the cluster. DRS should be used on as many hosts as possible. Initial placement of virtual machines should be automatically performed. Migration recommendations should be provided, but not performed without approval. Which procedure should the administrator perform to accomplish this task? What is the difference between a vApp network and a Fenced vApp network? A vSphere administrator is unable to vMotion a virtual machine between two hosts. An error message indicates that the USB device is not accessible on the target host. What is causing this issue? A department has a critical business service that will need Compute Resources of 8 GHz CPU, 20 GB Memory and 310 GB Storage. How should the administrator configure vCloud Automation Center to ensure the highest priority for this critical service? Due to diminishing capacity, an ESXi host is added to a cluster that supports a cloud environment. A vCloud administrator notices that newly created VMs created through vCD are not utilizing the host resource. What is the reason for this? An administrator removes a virtual machine from a resource pool and places it in the DRS root resource pool. Users report the performance of the application running on the virtual machine has improved. The virtual machine relocation was the only change that occurred. What explains the change in application performance? A user needs to modify the threshold value of the Fault badge within vCenter Operations Manager. What should the administrator do to enable the user to complete this operation? A vSphere administrator needs to upgrade a single extent VMFS3 datastore to VMFS5 and expand it to 4TB in size. The storage administrator has already expanded the underlying LUN to 4TB. Which steps should the vSphere administrator take? The ability to perform a stretch deploy of a virtual machine contained in a vApp using the vSphere Client is unavailable. The administrator verifies that the environment is properly licensed and the target virtual machine is powered off. What should the administrator do to enable the stretch deploy option? Which configuration will block communication between two virtual machines on the same DMZ network? A vSphere administrator is configuring a fully automated DRS cluster and determines that DRS is not balancing virtual machine workloads. What condition could cause this behavior? Which workflow should the administrator follow to create a High Availability (HA) cluster? An administrator finds that after creating an External Network for an Organization vDC, virtual machines are unable to communicate using the new network. The administrator confirms that the virtual machines are able to communicate to the Edge Gateway, but the Edge Gateway is unable to ping its Default Gateway. What is the probable cause of the network issues? During an upgrade, the ESXi 5.x installer finds an existing version of ESXi and a VMFS3 volume. No virtual machines exist on the host or VMFS3 volume. The requirement is to upgrade to VMFS5. Which option should be chosen to meet this requirement? An administrator for an organization in the QA Cloud needs to obtain content from a catalog called TestvApps in the Development Cloud. What two steps should be performed to ensure that the latest version of the Development Cloud's vApps are available to the QA Cloud? (Choose two.) A new ESXi host has been added to vCAC, but is not visible in the Infrastructure Organizer. What would cause this issue? An administrator powers on a vCloud Automation Center Multi-Machine Service that includes machine A and machine B. The application on machine A does NOT start correctly and displays the following error message: Machine B not ready What step should be taken to resolve this issue? Which appliance is required to deploy VXLAN? An administrator needs to perform maintenance on an ESXi host within the vCloud Director environment without interupting existing workloads. What should the administrator do? An administrator needs to unmount a datastore that is also used for HA storage heartbeats. What is the least disruptive method for an administrator to perform this activity on a slave HA host? A system administrator needs to move a virtual machine to My Cloud using the web browser interface. Which workflow should the administrator use? Why would a vSphere administrator configure resource shares for a virtual machine? An administrator is installing ESXi on several hosts attached to iSCSI storage. Why would the administrator detach the host from the IP storage network prior to installation? Which three actions should an administrator take before creating a vCloud Automation Center Provisioning Group? (Choose three.) An administrator is responsible for enabling file access for desktop users. Many users have complained that they cannot access their files. An alert in the vSphere Client states that the storage connectivity alarm for all hosts has been triggered. The storage screen indicates that everything is connected, but the triggered alert has not been acknowledged.
Which action will correct the user access problem? A vSphere administrator needs to migrate a virtual machine to another datastore and host without disrupting virtual machine users. Which technique should the vSphere administrator use? An administrator is creating a new network with the following requirements: - The organization will deploy multiple vApps with identical configurations. - Each vApp should be able to communicate with other vApps in the organization. Which two networks should the administrator create to meet the stated requirements? (Choose two.) An administrator is deploying vSphere 5.5. The administrator creates a vSphere Distributed Switch, then uses Auto Deploy to deploy several ESXi hosts. After the hosts are deployed, the administrator notices that LACP packets are NOT being sent between them. Which condition would cause this issue to occur? A virtual machine is monitored by vCenter Operations Manager. The machine has been using more than 95% of its available vRAM between 3 AM and 4 AM for six consecutive days. Which change to a computed badge score is the most probable direct result? What happens to an external IP address mapping when a vApp is powered off? An organization administrator in the Development organization has been granted rights to a published catalog in the QA organization. No other access has been granted to users in the Development organization. How can the administrator ensure that users in the Development organization have access to an ISO that exists in the QA organization? As part of a capacity planning exercise, a user needs a report of all Reservations for all Provisioning Groups within the user's department including the percentage used for machine quota, memory, and storage for powered-on virtual machines. How should the user collect the data for this report? Which vShield Edge service is enabled by default? A VMFS3 datastore has just been upgraded to VMFS5.
In what two ways does this affect the datastore? (Choose two.) Which VLAN configuration requires the a switch port to be configured as an access port? A user shuts down a vApp. The vApp was connected to an Org vDC Network as External Routed. What will happen when the vApp is shut down? A vSphere administrator has created a Virtual SAN Cluster with Automatic Mode Disk Groups. The cluster includes three ESXi hosts contributing one SSD and six SAS disks each. The administrator has four new ESXi hosts that boot from a fiber channel array and have no local disks attached. These four new hosts need additional shared storage but there is insufficient space on the fiber channel array. The hardware budget is limited. What can the administrator do to provide the needed storage for the lowest cost? The administrator of the Development organization is unable to provide access to vApps from a catalog to the QA organization. Which two steps would allow the vApps to be shared only to the QA organization? (Choose two.)