SG1-001 - CompTIA Storage+ Powered by SNIA Certification Exam

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Example Questions

Which disk drive interfaces are considered to be parallel interfaces? (Choose two) Which Fibre Channel protocol layer handles 8/10 bit encoding? Which three RAID levels will experience significant write-performance penalties (Choose three) Which three may describe a NAS "head" or gateway? (Choose three.) Which SMI-S term provides information about physical and logical SAN entities found, often dynamically, within the management domain? A customer's switch command line indicates that the status of port 4 is isolated. You know that port 4 is connected to a target device. What is the problem? Which two link speeds are supported by SATA devices? (Choose two) needs to backup its data while keeping the data online. Cost and application performance are both important. The data can be backed up to tape between 12.00 AM and 6.00AM when the applications are not write intensive. Which solution is the most appropriate? A customer has a SAN consisting of two FC switches with a single 4Gb/s ISL between them. There are six hosts attached to one switch, with an average throughput of 30MB/s each, and a single storage subsystem port connected to the second switch at 2Gb/s. The deployment is performing poorly and you have been tasked with identifying the possible cause. What is the cause of the degraded performance? You have been asked to conduct a high-level inventory of a remote fibre channel SAN fabric. Your manager is worried that the remote site may include HBAs manufactured from a now bankrupt vendor. What information will be most useful to you to determine the HBA vendor? Which standard management agent resides in the file/record layer if the SNIA storage object model? Which hardware component provides the interface between the storage network and the server backuplane? What are two advantages of virtualization? (choose two) In a multiple switch fabric, how should the error detection (E_D_TOV) and resource allocation (R_A_TOV) time out values be set? Which Fibre Channel topology was initially introduced as a replacement for physical SCSI? What is the maximum distance of a 50- micrometer multimode fibre with a 850nm shortwave laser at 2 Gbps? Identify the zoning object that is hardware enforced. Which disk drive type relies on the host processor to perform all storage tasks? A storage configuration was created which stores large amounts of infrequently used documents. The storage implementation is based on serial attached SCSI (SAS) and an edge expander. Almost all ports are utilized, and a second edge expander will be installed. What is required to connect SATA devices to the SAS domain? An application administrator seeks to improve the I/O performance of the server's SAN-attached storage. Which HBA parameter setting change can affect the performance? Which activity is performed by a storage device manager? What is the minimal iSCI security level needed to protect against man-in-the-middle insertion, modification or deletion? Which component in an IP storage application requires configuration management? Which two components are required in a specialized NAS operating system? (choose two) In Fibre Channel, what does the port type FL mean? What type of Fabric switch ports are joined to form an ISL? What determines the principle switch in a Fibre Channel Fabric? Which protocol is used to allow as NAS device to backup to a LAN attached backup device? Which subset of target devices allow for scalability in the SCSI protocol? Which two recovery risks exist, given backup of a multi-protocol NAS device taken from a client System through an active share? (choose two) Where is LUN masking is performed? Which three Fiber Channel components have World Wide Names? (Choose three) What describes RAID 5? What does the acronym PCI mean? A company with departmental Fibre Channel SANs has decided that they now want to merge them into a large enterprise SAN to assist with resource allocation and improve resource utilization. What two (2) configuration parameters should the administrator check before connecting the SANs to minimize service disruption? (Choose two.) What are two protocol options for transporting Fibre Channel over an IP network? (choose two) Which IP Storage solution supports presentation of storage to an array of blade servers that Require remote boot, high storage availability, and minimal peak I/D requirements? What occurs when iSCSI has been implemented in software? What are two advantages of a switched fabric over arbitrated loop topology? (choose two) What is the maximum distance of a 9-micrometer singlemode fiber with a 1300nm longwave laser at 2 Gbps? Which two are recognized by SNIA as elements of the storage virtualization taxonomy? (Choose two.) What does a NAS head do? Which component is a configuration management element of a host? What the steps to restore a complete backup that is using incremental method and has run three times already? What is the function of zoning? You must implement a backup infrastructure for a remote office. This office has enough data to fill a single tape each night. You can remotely schedule and control your backup server backups throughout the night. The staff at this site is not technical and will not touch the equipment. You only need to store the last five days worth of data these tapes. What solution purchase and administrative costs? What two types of disk drives would NOT be used to store your company's database application and source files when reliability is the most important factor? (Choose two) A customer has a SAS-based storage environment with a SAS domain and some standalone servers, each with multiple built-in SAS disks. The implementation includes direct routing, table routing and subtractive routing. What is table routing? What are three advantages of a SAN? (Choose three.) A minor power outage (brownout) has caused you to reboot all of the equipment in your infrastructure. After successful reboots, some of the storage devices are missing from the fabric configuration. Which action could fix the problems?