ST0-248 - Symantec Storage Foundation 6.1 for UNIX Technical Assessment

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Example Questions

What does migrating from thick to thin LUNs involve? A new active/active disk array has been added to your system. The array is properly configured to support DMP and connectivity is correct. The output of vxdisk list displays twice the number of disks than expected. What is the next step to complete the DMP configuration? Which command removes the datadg02 disk from the datadg disk group? Several disks were physically disconnected during boot up, causing several failed disks in Volume Manager. The disks were reconnected and the operating system recognizes the disks without a reboot. Which command can be used to fix the failed disks in Volume Manager? What is the namespace extension required to perform FileSnap over NFS? What is a restriction for the volume relayout operation? Which command can be used to refresh the information about the disks? Which statement is true about adding a mirror to an existing striped volume? Which two Veritas Storage Foundation 6.1 for UNIX components are required to perform thin reclamation on a thin provision capable array? (Select two.) Which Veritas File System (VxFS) I/O error policy will place the file system into a degraded state upon a metadata write failure? What is the definition of the disk status FAILING? Which command creates a RAID-5 volume with an attached log? Which is a predefined pattern available with a Premium Content Control subscription? Output from vxprint -g diskgroup -htr shows a plex with a state of NODEVICE. What does this indicate? Which vxassist command option changes the layout of a layered volume to a non-layered volume? Which vxassist parameter is used to set the size of the stripes in a stripe volume? A Storage Checkpoint is created with the command: fsckptadm -R create thu_8pm /data1 Which statement about this checkpoint is correct if the file system runs out of space? What will be the effect of reducing the compression block size by 50% when using vxcompress to compress files? What are the advantages of a concatenated volume layout? (Choose three.) What must you do to rename the testdg disk group to engdg from the command line? Which command is used to display current file system I/O parameters for a Veritas File System (VxFS)? Within a file system, mounted with -o ckptautomnt=ro and denoted by /mountpoint, in which directory will Storage Checkpoints be automatically mounted? How many days can a customer run Veritas Storage Foundation 6.1 for UNIX without entering a valid license key during installation without receiving warning messages? What is the virtual object that Volume Manager uses to represent the structured or ordered collection of subdisks? What are two benefits of using Storage Checkpoints within Veritas Storage Foundation 6.1 for UNIX instead of file system snapshots? (Select two.) You resized your hardware LUNs and now you want to update the disk headers and other VxVM structures to match the new LUN sizes. Which command enables you to resize a Volume Manager disk that corresponds to a LUN? Veritas File System (VxFS) is an extent based file system. Which two pieces of information form the basis of an extent? (Select two.) Which two commands can be used to identify a failed disk managed by Volume Manager? (Select two.) What is the minimum Storage Foundation release supported to upgrade directly to Veritas Storage Foundation 6.1 for UNIX? Plexes in a two-way mirror are out of sync. Data in one plex are stale while the other are clean. Which type of resynchronization will be carried out to recover the volume? Which command deletes the datadg disk group? Which Veritas File System feature records any changes to files and directories and improves performance for applications that scan the entire file system? Which disk configuration method brings a previously used disk with existing information under Volume Manager control while preserving the data? A disk is removed from a disk group using the following command: vxdg -g datadg rmdisk datadg01 After the command executes, what is the status of the disk? A snapshot is created under the command vxassistsnapstart and successfully completes. The server is subsequently rebooted. What is the snapshot plex state after the server has come completely online? Portions of the same disk group were imported onto several systems at the same time resulting in conflicting configuration copies. Which command should be used to resolve the conflict? What is a valid deduplication chunk size? Which component of the Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP) architecture allows DMP to properly claim devices and defines the array class (e.g., A/A, A/P, APF, ALUA)? An administrator needs to report the maximum size a volume can be grown. Which Veritas Volume Manager command reports the maximum possible size of a volume? What are two benefits of SmartMove? (Select two.) Which statement is true regarding the encrypted attachment disposition in the Virus policy settings? What is the primary purpose of Compliance Folders? Which two commands are used for thin reclamation? (Select two.) Which menu sequence in VEA executes disk setup commands appropriate for the operating system and ensures that Volume Manager recognizes newly attached disks? Which command will mirror an encapsulated boot disk? Which command suppresses a controller from DMP? An administrator plans to move disks EMC_11 and EMC_12 from diskgroupappdg to diskgroupwebdg. There are several volumes residing on both disks, so the administrator needs a list of volumes that will be affected for planning purposes. Which command should the administrator use to generate the list? An administrator sets up site awareness on a host and needs to verify that everything is set up correctly. Which command should the administrator execute to break off one of the sites to verify the configuration? Which statements are true when a new mirror is added to an existing volume? (Choose two). The datadg disk group is defined as the default disk group for a system. Which disk group name should be specified with the vxdctl defaultdg command to clear this default?