VCP-410 - VMware Certified Professional on VI4

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Example Questions

When creating a Service Console port, what is the purpose of the gateway device (Choose Two)? Which of the following can be dynamically removed from a running VM? Which of the following statements are true about software iSCSI? (Choose Two) Which of the following are requirements for a fully fiunctional VMware HA cluster (Choose Two)? What is the maximum number of Primary Nodes in an HA Cluster? Which of the following resources can be viewed using the vCenter Maps (Choose Two)? The VMkernel is secured using which of the following techniques (Choose Two)? Which of the following are valid use cases for vCenter Server Linked Mode (Choose Two)? In order to upgrade to vSphere 4, an ESX host must have a /boot partition of at least: An administrator is installing an ESX Host to boot from a SAN LUN. Which of the following two requirements are necessary when configuring the HBA in the ESX Host (Choose Two)? ViewAn administrator has received reports of poor network performance with a virtual machine. Which of the following steps would improve the network performance of this virtual machine (VM)? What is the Maximum VMFS Volume Size? An administrator is upgrading an ESX 3.5 host. The host has a single Intel Xeon processor, 4GB of RAM and a local VMFS datastore on a masked, SAN-attached LUN. Which of the following could cause the upgrade to be unsuccessful? Which of the following is information that can be obtained about a VMFS Datastore using Storage Views in the vSphere Client (Choose Two)? To list the current firewall settings which command would you use? When writes from a virtual machine are delivered to a Fibre Channel Storage Array, which of the following actions is taken by the VMkernel (Choose Three)? What is the maximum number of deduplication stores per VMware Data Recovery backup appliance? How would you successfully add a second, redundant management interface to an ESXi 4.0 server? What is the maximum number of ESX/ESXi Hosts that can be managed with vCenter Foundation? Which of the following steps, required for iSCSI software multipathing, must be performed using the esxcli interface? Which of the following describes how VUM handles ESXi updates? Which of the following statements characterize the VMware Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) (Choose Two)? Why would you create a nonroot account on an ESX server? (Choose two.) Users are complaining that a Windows application server Virtual Machine configured with 1GB RAM is not performing satisfactorily. An administrator opens the Performance Tab for the guest virtual machine and adds the counter for Memory Ballooned in MB. The Performance Chart displays a value of 240. Which of the following actions should be taken? What is the maximum amount of Hosts per vSphere HA Cluster? Which of the following are valid severity levels for Update Manager (Choose Three)? You may create a new vApp under which of the following conditions (Choose Two): Using the Plug-In Manager, which of the following actions can be taken (Choose Two)? An administrator is installing a Windows Server Operating System into a VM on an ESXi 4.0 Update 1 Host. The VM will use the VMware Paravirtual SCSI (PVSCSI) adapter. Which of the following are valid considerations for this installation (Choose Two)? You have decided to install ESX onto a SAN LUN (that is, boot from SAN). Which of the following would be best practice? Which of the following is not a physical NIC mode when you are manually configuring failover for a teamed vSwitch? Which of the following are true about the share value for a virtual machine after it has been added to a Resource Pool? (Choose Two) Which task can be performed using the Web Access Client? When configuring multiple service console connections, which of the following is true? Which two statements are true about port groups and VLANs defined on a vNetwork Standard Switch? (Choose Two) The default Host CPU Usage alarm is set to trigger an alert at: Which of the following types of datastores can be unmounted (Choose Two)? The following connection types can all be configured on a single vSwitch: Which of the following system images is not a supported import option for vCenter Converter (Choose Two)? An Administrator has determined that storage performance to a group of virtual machines is reduced during peak activity. The virtual machines are all located in a VMFS datastore called Production1 on an Active/Active storage array. The ESX Host is currently configured with an MRU multipathing policy. Which of the following achons could be taken to improve the storage performance of these virtual machines (Choose Two)? The ESX 4.x Service Console Virtual Disk can be located on (Choose Two): What is the Maximum Tree depth per resource pool? The following ESX versions are supported for direct upgrading to vSphere 4 (Choose Two): The vSwitch or vSwitch port group policy setting that allows a virtual machine to listen to traffic other than that which is specifically destined for the given VM is: ESX uses one of the strongest block ciphers available, what is it? You have put an ESX server into Maintenance mode so that you can perform periodic hardware maintenance. Although the ESX server is in a DRS cluster, you notice, after several hours, the ESX server still has not completed the transition into Maintenance mode. What should you do? (Choose two.) Which memory allocation technique allows physical memory to be reclaimed from virtual machine A and virtual machine B, possibly forcing virtual machine A to swap internally? What is the Maximum RAM allocated to service console? What is the Maximum Number of resource pools per cluster? You have a DRS cluster with three ESX servers. In the vSphere Client GUI you are looking at the resource distribution chart in the cluster’s Summary tab. All of the ESX servers have multiple VMs running on them, all of which satisfy VMotion requirements. On two of the ESX servers, the VM’s CPU utilization per host bars are all green, whereas on the third ESX server all of the VMs CPU utilization bars are yellow or red. What can you do to fix this not only immediately but into the future as well?

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