VCP510-DT - VMware Certified Professional 5 - Desktop

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Example Questions

The Windows XP virtual machine with View Persona Management is not functioning properly. When the users are logging off they do not always capture the latest changes to their desktop environment. What configuration step was missed? A View administrator needs to limit the disk space growth of the virtual machines in a linked clone desktop pool due to Windows temporary files and system page file. Which initial pool setting will help limit disk space growth? Which configuration option must be provided to the wizard when creating Automated Pools with Full Virtual Machines? A View administrator needs to restore an environment following a crash of the View Connection servers. After the restore is done, the View administrator notices that some of the desktops of a pool are missing. What is likely the cause of this issue? A Local Mode operation has failed. Which three services should an administrator verify are running on a Transfer Server? (Choose three.) The accounting department of an organization is replacing their Windows XP desktops with new PCoIP enabled thin clients connecting to a VMware View environment containing a pool of Windows 7 virtual desktops. Part of the new deployment included creating a new Active Directory Organizational Unit named Accounting VDI and adding all of the accounting users into that Organization Unit. Validating the configuration has shown that connectivity from the thin clients to the desktop pool using the RDP protocol is not working. However, connectivity using PCoIP works appropriately. What are three possible causes of the issue? (Choose three.) Provisioning operations for a pool are unusually sluggish, and an error message in the event database displays: Provisioning error occurred on Pool Call-Center because of a timeout while customizing Which three actions would resolve the timeouts? (Choose three.) Which three options are available for client certificate checking? (Choose three.) A View administrator has received a request for a new desktop pool for users who travel frequently. The desktop pool has been configured for View local mode. Which two View local mode policies can be enabled to control synchronization with the View Transfer Server? (Choose two.) Due to site security requirements, a View environment needs the ability to determine if a user has logged in to a specific desktop at any time during the previous two months. Upon viewing the Events page in View Administrator, the administrator finds that only the previous four weeks of events are shown. What should the administrator verify to diagnose the issue? Adobe Flash Throttling has been set to Aggressive, and Flash Quality has been set to Low in order to manage bandwidth. A user complains about the quality of Flash objects. Which action can be taken to improve the quality of Flash objects without changing the Throttling and Quality settings? An administrator has configured the View Event Database on a heavily used View environment. After 90 days the Event Database stopped adding data, even though no configuration changes were made. What will resolve the issue? What are three required permissions that need to be assigned to the View Composer user account? (Choose three.) Which two configuration settings can reduce bandwidth utilized by View transfer servers? (Choose two) Why must an unmanaged desktop be registered with View Connection Server before it can be added to a pool? An administrator is preparing to install a View Connection Server 5.x for the first time. Which two server prerequisites are required for a proper installation on Windows Server 2003? (Choose two.) The security team has determined that the default setting for the connection ticket is too long and wants to shorten the period that the ticket is valid for authentication. Which GPO needs to be configured and applied to the View environment? Which two parameters must be configured to allow connections to a View environment using both PCoIP and RDP display protocols? (Choose two.) Which two View user management policies are handled by Active Directory? (Choose two.) An administrator is creating a new user for use with View Composer and needs to add the appropriate permissions. Which three non-default permissions are required for the new account? (Choose three.) An organization has a View Connection Server in DomainA. Users in DomainB need to access desktops on the existing connection server in DomainA. What must the system administrator do in Active Directory to enable users from DomainB to access desktops in DomainA? A View vCenter Server role is created that includes all of the required View Administrator and local mode vCenter Server privileges. The View administrator deploys a linked clone, dedicated- assignment pool. View Client with Local Mode is installed on all client systems. Desktops have been correctly provisioned and can be accessed remotely. However, when a user tries to check out a desktop, the operation fails due to insufficient permissions. What is the likely cause of the problem? A View administrator needs to distribute ThinApp packages from a newly created ThinApp Repository. The corresponding ThinApp package has been set with the streaming option. Which three ThinApp specific items will be stored inside the corresponding application repository? (Choose three.) Which three settings are configured under Global Settings on the View Connection Server administration page? (Choose three.) What is the default port used when an administrator configures the external URL for the PCoIP Secure Gateway? A system administrator has an existing ThinApp package that needs to be integrated with View for deployment. When rebuilding the corresponding ThinApp package, which line does the system administrator need to add to the package.ini file to enable application streaming? An administrator has View installed in a WAN environment with tunneling enabled using two Security Servers and a load balancer. What value must be entered in the PCoIP External URL to support PCoIP connections through the Security Server? What are three location detection settings that can be used to configure location based printing? (Choose three.) An administrator is attempting to troubleshoot an external user who cannot connect to the View Desktop through the PCoIP Secure Gateway. The following is observeD. - Connections with RDP succeed - Connections fail with PCoIP to both the Security Server and Connection Server - View Client receives the error: Unable to connect to desktop, a common encryption protocol is not available. What configuration change does the administrator need to make to restore PCoIP connectivity? What is the name of the group policy setting that must be configured to enable location based printing? An administrator user group named Restricted Users is created in a View environment to manage a specific folder. After a few weeks, the users in that group complain that they no longer have access to View Administrator. Further investigation indicates that the group no longer exists. Logs show that the group was not removed by any View administrators. What would cause the group to disappear? What is the minimum required level of privileges required to install the View Connection Server? An administrator is creating a new account for use with View Composer. What is the minimum security group to which the account must belong? During installation of View Composer on an existing vCenter server, the following error is displayed: Error 28014. Unable to close the firewall What are two solutions for this issue? (Choose two.) A View administrator has received a request for a View desktop configured for kiosk mode. Which three steps must a View administrator perform to accomplish this task? (Choose three.) An administrator has created a new linked clone pool and the virtual machines in the pool are not finishing customization. After reviewing the agent logs, it is determined that an initialization state error has occurred. What causes this failure? An administrator would like to add a View Security Server to add external access to the environment. Which View component must be installed and configured prior to installation of the View Security Server? Following a recent upgrade to the View environment to View 5.0, the option to set the PCoIP External URL of the Security Server is not available from the View Manager Interface. What is the likely cause of the problem? Which two properties must be set in the file to enable a Security Server to use a third-party SSL certificate? (Choose two.) A group of desktop users report that when they attempt to log in to their corporate View environment, they are unable to establish a secure connection to the Security Server. What should the administrator do to determine the cause of the connection problem? An organization requires a higher level of security for desktops that cannot be achieved with passwords alone. A certificate has been procured from a Certificate Authority, and smart cards have been purchased for the users. Which three tasks must the desktop administrator perform to prepare Active Directory (AD)? (Choose three.) Which two operating systems are supported for a View Transfer Server installation? (Choose two.) A View administrator enables GPO settings for location-based printing, but users are still unable to print to a local printer. Which step did the administrator likely neglect to perform in addition to enabling GPO settings? An administrator attempts to create a custom role for additional administrators of a View 5.x environment, but finds they cannot modify administrator permissions. Attempting to troubleshoot the problem, the administrator tries to run vdmadmin, but finds they are unable to do so. Which two statements explain the issue the administrator is experiencing? (Choose two.) An administrator must create a pool for a group of developers. The developer group is still growing, and additional developers will be hired over the coming months. The developers use a standard system configuration and a common set of tools. From time to time they also need to install unique applications required by the projects that they are working on. Which two configuration options should the administrator use when configuring this pool? (Choose two.) An organization has a Windows 7 linked clone desktop pool. A View administrator determines that the OS disks have increased substantially in size after several weeks of use, limiting the number of potential desktops on the datastore. The administrator needs to prevent the OS disks from increasing further in size. Which two optimization steps should the View administrator implement? (Choose two.) A newly created View Composer base image is unavailable for checkout in a local mode-enabled linked clone desktop pool. Which task must be performed on the base image so that it is available for checkout? A View administrator is creating a linked clone pool of desktops that delete or refresh after logoff. Which storage overcommit level should be used to maximize use of the datastore while retaining a reserve? An administrator has configured the View Event Database using Microsoft SQL Server for the database. The environment has three Connection Servers. When viewing Events in View Administrator some expected data is not displayed. Which two steps would help resolve the problem? (Choose two.) Which View feature is used to authenticate a Kiosk Mode connection by client device rather than end user?