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Question :-

A company plans to implement an esx 3*virtualcer 2* infrastructure that includes the following. 1) three esx server host host machines with four physical dualcore processors 2) the ability to migrate running virtual machines (vms) between these hosts without taking them offline 3) multiple processor support for certain applications. What licensing is necessary to support these requirements?
1 virtualCenter server license, a 24orocessor vmotion license, and a 24processor esx server license.
1 virtualcenter server license, 1 vmotion license, and an esx server license for each virtual processor for each running vm.
1 virtualcenter server license, a 12processor vmotion license, and a 12processor esx server license.
3 virtualcenter server licenses, 3 vmotion licenses, and 3 esx server licenses.

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