VCAD510 - VMware Certified Associate - Data Center Virtualization (VCA-DCV) Exam

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Example Questions

In a meeting with your manager, you are asked to describe the difference between vCenter Site Recovery Manager and vSphere Replication. Which of the following is a feature provided only by vCenter Site Recovery Manager? Which VMware product assists in maintaining regulatory compliance? A system administrator is deploying a legacy ThinApp package to production users when the original install media for the legacy application disappears. Which ThinApp feature will enable the system administrator to perform an update to an existing ThinApp package, integrate the update with the original ThinApp project, and then deploy the update across all users? An organization requires a higher level of security for desktops that cannot be achieved with passwords alone. A certificate has been procured from a Certificate Authority, and smart cards have been purchased for the users. Which three tasks must the desktop administrator perform to prepare Active Directory (AD)? (Choose three.) The network manager at your company is concerned about the performance on the virtual network. You explain that virtual switches support many of the same performance features that physical switches do. Which two performance-related options do virtual switches support? (Choose two.) What is the recommended maximum memory value that is displayed when configuring a virtual machine based upon? What are two benefits of datacenter virtualization? (Choose two) View Persona Management has been installed and enabled on your virtual machines in your environment. What is recommended for Persona Management backup? Users have been given access to several different desktop pools, and they need a specific printer mapped to any desktop to which they connect. How should the View administrator ensure that each user always receives the specific mapped printer? You need to move the mail server to the new, faster storage, but the server can't be taken offline to make the change. Which technology should be used? Your manager wants to know how virtual machines are going to benefit the organization. What two statements accurately explain what virtual machines do? (Choose two.) You have a physical server that needs to have a fan replaced. You don't have a maintenance window available for several days but don't want to risk a second failure causing the server to crash. Which feature allows you to move all the VMs to another host with no downtime to the VMs? A system administrator has an existing ThinApp package that needs to be integrated with View 5.0 for deployment. When rebuilding the corresponding ThinApp package, which line does the system administrator need to add to the package.ini file to enable full deployment of the application to view users? A new Connection Server has been added to the View environment. View administrators and clients cannot connect to that new Connection Server. However, connectivity to the pre-existing Connection Servers remains active. Which two configurations should be verified to diagnose the problem? (Choose two.) Which vSwitch or vSwitch port group policy setting allows packets to be received by a virtual machine with different destination MAC addresses than the configured MAC address? You work for a convenience store chain that has a full data center including shared storage and many small stores. You want to make sure that data in the stores gets copied to the main data center. Which solution will meet these requirements? Your manager is concerned that there are too many physical servers to be managed by a single vCenter instance. What can you tell her to reassure her about the scalability of vCenter? A ThinApp administrator needs to capture an application that leverages ODBC connections. Which step should the administrator take during the ThinApp capture and build process to enable this functionality inside the ThinApp package? You have completed a vSphere deployment for your customer. They have a very critical application that they are concerned about minimizing data loss from a site-level disaster. Which technology offers a possible solution? What is the minimum required level of privileges required to install the View Connection Server? What is the maximum supported number of linked clone virtual machines View Composer can provision per pool? What does virtualization do? You are on staff at a large medical center. You have multiple applications that are required to run on Windows NT 4.0, and the base code cannot be upgraded, so you are maintaining several legacy hardware servers. Which of the following can help in this situation? Your organization would like to evaluate vSphere, but you are concerned that you won't be able to take advantage of many of the features because you do not have a shared storage infrastructure. Which VMware feature could help you transform your local storage into usable shared storage for your VMs? An administrator must create a pool for a group of developers. The developer group is still growing, and additional developers will be hired over the coming months. The developers use a standard system configuration and a common set of tools. From time to time they also need to install unique applications required by the projects that they are working on. Which two configuration options should the administrator use when configuring this pool? (Choose two.) A virtual machine, VM21, will be migrated between two ESXi 5.x hosts, labeled ESXi01 and ESXi02. Each host has two vSphere Standard Switches (vSS), configured as follows: 1. vSwitch0 has a portgroup labeled Management and a portgroup labeled vMotion. 2. The Management portgroup contains a vmkernel port tagged for management traffic. 3. The vMotion portgroup contains a vmkernel port tagged for vMotion traffic. 4. vSwitch0 on ESXi01 has a single uplink attached to the network. 5. vSwitch0 on ESXi02 has a single uplink attached to the network. 6. Each host has a vSwitch1 with a Production portgroup used by virtual machine traffic. 7. Each vSwitch1 has an uplink attached to the network. What is true about migrating VM21 to the new host? You are meeting with fellow administrators and management about an upcoming virtualization project. The topic of vCenter is brought up and the discussion centers around the desire to virtualize vCenter for host management. Which of the following is a benefit of virtualizing vCenter? When deploying an OVF template, what file format will the resulting virtual disk be? Which vSphere feature is used to help achieve greater uptime SLAs? Which two storage adapters require no VMkernel ports? (Choose two.) An administrator is optimizing his View environment. Users are reporting that they are experiencing poor performance on their View desktops. Which configuration in the PCoIP Group Policy Template would improve performance? You work for a chain of grocery stores. For performance reasons, you want to run each store from VMs located at the store, but you can only afford one server per store. You want to make sure that in the event the server fails that the store can run from a VM at the corporate headquarters instead with minimal downtime. Which solution provides this capability? Developers in your organization are concerned about moving away from physical equipment to virtual machines as they don't understand what a VM is. You explain that a VM is: Which VMware product will help identify mis-sized virtual machines? When creating a dvPort group, which port binding option assigns a port to a virtual machine when the virtual machine is first powered on? Your manager is asking you to report on the utilization of your servers and storage. He would also like trending information so that you can plan for future growth. Which product will help you produce these reports? Which two components can be installed in monitored virtual machines to trigger vSphere HA Application Monitoring? (Choose two.) Your manager asks you: "What is the relationship between vMotion and VMware's High Availability (HA) feature?" What do you tell him? Which of the following features is a benefit of shared storage within a VMware environment? Your company has just purchased a new storage array to host your virtual machines (VMs). You have connected the storage to each of your ESXi hosts and now wish to move some of the running VMs to the new storage. Which vCenter feature would help you do this non-disruptively? You are discussing virtual networking with a colleague.She asks you which type of virtual switch supports the advanced networking option called port mirroring. Which of the following is the correct answer? Your VMware environment was deployed by a contractor and you are taking over management responsibilities. The contractor has configured a 5-node Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) cluster, and has deployed all of your virtual machines within the cluster. Why was a DRS cluster chosen? The View Desktops are not performing well across your WAN link. The administrator looks at the overall traffic on the link and notices it is not saturated and that VoIP and other protocols are performing well. Which two configuration settings should the administrator verify or change to increase the performance for PCoIP? (Choose two.) An administrator is setting up the View Event Database using Microsoft SQL Server for the data. After configuring the settings in View Administrator, the following error is displayed: An error occurred while attempting to configure the database. Double check the database parameters and ensure that the database is not down, restarting, or otherwise unavailable. Which configuration steps could help correct this issue? What are two requirements when configuring a Fibre Channel SAN with an ESXi 5.x cluster? (Choose two.) Which VMware product allows for the shared use of local storage? Which vSphere feature allows for rapid provisioning of virtual machines? Users wish to connect to View using PCoIP through their corporate VPN. Which two configuration steps enable this remote access solution to work? (Choose two.) An administrator decides to implement a Fixed multipathing policy for an ESXi host with four available paths to one VMFS datastore. After the policy has been enabled for the datastore, how many paths will have an active status by default? A company has 50 Mac OS clients and would like to leverage them for visiting contractors and employees to gain access into View. Which two types of View pools should be provisioned? (Choose two.)