VCP-310 - VMware Certified Professional on VI3

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Example Questions

What is true about the installtiion of Virtual Infrastructure(VI)Web Access? Which of these factors indicates a high likelihood that a virtual machine's performance is being constrained by disk vo? Which three are valid network load balancing policies?(Choose Three.) Which of the following products are part of the VMware Infrastucture 3 software suite? Which of the following system images is not supported import option VMware Enterprise Converter? Which of the following can be configured or modified form the Resource Allocation tab of aDRS Cluster?(Choose Two.) Guided consolidation allows you to perform the following tasks?(Choose Three). Which three are ESX Server predefined roles?( Choose Three) How are new LUNs discovered by ESX Server? On the DRS cluster, which three steps are part of the process in creating a virtual machine(VM) in VirtualCenter2X?(Choose Three) Which of the following situations will result in VMware HA restarting virtual machines? (Choose Two ) How many paths to a lun can be simultaneously used when round robin multipathing is enabled? Which two are requirements when booting from san? (choose two) Which of the following Advanced Boot Options can be configured from the options tab of a Virtual Machine ? (Choose Two) VirtualCenter Server is running within a virtual machine(VM) that is part of a VMware HA andDRS cluster. The VirrualCenter VM can migrate between all hosts in the cluster by using VMotion. DRS is configured for partial automation. What happens if the ESX host that is currently running the VirtualCenter VM experiences a power outage? What is true about the installation of Virtual Infrastructure(VI)Web Access? Which of the following operating systems does VMware Enterprise Converter support (Choose Three)? What are two characteristics of VMware Consolidated Backup?(Choose Two) What is the minimum amount of RAM required on a physical machine running the VMware Converter Enterprise Boot CD? Which three are esx server predefined roles? (choose three) A company plans to implement an esx 3*virtualcer 2* infrastructure that includes the following. 1) three esx server host host machines with four physical dualcore processors 2) the ability to migrate running virtual machines (vms) between these hosts without taking them offline 3) multiple processor support for certain applications. What licensing is necessary to support these requirements? You have a dualprocessor virtual machine (vm)that has affinity set so that the virtual cpus are pinned to cpu 3 and 4 in virtualcenter. The vmalso has a reservation setting guaranteeing it 100% of available resources for those two cpus. Performance is poor in this vm, however performance for all other vms on this host is acceptable. What can you do to improve performance for this vm? What is the default port used by Iscsi on VMware Infrastructure? Which of the following system images is not supported import option for VMware Enterprise Converter? Before configuring NFS on ESX Server .what must be configured? What is a valid reason for choosing to boot from local storage rather than choosing to boot from SAN? For what reason would an ESX Server administrator send an end user a remote console URL? It appears that a virtual machine (vm) is having performance problems because it does not have enough cpu resources available. which of the following methods could be used to guarantee a vm gets 100% of a cpu on the host when it needs it ? (choose two) Assuming this is the only virtual machine , and the only resource pool,what is the maximum amount of memory that could be assigned to the virtual machine that is part of the finance Resource Pool? What are the three available virtual switch connection types?(Choose Three) Which statement is true about the nework performance of the virtual machine(VM)? Disk shares are applied on a(n)___basis? Which of the following are benefits of using resource pools?(Choose Three) A system administrator configures an ESX Server 3.5 system to boot from SAN.Which technology is NOT supported when booting from SAN? On an ESX Server ,a particular user is assigned the Administrator ole .However when that user logs into the VirtualCenter Server ,they have Read Only rights? What is the maximum number extents of a VMFS3 volume? What is the minimum supported hardware repuirement to run VirtualCenter Server? An ESX Administrator is troubleshooting an ESX Server and needs to export diagnostic information.The EXM Server is not connecter to VirtualCenter.How can the information be gathered using the VI Client? How many paths to a LUN can be simultaneously used when Round Robin muitepathing is enabled? A windows virtual machine (VM0) is experiencing poor application performance .The suspected issue is a lack of available memory .Windows Task Manager shows 30% of the memory within the VM is not currently being used.What does this imdic ate and what could be checked next? What are two advantages of VCB over conventional agentbased methods of backing up a virtual machine's (VM'S) data?(Choose Two) Accompany wats to install application y in a virtualized environment. The underlying operating system has to be windows 2000 sp4. in a physical environment. The application and supporting software have very strict minimum hardware requirements. Which requirement prohibits the use of the application inside a virtual machine? What are two characteristics of vmware consolidated backup? (choose two) What are the three possible storage muitipathing policies that you can set in ESX Server 3.5? (Choose Three.) What are two benefits of Virtual Compatibility Mode for RDMs?(Choose Two) A Windows virtual machine(VM) is experiencing poor application performance. The suspected issue is a lack of available memory. Windows Task Manager shows 30% of the memory within the VM is not currently being used. What does this indicate and what could be checked next? Which three storage solutions are supported for the placement of a VMFS filesystem during the installation of the ESX Server?(Choose Three) Which of the following can be used to configure an esx 3 server with a harware iscsl initiator? During the installation of ESX Server,you decide to define the partitioning scheme manually .What are two recommended minimum partition sizes ? How many paths to a LLUN can be simultaneously used when Round Robin multipathing is enabled?