ST0-202 - Symantec Mobile Management Suite(CMS/ITMS)

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Example Questions

Which type of content is impossible to include in and distribute through the SMM Mobile Library? Which functionality is dependent on a signed APNS certificate? Which file does App Center use to manage iOS devices? While Veritas Cluster Server supports nodes in a cluster using different hardware or operating system versions, this is potentially undesirable for which two reasons? (Select two.) How does the App Center Administrator enable the download of content from the App Center User Portal? Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) includes a disk-based I/O fencing mechanism. Thinking specifically about data disks, which two cluster configuration requirements must be met to implement this? (Select two.) Which Identity Provider (IDP) systems can be used to provide Single Sign-On into App Center wrapped apps? Where does an administrator save the setup script log file? An administrator is responsible for a cluster split between two data centers in different locations. The data is mirrored between the two sites. If the administrator would like to set up I/O fencing, how should the configuration be deployed to maximize resilience? How can the interval that the Mobile Device Management agent reports device information to Symantec Mobile Management be modified? Which two actions must be taken to upgrade an application under Veritas Cluster Server control? (Select two.) In the App Center console, which two rules apply to profiles in the Settings Catalog? (Select two.) Where is an App Center role associated after it is created? Which two are valid settings for the ManageFaults service group attribute? (Select two.) An administrator successfully completes the installation of App Center, and must confirm all of the settings. Which folder contains the installation log? / What is the default format for downloading reports? You have removed a system from a running Veritas Cluster Server cluster so that the cluster now only has seven nodes. You need to ensure the cluster will start successfully after a complete cluster shutdown. Which line should be in the /etc/gabtab file to successfully start the cluster? Which data is gathered from mobile devices and displayed in the console? When making offline configuration changes, which command should be run to ensure the file has the correct syntax? Which two Operating Systems does the App Center support? (Select two.) What type of devices can have provisioning profiles assigned to them? What tool must an administrator generate to allow access to reporting data from an external source? Which component is the only optional component for managing Apple iOS devices with Symantec Mobile Management? After an app is added in the App Center, the administrator must choose a publishing method as well as the users to which the application should be accessible. Which option is unavailable at this publishing phase? Where does an administrator configure an Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) integration? Which action allows an administrator to sort the displayed data of a report that has been generated? Which items must be included in a newly created configuration policy? Which setting in the Symantec Mobile Management console will allow an end user to temporarily remove a profile on a device? / An administrator wants to change the name of an existing NIC resource from net0nic to net4nic. The resource is configured in the websg service group. What is the most efficient method to rename the NIC resource? Which two policies are iOS specific policies? (Select two.) Which two resource attributes need to be correctly set to prevent an unplanned outage due to an improper configuration that might cause a fault during the online process of the new resource? (Select two.) The clean entry point typically includes which two functions? (Select two.) Where can detailed device inventory be found in the Symantec Mobile Management console? In a two node configuration, which option allows the administrator to form a Veritas cluster on the pair? Which system does an administrator use to set up the EAS blocking feature in Symantec Mobile Management if the correct version of Microsoft Exchange is unavailable? Which information determines whether the items in a feed are shown in the Mobile Library on a device? Which two are default behaviors of Veritas Cluster Server service groups? (Select two.) What happens to an existing version of a mobile app when a new version is published? The I/O fencing configuration for a Veritas cluster uses one Coordination Point (CP) server and two local coordinator disks. There are two network connections between the cluster and the CP server. A resource of type CoordPoint has been configured in the cluster using all default resource attribute values. Which resource attribute value for the resource of type CoordPoint needs to be modified so that the resource will fault only when both network connections to the CP server fail even though the coordination disks are still accessible? Which policy is an administrator unable to apply to BETA applications? Where can an administrator find actions to apply to mobile devices in the Symantec Mobile Management Console? (Select two.) What is a consideration for properly clustering NFS under Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) control? What are the correct procedural steps for updating the policy applied to current content? Two clusters are both running the same operating system and version of Veritas Cluster Server. A service group in one cluster depends on a service group in the other cluster. Which method can be used to manage the service group relationship? Which method would successfully remove download access to an app version globally without affecting other versions of the app? Which utility does an administrator use to update and manage external packages for the Symantec App Center server? Which URL does an administrator use to complete the one-time configuration of App Center necessary after installation? An administrator is manually adding a node named sym3 to an existing two-node cluster. What must be done after installing Veritas Cluster Server and configuring cluster communications on the new node? What does an administrator configure when adding an item to a device's mobile library to make it viewable to the iOS device?