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A View administrator enables GPO settings for location-based printing, but users are still unable to print to a local printer. Which step did the administrator likely neglect to perform in addition to enabling GPO settings? When creating an Automated Pool with Full Clones, which two settings require Floating Assignment? (Choose two.) An organization requires a higher level of security for desktops that cannot be achieved with passwords alone. A certificate has been procured from a Certificate Authority, and smart cards have been purchased for the users. Which three tasks must the desktop administrator perform to prepare Active Directory (AD)? (Choose three.) Which two approaches can an administrator use to configure View Persona Management for one desktop pool? (Choose two.) On which two objects can a View administrator apply a Tag? (Choose two.) Which service or task should be disabled to minimize unneeded OS disk growth on a heavily used linked clone pool that is refreshed daily using View Composer? An administrator has installed the View Security Server and needs to verify all the services have started after the installation is complete. Which three services should be started? (Choose three.) A View administrator is updating a desktop source that has been in use for full clone desktops. The administrator now wishes to use the desktop for linked clones. Which two steps are required to make this change? (Choose two.) An administrator is adding a replicated instance of View Connection Server to the environment silently. Which MSI property would be used to identify the instance being replicated? A ThinApp administrator needs to capture an application that leverages ODBC connections. Which step should the administrator take during the ThinApp capture and build process to enable this functionality inside the ThinApp package? Which two permissions are required by the Events Database user? (Choose two.) Users wish to connect to View using PCoIP through their corporate VPN. Which two configuration steps enable this remote access solution to work? (Choose two.) A customer provides a list of requirements for the virtual desktop environment for consideration during a pre-implementation discussion. Which three customer requirements will be satisfied by the View Connection Server in its role as a connection broker? (Choose three.) While a View administrator is attempting to install View Composer, an error displays: - 28014: Unable to close the firewall - The installation automatically rolls back. What should the administrator do to run the installer successfully? What DRS automation policy must be configured for virtual machines that are used as a transfer server? Which two steps should an administrator take to ensure optimal performance when creating a Windows XP desktop image to be used as a template? (Choose two.) Which three settings are configured under Global Settings on the View Connection Server administration page? (Choose three.) Which two operating systems are supported for a View Transfer Server installation? (Choose two.) When users are logging into your non-persistent desktop pool they are seeing previous users in C:\users\. What two processes could be implemented to remediate this? (Choose two.) During installation of View Composer on an existing vCenter server, the following error is displayed: Error 28014. Unable to close the firewall What are two solutions for this issue? (Choose two.) The security team has determined that the default setting for the connection ticket is too long and wants to shorten the period that the ticket is valid for authentication. Which GPO needs to be configured and applied to the View environment? A system administrator has an existing ThinApp package that needs to be integrated with View for deployment. When rebuilding the corresponding ThinApp package, which line does the system administrator need to add to the package.ini file to enable application streaming? View Persona Management has been installed on the virtual machines in a View environment. How often are changes in the local profile copied to the remote repository by default? An administrator is setting up the View Event Database using a Microsoft SQL Server for the data. After configuring the settings in View Manager, the following error is displayed: An error occurred while attempting to configure the database. Double check the database parameters and ensure that the database is not down, restarting, or otherwise unavailable. Which configuration changes could be made to help correct this issue? A single View Connection Server is being used for both internal and external access to View desktops. Internal users are able to connect without issue. However, external users receive an error message indicating that the Connection Server cannot be reached. The corporate firewall configuration has been verified and all the required ports are open. What is the likely cause of the problem? An administrator attempts to create a custom role for additional administrators of a View 5.x environment, but finds they cannot modify administrator permissions. Attempting to troubleshoot the problem, the administrator tries to run vdmadmin, but finds they are unable to do so. Which two statements explain the issue the administrator is experiencing? (Choose two.) Which two steps are part of the View Composer installation process? (Choose two.) Which two platforms are supported by VMware View Composer in a VMware View 5 environment? (Choose two.) A View administrator needs to restore an environment following a crash of the View Connection servers. After the restore is done, the View administrator notices that some of the desktops of a pool are missing. What is likely the cause of this issue? View Persona Management has been installed and enabled on your virtual machines in your environment. What is recommended for Persona Management backup? An organization has an automated desktop pool. During logon at the beginning of a shift, most users are complaining that it is taking too long for the desktop to appear. All desktops will eventually log on if given enough time. Which change will improve the connection times at the beginning of a shift? The View administrator expands the existing View environment by adding a third View Replica Connection Server. The desktop administrator logs in to the replica and discovers that none of the pools or desktops are visible. What is the likely cause of the problem? Which configuration option must be provided to the wizard when creating Automated Pools with Full Virtual Machines? What should an administrator do to ensure that communications between a View Security Server and its associated connection server is encrypted? Users have been given access to several different desktop pools, and they need a specific printer mapped to any desktop to which they connect. How should the View administrator ensure that each user always receives the specific mapped printer? In the View Administrator Dashboard, a datastore is highlighted as being unavailable, even though there are several virtual desktops active and running from this datastore. What is the cause of this unavailable status? What are three required permissions that need to be assigned to the View Composer user account? (Choose three.) An administrator is creating a new account for use with View Composer. What is the minimum security group to which the account must belong? A View administrator is creating a linked clone pool of desktops that delete or refresh after logoff. Which storage overcommit level should be used to maximize use of the datastore while retaining a reserve? An organization has two vCenter Server managed environments in a large datacenter: - The Infrastructure environment is used for server workloads and related components. - The Desktop environment is used for pools of virtual desktops. View is configured to use the vCenter for this environment. An administrator creates a new Windows Server 2008 R2 virtual machine in the Infrastructure environment using the default settings and installs the View Transfer Server software on it. When attempting to add the Transfer Server in View, this server is not usable. Which two configurations cause this problem? (Choose two.) What is the maximum supported number of linked clone virtual machines View Composer can provision per pool? An administrator creates a kiosk mode desktop. The client device is unable to connect to the desktop. Which action should the administrator take to resolve this issue? Which PCoIP Group Policy template option would provide the optimal graphic performance in a virtual desktop? An administrator must create a pool for a group of developers. The developer group is still growing, and additional developers will be hired over the coming months. The developers use a standard system configuration and a common set of tools. From time to time they also need to install unique applications required by the projects that they are working on. Which two configuration options should the administrator use when configuring this pool? (Choose two.) A View administrator needs to be able to place constraints on the total bandwidth that is consumed by PCoIP in their environment. Which two steps would allow the administrator to accomplish this? (Choose two.) Which three PCoIP optimizations can used to reduce bandwidth on both the LAN and WAN? (Choose three.) An administrator is deploying and deleting multiple pools of linked clone desktops during a testing phase. During the provisioning of the last pool, the desktops remain in the Customizing state for a long time. A red X appears on the icon next to the pool name, and the pool is disabled. What is the most likely cause of the problem? Which two settings apply to Manual Unmanaged Pools with Floating Assignment? (Choose two.) The administrator has enabled 3D for the View desktops and they are running dual monitors on the client. Users are able to login and interact with their desktops but the 3D feature is not working. What setting does the administrator need to verify to enable 3D? What encryption algorithm is supported for encrypting a local mode disk?

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