ST0-149 - Storage Foundation and HA 6.0 Windows Technical Assessment

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Example Questions

How should an administrator use Cluster Explorer to remove a system from a running service group in a three node cluster with the configuration already opened? An administrator notices that a service group failed to start along with Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) upon a system boot. Which two attributes need to be investigated? (Select two.) Which command will allow online configuration changes of Veritas Cluster Server (VCS)? Which utility is used to determine whether a network adapter maintains its connection status in a system-defined variable? One of the disks in a disk group is shown as Foreign. Which action should be taken? Which MountV resource attribute should be set to reduce failover time? Which disk group type is required for Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows to work with a Microsoft Failover Cluster? An application is experiencing various resource failures. The application administrator wants Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) to take all resources offline after failure. The entire application should remain offline. Which attribute should the administrator use? An administrator is designing a cluster in a Microsoft Windows environment with three systems. Two of the systems are on the Class C public network. The third system is on the Class B public network. The administrator needs to have Microsoft Windows clients access the service groups independent of the system on which they are running. Which feature or change must be incorporated into the design? Which two are valid shrink operations? (Select two.) A disk in a disk group is flagged with an exclamation point in a yellow triangle. How should the administrator clear the flag? An administrator changes the default value for Process agent attributes RestartLimit to 2 and ConfInterval to 180. The Process resource faulted and Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) restarted the resource. The Process resource faults again after surviving a stable online period of 4 minutes. VCS restarts the resource. How will VCS behave if the Process resource fails again after surviving a stable online period of 2 minutes? What are the two modes of operation for paths to an array? (Select two.) How many Microsoft SQL Server instances can a single SQL Server resource manage? Which command is used to write the data in memory to a disk after modifying a cluster configuration? When a critical resource faulted, Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) attempted to restart a faulted service group on the same system on which the group faulted instead of failing over the service group to the next available node. Which two attributes does an administrator need to consider for a normal failover operation of a service group? (Select two.) An administrator is tasked with creating a new fileshare service group. Which requirement must be met to run the fileshare wizard? Which application configuration is supported with Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions 6.0 for Windows? What is the default SCSI protocol setting in Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows when a Microsoft Failover cluster is installed in a Windows Server 2008? Which process monitors the High Availability Daemon (HAD) and restarts it when required? What is a requirement to configure LLT over UDP? Which Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions 6.0 for Windows installation option facilitates the split of a dynamic disk group? Which dynamic disk group state supports fast failover? An administrator notices that the Intelligent Monitoring Framework (IMF) is disabled for one of the IMF-aware agents. What are two benefits of enabling IMF versus traditional poll-based monitoring? (Select two.) The cluster is in the ADMIN_WAIT state upon start up. A backup copy of the is restored and verified. Which command is used to start the cluster? What is a valid use case for creating a replicated data cluster? Which command enables and disables forcing the import of a disk group on a cluster controlled by Microsoft Failover Cluster? Which command is used to validate recent changes made to the cluster configuration? What is required to make a fileshare highly available? What is a benefit of an active/active cluster configuration? Which two system configuration items must be verified for Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) compatibility? (Select two.) An administrator needs to reduce the time a resource has remained online without encountering problems such that previous faults and restart attempts are ignored by the agent. Which agent type attribute needs to be tuned? Which command can be used to add a mirror to an existing volume? Which command should an administrator run on a single node cluster in order to leave the application running without affecting user access? Which Microsoft SharePoint 2010 installation mode is supported by Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions 6.0 for Windows? A network administrator has been asked to add another heartbeat to a two node cluster. The administrator has installed the new NIC and needs to add it to the cluster. Which step should the administrator take after launching the Cluster Configuration Wizard? Why would an administrator create a campus cluster? An administrator notices that the Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) sends SNMP notification about monitor timeouts only for the first monitor timeout. To tune SNMP notification, the administrator changes the AlertOnMonitorTimeOut from its default value of 0 to 5. What will be the effect of this change? Which Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows feature provides cost savings benefits that eliminate vendor-related costs? An administrator is preparing to upgrade to Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions 6.0 for Windows. Which two steps will help to determine whether the environment meets installation guidelines? (Select two.) When the Microsoft Failover Cluster support option is selected in Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows, the minimum and maximum quorum arbitration times can be adjusted. What is the optimal arbitration time setting for a dynamic quorum? An administrator noticed a FAULTED state on a critical resource. Which step must the administrator take before clearing the FAULTED state? An administrator wants to install the Microsoft Failover Cluster Option in a Microsoft Failover Cluster where Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows is already installed. Which installation method should be used to minimize application downtime? A city-wide power failure caused a data center to power down all systems. An organization has a three node cluster and one node failed to start after the power was restored. The network administrator noticed that a critical business application is unavailable and has determined that the cause is that the cluster is in a waiting state. It is critical to get the business application started immediately. What can the administrator do to force the cluster to start on one of the working nodes? For which type of license is it possible to add or remove license keys? Which wizard is used to move data or volumes to disks that have improved performance? Which two load balancing polices are supported with Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP)? (Select two.) Which two attributes impact service group failover? (Select two.) Which benefit does Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows bring to stand-alone server environments that share storage between multiple hosts? The latest cumulative patches can be downloaded from which location?