VCP-510 - VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization

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Example Questions

An administrator is creating a vSphere Standard Switch with virtual machine and VMkernel networking. The administrator has two uplinks attached to the switch and wants to make sure multiple sessions for a virtual machine can utilize both uplinks. Which load-balancing policy will guarantee this requirement is met, even if additional management or virtual machine traffic is added to the switch in the future? Under which condition will vCenter Server communicate directly with a vSphere HA slave? An administrator would like to have vCentre take action any time a virtual machine is using over 90% of its available resources for five minutes or longer. Which three actions can be taken by vCenter Server in response to the trigger without running a script? (Choose three) An administrator is troubleshooting an ESXi 5.x host and needs to export diagnostic information. The host is currently managed by a vCenter Server instance. Which two ways can the information be gathered using the vSphere Client? (Choose two.) Which predefined vCenter Server role can perform tasks on ESXi host objects? When writes from a virtual machine are delivered to a Fibre Channel storage array, which two actions are taken by the VMkernel? (Choose two) When defining a NIC team (bond) on an vNetwork Standard Switch, it is possible to designate some of the physical NICs that make up the bond as "standby" NICs. Which statement most accurately describes the purpose of a standby NIC? Which network settings are only available with vSphere Distributed Switches? A virtual machine failure occurs in a vSphere HA cluster, but the VM is not restarted. No error messages are given. Which two conditions would explain this behavior? (Choose two.) What are the three default roles provided on an ESXi host? What is the Maximum virtual machines hardware upgrades per host? While performing a security check the vSphere administrator finds unassigned AD accounts with vSphere permissions. If the accounts are removed from Active Directory what will happen to any user logged into vCenter with those accounts? What are the 4 VM Restart Priority options available on an HA cluster? An administrator plans to deploy ESXi 5.x on a blade server containing no local disks. What boot options are supported for use in place of local disks? (Choose three.) While building a VMware View environment one of the design requirements is keeping vCenter and View Composer always available. Which solution can be utilized to achieve this? When designing a storage infrastructure to support ESXi 5.x hosts what limit will be reached first? Which of the following indicates how suitable an analyzed system is for Guided Consolidation? A virtual machine requires a 4TB disk for application data. The storage administrator has already created and presented a 4TB LUN to an ESXi 5.x host. The host is currently configured with a single 500GB VMFS5 datastore. What is the next step the vSphere administrator must use to provision the data disk? An administrator is enabling Enhanced vMotion Compatibility in a DRS cluster. The administrator wants the greatest degree of flexibility when adding new hosts in the cluster. Which setting satisfies this requirement? When planning for an upgrade from vSphere4 to vSphere5 what will be the effect of upgrading a 1TB VMFS3 datastore with a 2MB block size to VMFS5? Which three features are only available in the vSphere Client when using a vSphere Distributed Switch? (Choose three.) Which action can be successfully performed when multiple data centers are configured in vCenter Server? Using the vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA) Manager to view the Appliances Status column, what are three valid states? (Choose three.) A database administrator has reported periodic poor performance on a particular virtual machine. The virtual machine administrator has noticed a significant drop in performance when utilized memory exceeds 1GB. What does this indicate and what could be checked next? An administrator is configuring a vSphere HA cluster for three ESXi 5.x hosts and their resident virtual machines. The cluster will be configured to support a single host failure. Resource reservations must be enforced during a failover event. Assuming default settings, how does HA determine the current failover capacity? In the vSphere Client, the Resource Allocation tab for virtual machines displays host memory and guest memory. Which two statements best describe these terms? (Choose two.) A virtual machine is using a Fibre Channel attached RDM LUN. Which three use cases would necissatate a RDM? (Choose three.) Assuming that ballooning is possible, under which three circumstances might the VMkernel use a swap file for a running virtual machine? (Choose three.) You have just had a new storage array installed and you are asked by your VMware admin, whats is the correct MMP to use? Where would you find out the recommended MPP? What options must be configured in the vCenter Server settings before email alerts can be sent? (Choose two.) Assuming that the appropriate HA configuration options have been selected, in which two situations would vSphere HA be unable to restart virtual machines? (Choose two.) What number of IOPS should be used with Storage I/O Control to limit disk throughput to roughly 10 MBps if the guest application writes 64KB blocks? How can vCenter maps be used outside of the vSphere client? (Choose two.) Which condition produces a warning message but will allow a VMotion migration to proceed? Which two components can be installed in monitored virtual machines to trigger vSphere HA Application Monitoring? (Choose two.) It appears that a single vCPU virtual machine in a resource pool called Production is having performance problems because it does not have enough CPU resources available. Which two methods can be used to improve performance and reduce CPU contention of this virtual machine while maintaining compatibility with DRS? (Choose two.) An administrator is configuring Storage DRS in their environment. The Datastore cluster is composed of 4 VMFS3 volumes and 9 VMFS5 volumes. Storage DRS has been enabled, but is showing as disabled on several virtual machine disks in the datastore cluster. Which two conditions would cause this error to occur? (Choose two.) Which two circumstances might cause a DRS cluster to become invalid? (Choose two.) An administrator selects the Profile Compliance tab of a vSphere cluster, then selects Check Compliance Now. Which features requirements are not checked by this? How can you verify that vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) functionality is enabled for a storage array in a vSphere 5.x implementation? An administrator is working to implement Storage Profiles in their environment. Which two ways can storage capabilities be generated? (Choose two.) An administrator has been tasked with upgrading an exsiting host from ESX 4.1 to ESXi 5.x. The existing host has only vSwitch0 with all the default settings. The upgraded host will have the following new requirements. 1. 116 virtual machines will be connected. 2. Four uplinks configured for port-based load balancing. 3. The switch will include a secondary heartbeat network for HA. Which two statements are true about this configuration? (Choose two.) Which two are requirements when booting from SAN? (Choose Two) In configuing a VMware HA Cluster the System Administrator can configure Admission Control. There are two options: Prevent VMs from being powered on if they violate availability constraints, or Allow VMs to be powered on even if they violate availability constraints. If the System Administrator chooses the opition Allow VMs to be powered on even if they violate availability constraints then which of the following apply in the even of an ESX Host failure (Choose Two)? What protocol is used by an ESXi host to communicate with NAS devices? When usin the failover option for a virtual switch with multiple uplinks, how does ESXi determine the uplink to use in a failover event? When you delete a VMFS datastore, it is destroyed and disappears from? A user has permissions to create and manage alarms and tasks for a group of virtual machines. What happens if an administrator modifies permissions for the user so that they can no longer manage alarms? What are two reasons creating a host profile could fail? (Choose two.) Windows virtual machines use a page file and Linux virtual machines use a swap partition for virtual memory. When you are determining the appropriate size for these, which file is affected?

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