VCP510 - VMware Certified Professional 5 - Data Center Virtualization

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Example Questions

An administrator attempts to increase the number of vCPUs in a virtual machine to 8. The configuration cannot be successfully completed. What are two likely causes of this issue? (Choose two.) Which three features can be used in combination with network-attached storage (NAS)? (Choose three.) An administrator wants to adjust disk resource allocation to ensure proper storage performance. Which two mechanisms are available? (Choose two.) An administrator has two ESXi 5.x hosts. Each host has two resource pools, Production and Test and a vApp named TestvApp01. What is true when these hosts are added to a DRS cluster? An administrator selects the Profile Compliance tab of an vSphere cluster, then selects Check Compliance Now. Which features requirements are not checked by this? Which statement describes the functionality of traffic shaping on a vSphere Standard Switch? A new ESXi 5.x host is set up with two virtual machines. A memory limit is applied so that users will have predictable performance as virtual machines are added to the host. What is the effect of applying a memory limit to these virtual machines? Which conditions are true regarding an ESXi 5.x host placed into maintenance mode while a member of a DRS cluster? (Choose two.) Under which two conditions is a master elected by vSphere HA? (Choose two.) Which two features secure the VMkernel? (Choose two.) An administrator is informed that there will be a storage maintenance window and that failovers may occur. What is the expected length of time that a Windows 2008 virtual machine storage I/O will pause during a path failover? What is true about the HA agent on ESXi 5.x hosts? Which two statements are true about VLANs and portgroups defined on a vSphere Standard Switch? (Choose two.) What Windows security object is granted the vCenter Server administrator role during installation? An administrator is migrating a virtual machine in a DRS cluster. The migration fails the validation check because of a CPU incompatibility issue. Which items below could be causing this issue? (Choose two.) Which two conditions will prevent a virtual machine from being successfully migrated using Storage vMotion? (Choose two.) A vSphere 5.x implementation contains two ESXi hosts, ESXi01and ESXi02. There is a virtual machine "VM21" connected to the Production port group on ESXi01. ESXi01 has the following switch configuration. vSwitch0, single uplink to Production port group VMkernel port for vMotion VMKernel port for management vSwitch1, single uplink to Engineering port group VMKernel port for NFS storage ESXi02 has the following switch configuration. vSwitch0, single uplink to Engineering port group VMkernel port for vMotion VMKernel port for management vSwitch1, single uplink to Production port group VMKernel port for NFS storage Which two statements are true about this configuration? (Choose two.) ACME Junkmail Incorporated has been utilizing templates in their environment. They are running a 10-node ESXi 5.x Cluster and DRS has not been configured. Several virtual machines have been deployed from this template and successfully powered on, but a newly deployed virtual machine will not power on. There appear to be adequate CPU and Memory resources available on the host. Which three things can be done to allow more virtual machines to be deployed into the cluster from this template? (Choose three.) An administrator is troubleshooting an ESXi 5.x host and needs to export diagnostic information. The host is currently managed by a vCenter Server instance. Which two ways can the information be gathered using the vSphere Client? (Choose two.) An administrator is setting up vMotion in a vSphere environment. A migration is run to test the configuration, but fails. What could the administrator do to resolve the issue? A request has been made to the SAN administrator to provision a new LUN. A LUN (LUN 6) is created, and the SAN administrator presents the LUN to an ESXi 5.x host, using the storage array SAN management software. The administrator looks at the Storage configuration for the ESXi host, and does not see the new LUN. Other LUNs from the same storage array are visible. Which two conditions are most likely to cause the error described? (Choose two.) An administrator notices that the database virtual machines fail to backup within the backup window. Each database virtual machine has 4 vCPUs, 16GB RAM and 12 virtual disks. There are 16 database virtual machines to backup using 8 backup jobs. Which is the simplest way to improve the backup performance for these virtual machines? An administrator finds that an ESXi host cannot be managed by vCenter Server. Which logs can be reviewed using the DCUI? (Choose three.) What function does Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) provide? An administrator notices that when a virtual machine is placed into a resource pool, a warning indicates that the virtual machine will receive a very large percentage of the total shares for memory. Which action can be taken to resolve this problem? What are two considerations when using resource pools in a vSphere cluster? (Choose two.) An administrator is attempting to clone a running virtual machine, but receives an error that the virtual machine is using a device that prevents the operation. What two device types listed below could be causing this error? (Choose two.) While performing a security check the vSphere administrator finds unassigned AD accounts with vSphere permissions. If the accounts are removed from Active Directory what will happen to any user logged into vCenter with those accounts? How can you verify vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) is enabled? Which two migration techniques can be used together to move a running virtual machine to a local datastore on a different server? (Choose two.) Select three of the steps for configuring iSCSI Software Initiator multipathing when load balancing with a single vSphere standard switch. (Choose three.) Which option could be used for vSphere HA heartbeats? What are three true statements about quiescing virtual machine snapshots? (Choose three.) Which three modules are optional components that can be added from the vCenter Server installer? (Choose three.) What are two consequences of deleting a VMFS datastore from an ESXi 5.x host? (Choose two.) An administrator decides to use Data Recovery to back up some key virtual machines. What is the process to install Data Recovery? ACME Tools has a vSphere 5.x deployment with an older iSCSI storage array. The administrator is considering adding an additional array, which will include support for the vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI). Which two tasks would be completed in a reduced period of time if the new array was added? (Choose two.) Which virtual disk types are supported on an network attached storage appliance using NFS with hardware acceleration disabled? An administrator has deployed vCenter Data Recovery and wants the largest possible de- duplication store. Which three storage options can be used? (Choose three.) What are possible valid uses for the default No Access role in vCenter? (Choose two.) An administrator takes a vSphere snapshot of a virtual machine and applies an OS update. After confirming the update the administrator cannot enable Fault Tolerance on the virtual machine and suspects there are snapshots that have not been consolidated. Which two operations can the administrator perform to verify consolidation is needed? (Choose two.) It appears that a single vCPU virtual machine in a resource pool called Production is having performance problems because it does not have enough CPU resources available. Which two methods can be used to improve performance and reduce CPU contention of this virtual machine while maintaining compatibility with DRS? (Choose two.) Recently, a storage interface card in an ESXi 5.x host has been experiencing inconsistent connectivity states. Which two methods can be used to quickly identify the issue and immediately notify an administrator so that the issue can be resolved? (Choose two.) Networking policies for a vSphere Standard Switch, such as traffic shaping and security, can be overridden on which vSphere elements? Which three services will continue to function when vCenter Server is unavailable? (Choose three.) An administrator is configuring a stretched HA configuration and has HA errors on all of the hosts at the remote site. What can be done to ensure virtual machines at one site can be restarted at the remote site? An administrator receives a complaint that a virtual machine is performing poorly. The user attributes the issue to poor storage performance. If the storage array is the bottleneck, which two counters would be higher than normal? (Choose two.) What are two requirements when configuring a Fibre Channel SAN with an ESXi 5.x cluster? (Choose two.) Assuming that ballooning is possible, under which three circumstances might the VMkernel use a swap file for a running virtual machine? (Choose three.) Which vSwitch or vSwitch port group policy setting allows packets to be received by a virtual machine with different destination MAC addresses than the configured MAC address?