VCP-101V - Infrastructure with ESX Server and VirtualCenter

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Example Questions

Which step or steps are required to allow your ESX Server to support virtual machines with more than one virtual CPU? Choose the most accurate completion for this sentence. VMware virtualization products are primarily intended to________________. Suppose you wish to change the port number used for Remote Console connections. Which of these steps would be required? Which step is required to install the device driver for vmxnet? On your ESX Server, you have three VMs and four CPUs.One VM is aWindows 2000 virtual machine in which you are running IIS. This Web server VM will be serving static content loaded from its own virtual disk.You expect the traffic load on this Web server to be rather heavy. Which of these activities would be least beneficial? Suppose you want to setup clustering between two virtual machines running on two different ESX Server systems?Which is correct? It is a best practice to configure all virtualmachines on an ESX Server to run as many applications as possible. Clustering requires shared storage and a network connection for heartbeat monitoring. By default, configuration files for virtualmachines are placed in the tree of directories underneath /home. CPU intensive applications are more likely than disk intensive applications to decrease in performance when moved from a physical machine to a virtualmachine (on identical host hardware). Choose the most accurate completion for this sentence: Disconnecting the CDROM device from virtualmachines can decrease_________________. Which configuration error can lead to your Management User Interface server being killed? What is the command you would use to change whether a device was assigned to the Service Console o rthe VMkernel? Virtual Center can manage an inventory of ESX Server, GSX Server and Workstation hosts. Which of the following ESX Server configuration step does not require a reboot in order to take effect? Suppose that your task is to deliver a uniform Windows desktop to 10 users. Which approach is the LEAST sensible? If you wish a virtual machine to have a fault tolerant connection to a physical network,you must equip that virtual machine with at least two virtual NICs. All except one are features that GSX Server and ESX Server have in common. Which is the exception? Suppose you wish to connect to a virtual machine using Remote Console. You do not own this virtual machine. What is the minimum set of permissions required on the virtual machine to do this? Installing VMware ESX Server is more like installing an application than like installing an operating system. If a virtual machine is not managed by Virtual Center, where are its ownership and permissions stored? A virtual machine's configuration file contains the attribute setting.keyboard.typematic MinDelay=3000000. Which user interface might benefit from this setting? It is a best practice to run virtual machines as nonprivileged users.Suppose that you are trying to convince a colleague to stop running virtual machines as the root user.All of these statements would be valid points for your argument except one.Which one? What is the purpose of the vmkdumpprogram? What Virtual Center role is most restrictive, yet allows a user to open a VM's console? What is the function of the vm-supporttool? Files in the /proc/vmware directory tree can be modified on a running ESX Server. One reliable way to count the currently running VMs is by using the output of the ps-ef command in the Service Console. A certain VMFS volume has been properly setup for access by only one ESX Server.Which command is needed to moun tthis VMFS volume in the Service Console? Suppose that you have changed your Service Console so that is uses a different physical NIC. After the reboot,you discover that the Service Console no longer has networkconnectivity. Which of these files would be the first to check? Which action does NOT require root privileges on ESX Server? Suppose you have an ESX Server virtualdisk, 19GB in size. The file system in this virtualdisk is halffull.If you export this virtualdisk, how many new files will result? When a VMware virtualization product runs on a specific CPU type, what type of CPU do guest OSes see? Which step is required to configure clustering between a virtual machine and a physical server? Which item should be detached before beginning the ESX Server installation? It is a best practice to equip your ESX Server with a /vmimages partition. What is the reason for this practice? If you wish a virtualmachine to have a fault tolerant connection to a physical network,you must equip that virtualmachine with at least two virtual NICs. To run a given operating system as a guest inside a VMware virtualmachine, start by obtaining the custom version of that operating system for VMware from the operating systemv endor. Suppose you want to compare the CPU and memory utilization of all ESX Servers in one of your farms. Where is the best place to view this information? Suppose you wish to change the Service Console's default gateway.Which file would you need to modify? Suppose you have had Windows2000 running in a virtualmachine for several months.One day,the machine blue-screens.What is the least likely cause of this problem? You are using Virtual Center to deploy VMs.You want all templates to be seen by all ESX Servers in all farms,whether or not each ESX Server is connected to a SAN. What would be the recommended location of these templates? ESX Server supports dual CPU virtual machines, while GSX server does not. Which memory management parameter CANNOT be changed on a running VM? What is a SCSI reservation? It is a best practice to monitor your ESX Server's security stance proactively.ESX Server ships with several security-related tools. Which of these techniques is WRONG use of a tool? If you create a virtualmachine with no virtual Ethernet Adapters, you will be unable to administer it with the Service Console. There is one instance of the monitor for everyr unning VM. The balloon driver,also know as vm memctl, is one mechanism by which ESX Server manages the allocation of memory.Which statement about it is true? While partitioning during an initial ESX install, it is wisest to format the swap partition as an ext3 file system.