SU0-211 - Huawei Cert Datacom Associate-Network Technology & Device

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Example Questions

OSI reference model that is The main feature of the LAN: the network is owned by a unit, and the geographical scope and the number of sites are limited. Common LAN transmission medium with (). Trunk port on the following statements is correct IP header TTL field of the packet can go through the number of routers. Once through a router, TTL value is decreased by 1, when the field value (), the data packet will be discarded. Routing table which source routing To determine: the root bridge, root port and designated port. In the OSI model, the transport layer for the first () level Judge: Run the Frame Relay port, MAP table is a logical interface corresponding to different logical interfaces with different MAP table. If the router is enabled Frame Relay PVC switching, frame relay interface type should be IEEE organizations to develop a () standard, standardized method of VLAN across switches to achieve Hit unreachable route, it will do the following (). The common link-state routing protocol In the VRP to configure Frame Relay sub-interface, optional interface type which sub- In the IEEE 802 system described in Logical Link Control protocol (LLC) sublayer functions, features and protocols is In the RIP, the router directly connected to the network with its hop count (). TFTP client to connect to the TFTP server, the target port is PPP protocol, CHAP encryption algorithm is used (). What is the session layer function? NAPT which elements can be converted In the Quidway router, which command can be used to display the network address and the DLCI mapping VDSL asymmetrical data transmission in support of the highest transfer rate is Identifies the cost of routing out the route to reach the destination address within the meaning of the cost, to select the best path, which of the following factors will generally affect the cost value of route IPoA (IP over ATM) protocol using which package (). Which of the following fields in the TCP header contains the field (). The following figure is the one SFP optical module interface connector Quidway routers, enter the "display ip routing-table" command to display information as follows: [Quidway] display ip routing-table Routing Tables: Destination / Mask Proto Pre Cost Nexthop Interface - RIP 100 1 Serial1 - Direct 0 0 Serial0 - Direct 0 0 Serial1 - Direct 0 0 LoopBack0 - / 8 Direct 0 0 LoopBack0 - Direct 0 0 LoopBack0 - RIP 100 1 Serial1 - RIP 100 1 Serial0 The following statement is correct: When a node in the network to transmit data on the media, the data will be transmitted to all nodes. This network topology is (). On the FTP, the following statement is correct (). Ethernet into VLAN feature, VLAN isolation of (). For such a network segment, ask for up to () hosts. Is the physical layer transmission Route from the ring may be the cause Keyboard can be used to input, the keyboard work is PPP protocol work in the OSI seven layer model IGP is scoped U.S. National Bureau of Standards (American National Standards Institute) ANSI is a corporate, government and other organizations, members of voluntary organizations that define the () is standard. Which of the following command to configure Ethernet port, to ensure that congestion occurs in the link buffer cannot overflow? Judge: Frame Relay X.25 protocol is a function of the third layer has been simplified, while providing retransmission after errors found in operation. In the router, if multiple routes to same destination, then the factors that determine the best route Enable GVRP globally, after all the ports on the switch are automatically open the GVRP Thin coaxial cable transmission distance is OSI Reference Model () function is in the bit stream transmitted between devices. Assume an IP address to you the following:, subnet mask:, then the network address broadcast address is ____, ____ GVRP is () stands With three switches to achieve inter-VLAN communication, create the VLAN interface view into the VLAN configuration command (). The data link layer protocol used for the protocol data unit In which of the following cases, the data packets based on source and destination IP address is to determine the host address For a traditional without subnetting Class C network address, the host can accommodate the maximum number of RSTP protocol when specifying the port in case of failure, () will be quickly converted to the new delay to the specified port is not forwarding state. Judge: LCP in the magic-number field can be used for loop detection.