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Example Questions

Which of the following ports can determine operating mode at switch port initialization? Which subset of target devices allows for scalability beyond the 15 device limit in parallel SCSI? What is the primary reason for making an adjustment to the queue depth? VSAN/Virtual Fabric can BEST be defined as which of the following? Which of the following BEST prevents unauthorized access to storage data via a username/password? An IP-based datacenter is adding SCSI tape and disk assets to be used by multiple servers. Which of the following will need to be added? For which of the following is NIC Teaming used? Which of the following is an analysis and removal of redundant data after a complete backup and after the data has been written to storage? Which of the following media is the BEST option to provide SAN access between an HBA and a storage device, on an 8Gb/s FC network separated by less than 60 meters (196.85 feet)? A way to increase bandwidth from a host to a storage device, utilizing an FC storage area network, is by configuring which of the following on the host? Which of the following disk types is MOST cost effective for near line storage? Best zoning practice dictates that each zone can only contain a single: Which of the following RAID levels can be implemented with three hard drives but has the HIGHEST latency? (Select TWO). A technician, in a machine room, accidentally drops a floor tile on a fiber optic cable running from a single path host to a Fibre Channel switch. Which of the following symptoms would be MOST likely to occur if the cable is not replaced? A technician is working with a storage array that has 15 total slots for hard drives. The technician is tasked with configuring two separate RAID 5 volumes of the same size, sharing a global hot spare. 1TB drives are the largest available for this model storage array. Using the 1TB drives, which of the following is the LARGEST raw volume size attainable? How many heads per platter are required in a hard disk platter? A storage array has a mixture of 150GB, 300GB, 400GB, 500GB, and 1TB drives. Which of the following drives can a 300GB hot spare protect? (Select TWO). An administrator would like to implement a storage appliance that is able to provide access to NFS mounts and CIFS shares. Which of the following solutions would MOST likely provide this type of access? A server has two HBAs. Each HBA is connected to a fabric and zoned to the same storage array. HBAO is passing traffic, while HBA1 is connected but not passing traffic. This is known as which of the following? Which of the following technologies should an administrator use to share a filesystem between servers in two distant cities? An administrator has just replaced a single-port HBA and needs to complete zoning changes to replace the current alias. The administrator creates the new alias, adds it to the existing zone, and then deletes the old alias. When applying the new configuration, an error states that the original alias is not found and the configuration cannot be applied. Which of the following steps did the administrator miss? A storage administrator has reclaimed several LUNs from an old server that was decommissioned. All LUNs were reclaimed from the same 8+1 RAID 5 group. Which of the following can the administrator do to improve performance for the remaining LUNs? Which of the following is the BEST option to ensure that throughput is maximized on a SAN? An administrator, in preparation for a new server with dual HBAs connected to multiple fabrics, created a new WWN zone to add a new server and storage connections to Fabric A. The administrator then copied the zone in to the zoning configuration for Fabric B and activated it in both fabrics. How many paths will the new server see to the storage array when it is brought online the next day? The same LUN can be mapped to multiple servers only if which of the following conditions are satisfied? Which of the following can be a benefit of Content Addressable Storage? Which of the following is recommended for mirroring data over long distances when the transaction rate is high and impact to the performance on the main site must be minimized? Which of the following statements is true about LTO tapes? Which of the following is BEST suited for seldom accessed data but needs to be retrieved in less then one minute from the time of the request? While testing access to Server A on a remote subnet, a storage administrator is unable to connect from their workstation. The administrator is only able to connect to Server B which resides on the same subnet as their workstation. A coworker is able to access Server A from their workstation. Which of the following is MOST likely misconfigured? In which of the following ways can a storage administrator provide LUN security on a storage array? Which HBA configuration parameter represents the global value of outstanding commands? A support method which will automatically notify the support vendor of a problem would be an example of which of the following monitoring types? What is the transfer communication method used in SCSI interfaces? Which of the following measures the performance overhead in an ISL between two switches? Which of the following RAID levels will allow an administrator to lose only two drives within the RAID group and not lose data? Which characteristic differentiates an IP Storage adapter from a traditional Network Interface card (NIC)? An administrator is tasked with selecting new storage architecture. The company values data transfer speeds over capacity. Which of the following should the administrator select for MAXIMUM throughput? A technician has completed a replacement of the customer's 1Gbps FC switches with new 4Gbps FC switches. All HBAs in the servers and storage arrays were also upgraded. To save money, the customer installed into the original cable plant. After all zoning changes were completed, and devices were brought online, the servers are not able to connect properly to the storage arrays. Which of the following is the MOST likely problem? In a multiple switch fabric, how should the error detection (E_D_TOV) and resource allocation (R_A_TOV) time out values be set? What are the benefits of using a storage area network? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose three. The best practice for ensuring high I/O performance is Which of the following backup techniques is MOST likely to require the LEAST amount of data transfer during each backup cycle? Which of the following backup methods only backs up data that has changed since the last backup of any type? An administrator is adding replacement drives in a critical network operation center with a very low humidity reading of the following should the administrator do as a precaution? (Select TWO). How many disks are required to create RAID 3 utilizing five data drives with a hot spare? When the latency between the sites is high, which of the following replication types should be used? Which RAID levels combine mirroring and striping? Which of the following is the system component that receives a SCSI I/O command? Which of the following RAID levels would allow a technician to take advantage of distributed parity and lose any two drives in a RAID group without losing data?