VCI510 - Data Center Virtualization for Instructors

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Example Questions

Which methods can be used to migrate a VMkernel port from a vSphere Standard Switch to a vSphere Distributed Switch? (Choose two.) How can virtual machines be moved between datacenters? An administrator is upgrading an ESXi 3.5 host to ESXi 5.x with an intermediate upgrade to 4.0 using Update Manager. The host has a single Intel Xeon processor, 4GB of RAM, and a VMFS datastore on a private, SAN-attached LUN. What might cause the upgrade to be unsuccessful? An administrator notices that when a virtual machine is placed into a resource pool, a warning indicates that the virtual machine will receive a very large percentage of the total shares for memory. Which action can be taken to resolve this problem? Which two conditions could prevent HA from powering on a virtual machine? (Choose two.) A virtual machine failure occurs in a vSphere HA cluster, but the VM is not restarted. No error messages are given. Which two conditions would explain this behavior? (Choose two.) Which two statements are true about VLANs and portgroups defined on a vSphere Standard Switch? (Choose two.) The storage administrator has recommended testing the performance benefits of jumbo frames and enabled jumbo frames on the storage array. The VMware administrator has enabled jumbo frames on the VMkernel port used for the software iSCSI initiator. What other two components must be modified to enable jumbo frames support for the software iSCSI initiator? (Choose two.) When deploying an OVF template, what file format will the resulting virtual disk be? Users are complaining that they cannot access their files on a file server virtual machine. The vSphere Client shows that a triggered alarm stating disk latency is beyond the default threshold for the datastore where the file server virtual machine is located. The path selection policy has been set by the ESXi host to Fixed with default path settings. Which two options could be used to increase performance of the file server virtual machine? (Choose two.) An administrator is performing maintenance on a storage array used by an ESXi 5.x host. The administrator wants to disable alarm actions for the host while the maintenance is taking place. What procedure will accomplish this task? Which two statements are true regarding vSphere standard switches? (Choose two.) Which two options cannot be edited if vApp Options is disabled in the Options tab of a virtual machine that is part of a vApp? (Choose two.) What are two prerequisites for installing the vCenter Server application? (Choose two.) How can you verify that vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) functionality is enabled for a storage array in a vSphere 5.x implementation? vCenter Server is running in a virtual machine that is part of a vSphere DRS cluster. The vCenter Server virtual machine has been tested and can successfully migrate with vMotion between all ESXi hosts in the cluster. DRS is configured for partial automation. What happens if an ESXi 5.x host that is running the vCenter Server virtual machine experiences a power outage? An administrator is updating a program running on a virtual machine. The update file has been downloaded as an .iso file and placed on a shared NFS datastore. An attempt to mount the .iso file to the virtual machine fails, but subsequent testing shows that the .iso file can be mounted to a virtual machine running on another ESXi 5.x host. Which step can be taken to enable access to the .iso file for the affected virtual machine? Which resource management technique can be used to relieve a network bottleneck caused by a virtual machine with occasional high outbound network activity? Which settings are required for virtual machine guest tagging for VLAN 100 in a vSphere 5.x environment? A VMFS3 datastore has just been upgraded to VMFS5. In what two ways does this affect the datastore? (Choose two.) ACME Tools has a vSphere 5.x deployment with an older iSCSI storage array. The administrator is considering adding an additional array, which will include support for the vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI). Which two tasks would be completed in a reduced period of time if the new array was added? (Choose two.) Which three Storage I/O Control conditions might trigger the Non-VI workload detected on the datastore alarm? (Choose three.) The VMware vCenter Server Appliance offers many features of the Windows application version. Which of the following features is only available on the Windows application version of vCenter? An administrator plans to use an upgrade script to upgrade a number of ESXi 5.x hosts. What options are available for the kickstart file? (Choose two.) An administrator has two ESXi 5.x hosts. Each host has two resource pools, Production and Test and a vApp named TestvApp01. What is true when these hosts are added to a DRS cluster? An administrator has just completed an update of an ESXi 5.x host. Prior to the upgrade, a backup of the host configuration was performed. After the upgrade, the backup was restored to the upgraded host. Shortly after the upgrade was completed, the administrator receives complaints that users are unable to power on virtual machines. What are the two most likely reasons that VMs cannot power up on this host? (Choose two.) When designing a storage infrastructure to support ESXi 5.x hosts what limit will be reached first? Which two VMware software components can be updated by Update Manager? (Choose two.) Under which two conditions can vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) provide a performance benefit? (Choose two.) In a vSphere HA cluster, what is the maximum number of point-to-point communication links to the slaves does each master maintain? What are three use cases for vSphere Fault Tolerance? (Choose three.) An administrator is investigating a report of slow disk performance. Where is the most efficient place for the administrator to check? An administrator is enabling Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) in a DRS cluster. The administrator wants only hosts with the newest Intel processors added to the cluster. Which setting satisfies this requirement? The storage administrator is preparing an action plan to upgrade a Fibre Channel storage array. The current plan will result in extended downtime for a VMFS LUN that is part of a SDRS cluster. What steps can be taken in a vSphere 5.x environment to minimize the impact of the downtime? (Choose two.) Which two steps are required before VMware Data Recovery can be used? (Choose two.) When deploying an OVF template, the resulting virtual disk is created in what file format? When memory is overcommitted, which two values can an administrator vary to increase the amount of physical memory granted to a given virtual machine? (Choose two.) The VMware vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (vCSA) offers many features of the Windows application version. Which of the following features is only available on the Windows application version of vCenter? Which three services will continue to function when vCenter Server is unavailable? (Choose three.) An administrator finds that an ESXi host cannot be managed by vCenter Server. Which logs can be reviewed using the DCUI? (Choose three.) A vSphere Standard Switch has been configured for IP-based load balancing using two uplinks. A new uplink is added to the vswitch. What additional configuration is required by default? An administrator has determined that storage performance to a group of virtual machines is reduced during peak activity. The virtual machines are located in a VMFS datastore called Production1 on an active-active storage array. The ESXi 5.x host running the virtual machines is configured with an MRU multipathing policy. Which two actions can be taken to improve the storage performance of these virtual machines? (Choose two.) What is the size of a virtual machine .vswp file? What are three true statements about an integrity check in vCenter Data Recovery? (Choose three.) What are two valid use cases for vCenter Server Linked Mode? (Choose two.) During peak operating hours, an administrator finds that a business-critical application running in a virtual machine is not performing as well as during normal hours. Which memory management method can be used to guarantee that the application performs well at all times? On which two vSphere elements can traffic shaping be configured? (Choose two.) What are three reasons for deploying vCenter Server in a physical machine? (Choose three.) Assuming that the appropriate HA configuration options have been selected, in which two situations would vSphere HA be unable to restart virtual machines? (Choose two.) While performing a security check the vSphere administrator finds unassigned AD accounts with vSphere permissions. If the accounts are removed from Active Directory what will happen to any user logged into vCenter with those accounts?