ST0-247 - Symantec Cluster Server 6.1 for UNIX Technical Assessment

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Example Questions

Which statements are true about the VCS Simulator? (Choose two.) How would you enable the setting of different values for the Device attribute of the NIC resource named NetNIC? Which resource type attribute is modified to reduce the fault detection time? Which two actions must be taken to upgrade NetBackup in a service group under Veritas Cluster Server control? (Select two.) An administrator needs to set up a service group dependency with the following characteristics: The parent group depends on the child group being online on the same system. If the child group faults, the parent group should be taken offline. If the parent group faults, then the child group should go offline. Which type of dependency is this? Which two pieces of information about database agents should the administrator be aware of when placing a database under Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) control? (Select two.) To install secure Veritas Cluster Server, which component must be installed in the environment? What are requirements for configuring I/O Fencing? (Choose two.) Which feature is a key benefit of onscreen notification? An additional email address was added to the Veritas Cluster Server notifier resource without any other actions being taken. All but one user is receiving notifications. How can this problem be solved? What should an administrator do when the License Key expires? Given the partial definition: group GroupA ( SystemList = { SystemA = 0, SystemB = 1, SystemC = 2, SystemD = 4 } AutoStartList = { SystemA, SystemD } OnlineRetryLimit = 3 OnlineRetryInterval = 120) GroupA is online on SystemA. All other systems are up and available. Where will GroupA fail over to when SystemA faults? Which attribute can be configured to allow a service group to come back online after a persistent resource has faulted and other nodes are unavailable? Which configuration has the lowest percentage of active nodes? All users, regardless of their role permissions, are allowed to configure which two reporting options? (Select two.) Refer to the configuration below: group dbsg ( SystemList = { sym1=0, sym2=1, sym3=2, sym4=3 } SystemZones = { sym1=0, sym2=0, sym3=1, sym4=1 } AutoFailOver = 2 ) Which action will Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) take when dbsg faults if it is currently online on sym1? What is the master administrator user (created during installation) unable to do? What are two reasons to implement SCSI-3 I/O fencing? (Select two.) In a 5-node cluster with two configured heartbeat links, to what should you set the GAB seeding value? What is the default service group type when creating a new service group to bring an application under Symantec Cluster Server control? The Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) notifier resource and VCS triggers can be configured to generate messages to assist in VCS administration. Which other facility can be a source of notifications within a comprehensive VCS implementation? By default, which port does the Enforce Server use to connect to all detection servers? If the host name is changed in the sysname file, which other files need to be modified? (Choose three.) What is a characteristic of the Veritas Cluster Server communication stack? An administrator stopped Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) on the sym1 node to remove it from the cluster. When attempting to do this with the hasys -delete command from sym2, an error message is displayed. What is the likely cause of this error? In a four-node cluster configuration, is modified to remove one of the four nodes. That node is decommissioned, and the remaining cluster configuration is unchanged. A power failure causes all three remaining nodes to shut down. What happens when all three nodes are powered on? Which two capabilities does the Veritas Cluster Manager Java console provide when used with the Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) Simulator and a simulated cluster that are unavailable when using the Veritas Cluster Manager Java console with a live cluster configuration? (Select two.) A PostOnline trigger is being tested on a three-system cluster with system named SystemA, SystemB, and SystemC. The trigger works on SystemA, but it fails to run on SystemB and SystemC. What is a possible reason for this? What is commonly observed during the Notification phase of Risk Reduction? What happens when hastop -all -force is executed? What are three valid reasons for adding comments to incidents? (Select three.) When preparing to install Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) on systems S1 and S2, which three methods can be used to verify software compatibility? (Select three.) When should blocking of network transmissions and quarantining of exposed confidential files begin? Which files can you use to recreate a corrupt configuration file? (Choose two.) Which Network Protect feature is a system administrator unable to configure? After simultaneously rebooting all nodes of a 3-node cluster hosting a critical application, two of the nodes fail to power on because of a hardware fault. What must the cluster administrator do before HAD can start and the critical application can be onlined on the surviving node? What does a data loss prevention solution help an organization identify? (Select three.) How is a policy applied to files found in Network Discover scans? Which TrueMatch detection method can be evaluated at the agent level? Which two actions must be taken to upgrade an application under Veritas Cluster Server control? (Select two.) Which passwords do you need to install and configure VCS and the Oracle Agent with detail monitoring? (Choose two.) A system administrator can see basic incident data, but is unable to view any of the specific details of the incidents that are created. How is the role configured? Which database does Symantec Data Loss Prevention 9.0 support for incident and policy storage? What is used to shut down Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) on all nodes for patch installation without affecting the availability of the applications being managed by VCS? The hastatus command shows the nodes are in STALE_ADMIN_WAIT state. What is the cause of this condition? Under which condition can a service group be AutoDisabled? A service group is brought offline. The IP address for the IP resource in the group is manually brought online. What is the state of the IP resource after the first offline monitor interval? Which three are valid Scanned Content filter types for the Discover File System target? (Select three.) Where on the Endpoint Server Detail page can a system administrator configure the throttling option? Which types of monitoring can be performed on Oracle resources? (Choose two.)