ST0-199 - Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0 Technical Assessment

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Example Questions

An administrator works for a pharmaceutical company that distributes Drug X.A content filtering policy using the premium compliance "Prescription Drug Names" dictionary resource (which includes Drug X as a predefined phrase), blocks any email from the Marketing department containing the drug name. Marketing has indicated that this is unacceptable but wishes to continue to block the use of other words or phrases in that dictionary. How can the administrator adjust the resources used by the current content filtering policy to resolve the Marketing department issue? Before performing a software update on a scanner-only appliance, which MTA operation/mode should be chosen if there are messages in the queues? What is the default action taken during an email virus attack? Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0 includes a policy-based encryption feature. How is this new feature licensed? Which URL must be accessed to successfully register a newly added Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0 license file? The Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0 appliance will be deployed with the following topology: Internet Default Gateway ( <--> Email Gateway ( <- -> Symantec Messaging Gateway ( <--> Internal Mail Server ( Which IP address should be specified in the Mail Filtering - Non-local Mail Delivery page of the site setup wizard? Which prerequisite must be met to take advantage of the Connection Classification and Fastpass features? Which two statistics can the administrator view regarding the custom anti-spam rulesets? (Select two.) Which directory data source function must be enabled to help prevent a directory harvest attack? Which two features of Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0 can be implemented to address the need of Data Loss Prevention (DLP)? (Select two.) How could an administrator filter email more aggressively by adjusting the suspected spam score? Which two functions of Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0 can use information retrieved from a directory data source? (Select two.) Which networking parameter can be configured during site setup wizard? Message throughput of a Symantec Messaging Gateway scanner-only appliance can be reduced by which two features? (Select two.) When enabling Connection Classification, how many messages must be processed in learning mode before messages can be deferred? What will trigger a spam policy by default in Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0? There is a firewall in place between Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0 and the Internet at the customer site. An administrator needs to use an external NTP server on the Internet for time synchronization. Which port must be open on the firewall to allow this? Which two can be used to verify that Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0 is processing messages? (Select two,) Which Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0 feature is used to organize, monitor, and manage incidents? Which feature places a sender's IP address in a penalty box for sending messages to multiple invalid email addresses? A diagnostics package for a scanner-only appliance can be generated from the GUI in Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0. If the package is small (less than 5 MB), which transfer protocol type should be used by the administrator to verify the diagnostics package before providing it to technical support for analysis? An administrator recently investigated the debug logs for Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0 and resolved an issue. A few days later the administrator discovers that the disk storage is filling up quickly. What is the likely cause? In addition to a configured seed, which other characteristic does Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0 use to create a unique tag for Bounce Attack Prevention? Which two options are valid for pre-configured actions for the language identification feature in Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0? (Select two.) With Fastpass enabled, which two verdicts may be excluded for messages with a pass? (Select two.) Where are options for backup and restore of Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0 located? What are two functions of the Control Center? (Select two.) An employee reports that a message sent to a customer was rejected. The employee provides sufficient information for the administrator to find the message using the Message Audit log. The employee wants to know why that message was blocked. Which section of the Message Audit Log detail page would provide this information? How does enabling and configuring sender authentication options in Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0 help to protect against spam? An administrator tests the default antivirus policies by sending a message with an encrypted attachment. When the administrator checks the recipient inbox, what appears? What is an advantage of Symantec Content Encryption over TLS encryption? Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0 is running out of disk space due to storing extended logs. The administrator is required to store extended log data for more than a year. Which action should the administrator take? Which Directory Data Source function must be configured to enable end-user spam quarantine? How should an administrator stop inbound mail using the command line interface (CLI)? A company uses multiple control centers. What must be done to ensure legitimate NDRs are recognized by Bounce Attack Prevention across all scanners? When should Connection Classification be enabled? What is the function of a sender authentication scheme? True file typing is a feature used to combat which behavior? Which Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0 feature will change the original domain of an internal user relaying mail outside of an organization? What must be done before using Spam Quarantine? What can administrators do in order to receive custom anti-spam rulesets? Which type of information can be found on the Status dashboard of Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0? An administrator wants to ensure high performance and failover access between the LDAP servers and Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0. Which configuration mode will help ensure this? Which TCP port is used for communication between the Control Center and the scanner(s)? What is the recommended minimum hard-drive size for a virtual instance of Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0? Having received a targeted attack from a spoofed email domain, a company wants to take advantage of DKIM validation for inbound mail. The messaging administrator has enabled sender authentication and DKIM validation and now needs to configure a content filtering policy to quarantine any messages that fail. Which condition should be met for the content filtering policy to fire? Which command is used to collect the configuration and log files from the command line interface (CLI)? An organization has an extremely large LDAP database. What is done in Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0 that will help prevent mail from backing up in the system during the initial directory building process? What is one effect of deploying a Symantec Messaging Gateway scanner between an Internet email gateway and the internal groupware mail server? Which command line interface (CLI) command displays the update.log to check the progress of a software update of Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0?