ST0-153 - Symantec PGP Universal Server 3.2 Technical Assessment

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Example Questions

Which statement describes the default status of a PGP Universal Server running in Internal placement? Susan has deployed the PGP iOS Viewer in her environment. Which two statements represent the user experience in using the app? (Select two.) What can PGP Universal Server Directory Synchronization be used to accomplish? How do PGP Universal Server clusters resolve conflicts in which a user account is being changed on two or more servers simultaneously? Bob is a new PGP Universal Server administrator who is learning about mail policy. What potential mail processing problem could Bob cause by misconfiguring the policy chains? Which TCP/IP port is used for PGP Universal Server administration? What happens when a Symantec Remote Disable & Destroy enabled system is decommissioned? Which PGP Universal Server install-time options enable an administrator to specify network settings? A user is receiving email that is encrypted when he tries to read it. What is the likely cause of this problem? How does a cluster member know whether it must replicate data to other cluster members? Which statement describes the default status of a PGP Universal Server running in Gateway placement? Which feature is used to manually search for keys on a PGP Universal Server? What is a disadvantage of TPM support for PGP Whole Disk Encryption? Which of these items denotes a list of certificates that have been revoked? What is a permissible PGP Whole Disk Encryption boot disk authentication method? For which platforms does Symantec PGP Whole Disk Encryption support AES-NI? If a user belongs to three different groups, which one will give this user policy? An administrator must configure an environment that encrypts email as it leaves the network. Which PGP application(s) fulfills this requirement? Which PGP Whole Disk Encryption feature enables an administrator to create a boot disk with PGP Whole Disk recovery tools included? Which methods can be used by Web Messenger users to authenticate? An administrator has deployed SPC in his environment and uses it to administer Symantec Endpoint Protection Clients. The administrator wants to deploy PGP Desktop 10.2/Universal Server 3.2. Which two results can the administrator expect with regard to SPC Integration? (Select two.) Which statement accurately describes the ADK in PGP Universal Server 3.2? Which misconfiguration causes LDAP Enrollment to fail? What is used to configure network level mail flow and access restrictions? What client functionality is available for Linux? Laptops operating in a Symantec Remote Disable & Destroy environment must have the Intel MEI driver installed. What are two other considerations for Symantec Remote Disable & Destroy deployment and architecture? (Select two.) What functionality is available for iOS devices in release 3.2/10.2? Alice signs Bob's public key and sends him a secure email. What is this an example of? What is the relationship between groups, users, and policies? Which two PGP Whole Disk Encryption features provide a form of two factor authentication? (Select two.) An administrator is trying to install PGP Desktop on a system with: 512 MB RAM, 80 GB of hard drive space available, Windows NT 4 SP6, and PGP Desktop 8.1 installed. The installation fails. Why does the installation fail? What are two benefits of using the WDE-ADMIN Active Directory group? (Select two.) How is PGP NetShare installed? Which statement accurately describes PGP Universal Server 3.2 backups? Which statement accurately describes PGP Universal Server? Which statement describes what happens when an Additional Decryption Key (ADK) is imported into PGP Universal Server? Which identifiers can be used to authenticate when at the Whole Disk Encryption BootGuard screen? Alice has encrypted her laptop computer using Symantec PGP Whole Disk Encryption. Bob, a system administrator, must access Alice's system at night when she is unavailable. Which identifier can Bob use to authenticate at the BootGuard login? What is a feature of SCKM? What attributes are used for sorting large groups of users? Which two could be considered a "Consumer"? (Select two.) Where is the OOMS feature enabled? An organization's PGP Universal Server should be able to decrypt all mail sent to a user, but cannot sign. The user should sign all mail locally, and the signing key must never leave the client. Which of key mode meets these requirements? PGP Whole Disk Encryption events are sent from managed PGP Desktop clients to PGP Universal Server. When are these events logged on the server? Which feature adds text at the bottom of an email that invites an external email recipient to secure their email? What action is the "Lock passphrase user accounts after (a certain number) failed login attempts" feature designed to perform? Which recovery option should be used if the PGP Whole Disk Encryption user records are damaged and unavailable? By which two default methods does PGP Desktop receive a consumer policy? (Select two.) Which install-time option should be used at PGP Universal Server's "boot" prompt if a driver must be provided during installation? What is Key Management Services (KMS)?