ST0-147 - Veritas Cluster Server 6.0 for Unix Technical Assessment

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Example Questions

Under which high-level node in the left navigation panel can administrators find the Discover Targets page? A company requires that a service group be prevented from taking actions like failover or resource restarting. They also want to ensure that if the cluster is shut down, the service group will be started on boot. Which state should the service group be in when performing maintenance on an application? All users, regardless of their role permissions, are allowed to configure which two reporting options? (Select two.) Which two capabilities does the Veritas Cluster Manager Java console provide when used with the Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) Simulator and a simulated cluster that are unavailable when using the Veritas Cluster Manager Java console with a live cluster configuration? (Select two.) Which two are valid settings for FailoverPolicy? (Select two.) Why should the vxfentsthdw utility be used with great care? The Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) notifier resource and VCS triggers can be configured to generate messages to assist in VCS administration. Which other facility can be a source of notifications within a comprehensive VCS implementation? What are two major functions of Low Latency Transport (LLT)? (Select two.) Which Veritas Cluster Server command is used to override static resource type attribute values for a specific resource? Discover Servers can leave Marker Files for files moved to the quarantine location. Which file types retain their file extension and the corresponding icon in the Marker File? Two applications can be online on any system of a cluster. Which dependency attribute supports this relationship? Which command allows the administrator to leave services currently under Veritas Cluster Server control in a running state while performing configuration changes? When configured as default, the Veritas Cluster Server Notifier receives queued messages on a schedule every how many minutes? Where are configured Veritas Cluster Server triggers found using $VCS_HOME as the main Veritas Cluster Server directory? What is a feature of keyless licensing? A resource of type Application is configured to be monitored by the Intelligent Monitoring Framework. Which resource attribute should be exclusively configured in order to enable the Proactive Prevention of Concurrency feature for the resource of type Application? An employee recieved the following email notification: **************************************************************************** Dear Bob, Your email to [email protected] with subject Account Info you requested violates the company's Customer Data Protection policy. If this is a legitimate business email, please add the word Encrypt in the subject line of the email. The communication will then be automatically sent to the recipient in an encrypted form, in accordance with company policy. Please note that this violation has also been reported to your manager. Confidential data protection is every employee's responsibility. Thank you, Corporate Information Security Team **************************************************************************** Which recommended item is missing from this email notification? What should a system administrator do to stop a detection server? While Veritas Cluster Server supports nodes in a cluster using different hardware or operating system versions, this is potentially undesirable for which two reasons? (Select two.) Which three are examples of confidential data? (Select three.) Which component do all Veritas Cluster Server agents use to communicate their status? Where can an incident responder find the exact location of the file copy created by the Protect: Copy File response action? An administrator needs to set up a service group dependency with the following characteristics: The parent group depends on the child group being offline on the same system. If the child group faults and fails over to a system on which the parent is running, the parent should switch to another system. Which type of dependency is this? Which Veritas Cluster Server event trigger is always invoked on the system where the event occurred? What occurs when the hastop -local -force command is issued on the active node in a two-node active/passive cluster? Which delimiter is unacceptable in Exact Data Matching (EDM) data sources? Only two local disks suitable for use as coordinator disks are available for a local muti-node cluster. Adding a Coordination Point (CP) Server with which two properties would maximize the resiliency of the I/O fencing configuration? (Select two.) In a two node configuration, which option allows the administrator to form a Veritas cluster on the pair? What does Network Monitor use to identify network traffic going to a nonstandard port? What is a characteristic of the Veritas Cluster Server communication stack? What is an advantage of using Endpoint Discover over Network Discover? What is the first step when upgrading the operating system on a single node in a running multi-node Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) cluster? Which two items are required to replace a coordinator disk while the cluster is online? (Select two.) In a Veritas cluster, when all high priority links fail, the low priority links are promoted to high priority in which manner? What are two reasons to implement SCSI-3 I/O fencing? (Select two.) When a policy is applied for detection, how are exceptions evaluated? What are two requirements for configuring disk-based I/O fencing on supported storage arrays? (Select two.) What happens when a DLP Agent is unable to connect to its preferred Endpoint Server? Which two types of stakeholders should be included when writing policies? (Select two.) Where does an incident responder find the exact matches that triggered an incident? Where can an incident responder find the policy rules and/or exceptions that were in effect when a particular incident was detected? Which characteristic of Veritas Cluster Server attributes allows the public interface to be different for each of the systems in the cluster? An administrator has a three-node cluster. The cluster manages an application that depends on a database. The application and database can be online on the same or a different node. If the database faults, the application must continue to be online. Which type of service group dependency should be created to ensure this behavior? Two resources of type Process named web1proc and web2proc are configured in the failover websg service group and are online on the sym1 cluster node. The web2proc resource is linked as dependent on the web1proc resource, and the Critical resource attribute of the web2proc is modified from the default value. Resource restart is set to the default value. What are the states of the web1proc and web2proc resources on the sym1 cluster node after shutting down the process managed by the web2proc from outside of Veritas Cluster Server? The failover service group named websg is FROZEN and is ONLINE/PARTIAL in a two-node cluster. The power is unplugged from the system on which websg is ONLINE/PARTIAL. Consider the configuration file below: group wewbsg ( SystemList = { sym1 = 1, sym2 = 2 } AutoFailover = 1 AutoStartList = { sym1, sym2 } Parallel = 0) What will be the state of websg on the surviving system? A power problem caused all nodes in the cluster to crash. One node has failed to reboot, and smoke is coming from the power supply. The administrator runs gabconfig -a and notices that port a has two of three nodes registered. What should the administrator do to start Veritas Cluster Server on the running nodes? Which two capabilities must an application have in order to be made highly available using Veritas Cluster Server? (Select two.) A consultant assisted with the installation of a custom agent in the environment. They later sent a file to replace the online script for the custom agent. If the custom agent was called newapp, where would the online file be located? Refer to the following service group example: group websg ( SystemList = { sym1 = 0, sym2 = 1 } AutoStart = 0 AutoStartList = { sym2 } ) DiskGroup webdg ( DiskGroup = webdg ) IP webip ( Device = eth0 Address = "" NetMask = "" ) Mount webmnt ( MountPoint = "/web1" BlockDevice = "/dev/vx/dsk/webdg/webvol" FSType = vxfs MountOpt = rw FsckOpt = "-y" ) NIC webnic ( Device = eth0 ) Application webproc ( MonitorProgram = "/usr/local/bin/web -monitor" StartProgram = "/usr/local/bin/web -start" StopProgram = "/usr/local/bin/web -stop" ) webip requires webproc webproc requires webmnt webip requires webnic webmnt requires webdg Which resource will start online last? While in jeopardy, the node with the online websg service group crashes. Which websg attribute is set on the surviving systems if I/O fencing is yet to be configured?