SCP-500 - SolarWinds Certified Professional Exam

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Example Questions

What would cause an NOC user's account to stay logged in indefinitely? Orion NPM is showing that a router in a remote site is down. However, Orion indicates that other devices at that site are up. What is the most likely cause? Over the course of 24 hours, a node was sent 200 ping requests in an effort to monitor its availability. Of those 200 ping requests there were: 100 responses of less than 10ms 50 responses of greater than 20ms 50 requests with noresponses What was the availability of that node during this period of time? Your auditors require you to run monthly network performance reports and to save that data for three years. Using Orion NPM, how should you meet this requirement while optimizing the system around performance and database size? Your firewall currently allows port 6343 traffic to your network management system (NMS). What is the port most likely being used for? A network engineer is planning to deploy a network management system (NMS) to monitor a large campus network. What is the most secure way to isolate the NMS network traffic to all monitored routers and switches? The Orion NPM administrator wants users to see a different node details page for all Extreme Network switches. How should the administrator implement this change globally for all accounts? Users are complaining that a network connection is slow. How should SNMP be used to verify performance of the interface? What is a concern when monitoring a layer 3 (hierarchical) network that is not a concern when monitoring a layer 2 (flat) network? You are using NetFlow to analyze the traffic on your network. You notice that you have a large amount of traffic originating from various systems in your network destined to a single unrecognized off-net IP address during otherwise off-peak hours. What is the most likely cause? While isolating a bandwidth issue using your network management system (NMS), you discover that the percent utilization for an interface is over 100%. What is apossible cause? Which Universal Device Poller (UnDP) transform should you use to reduce the number of decimal places shown in graphs and tables? What does the command "ip ssh version 2"do on a Cisco IOS router? Wireless users are complaining of sporadic network access issues. After reviewing the data collected by Orion, it seems that there is one specific wireless user that is causing the issue and that every WAP that they connect to is adversely affected. What should you do to resolve this issue? Austin and New York offices are connected through an MPLS cloud.You receive a trouble ticket stating that a video conference room in the Austin office cannot connect to the video conference room in the New York office. You verify the following information: Traceroutes from Austin to New York can make it to the last hop, whichis yourNYC router. The Austinconference subnet can reach other subnets within the New York office. What is a possible root cause for the lack of connectivity between conference stations? How can the Universal Device Poller (UnDP) be launched? While diagnosing a network issue, you find that you are able to reachthe troubled devicewhen testing from the same VLAN, but you arenot able to reach that device when testing from a separate VLAN. At which layer of the OSI model is the issue occurring? Users complain that access to the Internet is down. You review your network management system (NMS) and find the following: The core routerrebooted last night. Network traffic on your Internet gateway is at 5%. The configuration on your firewall was just rolled back. The corporate mail server is down. Which issue should you investigate first? What is different about how network traffic statistics are collected using SNMP versus NetFlow? While attempting to add a device to Orion for monitoring, you find that Orion can communicate with the device for latency measurements, but is not able to pull data such as CPU load or interface traffic. What should you verify first? You have recently implemented a VoIP infrastructure within the company network. You are receiving trouble tickets indicating calls are dropping between their New York and San Francisco offices. Which two IP service level agreement (SLA) measurements should you use to identify the cause of the issue? You are planning a network management implementation where the network has several low bandwidth WAN links. Which two network management protocols are most likely to cause heavy traffic on WANs and should therefore be considered carefully before deployment? (Choose two.) Companies A and B have merged and are both using the 10.10.x..x /16 networks. Company A uses Orion NPM and would like to monitor two key servers within company B's network. Which solution for this situation involves the fewest configuration steps? Your network has a few critical devices on the other side of a WAN link from your Orion server. If the router (name = "target") connecting Orion to the remote site goes down, you do not want alerts about those devices. How should you configure Orion NPM Alert Suppression within the Advance Alert Engine to achieve your goal? What is a potentialroot cause of a slow response time across a WAN circuit? An Orion NPM administrator creates an alert trigger that reads: Trigger Alert when all of following apply Average Xmit+Recv Percent Utilization is greater than 80 How should the administrator limit this alert to interfaces on nodes located in Austin? A network engineer notices the Syslog server's database is growing significantly in size due to the large number of devices sending Syslog messages. What should the engineer do to control database growth? An Orion NPM user wants to be able to make changes to the resources as they view them on the Orion Web Console. What must be done to the user's account? The NOC team wants to add a simple map within Orion NPM that shows the United States and the edge router status for each of the company sites. Which two operations are required to set up this map? (Choose two.) Your network management system (NMS) leverages WMI to pull management data from Windows 2003 Servers. You have not deployed Active Directory, but your servers belong to a common workgroup. What should you do to ensure that your NMS has permission to query these servers? Which two management protocols should you use to measure the effectiveness of your QoS implementation? (Choose two.) Users of a remote site are complaining that network performance is intermittently slow. You review the current status of their network with Orion NPM and do not see any issues. What should you do next? You are monitoring a Windows 2003 Server via SNMP. Which service must be enabled on the target serverto allow the network management service (NMS) to collect CPU load data? What can you determine from a packet capture that you CANNOT learn from NetFlow data? What is the most direct way to measure an application's performance? IT management wants to know how they can lower their total power consumption by consolidating equipment and shutting off unnecessary equipment. Which type of report can you create to help them plan for this? You need to know when the aggregate size of SQL log files has crossed a threshold. How can you accomplish this? You have a hub and spoke network with three sites. The application servers all located within the headquarters, which is the hub of the network. Users in spokesite Acomplain that they cannotget to the company's accounting server. Users in spoke site Bare not affected. Which two steps should you take in troubleshooting this issue? (Choose two.) You want to get an alert when disk space used on a server exceeds 90%, but you will not consider the problem fixed until the space used drops below 60%.You want to get an email when the problem occurs, but you also want an email when the problem is fixed. While the problem remains unfixed, you want the alert to stay active in the Orion NPM Web Console. If you create an alert with a trigger condition such as "Volume Space Used is greater than 90%," you will get an email when the initial problem occurs. What is the next step that is required to accomplish this goal? The IP address of a network management system (NMS) is, and theIP address of a new server that it is monitoring on the same VLAN is The NMS cannot reach the server with SNMP or ICMP. What is the most likely cause? Refer to the following configuration snippet of a Cisco IOS router: snmp-server community private RO 60 snmp-server host private access-list 60deny access-list 60 permit snmp The network management system (NMS) IP address is, and it is receiving SNMP traps from the router, but it is not able to poll the router. Why is the NMS unable to poll the router? You are monitoring your Internet connection, and your ISP has guaranteed512 Kbps. Historical data shows that your connection speed holds at 256 Kbps for long periods of time, but never exceeds this speed. What does this indicate? The IT planning department has asked for a report to help them understand when they need to implement IPv6. Which report would offer them the greatest amount of relevant information? Users at a remote site report that Internet access is slower than usual. What should you check to investigate the cause of this issue? You want to configure a device to send a message when a specific event happens and have Orion NPM send an email when it receives that message. Which two steps must you take to achieve this goal? (Choose two.) Orion is displaying a device as "down" and is unable to communicate with the device via ICMP. However, you are able to ping that device from the command-line on the Orion server. Orion is displaying other devices as being "up". What is a possible cause of this issue? You need to write a report that shows network response time on an hourly basis for the past 30 days. When you try to set the summarization setting in the report to hourly, you get a reporting error. What is apossible cause of this issue? Network engineers want the ability to see a custom property when the cursor hovers over a node on the map. How do you enable this functionality in Orion NPM? Network usage consistently increases to near saturation levels on your Internet connection from 12:00pm to 1:00pm on most days of the week. What should you do? Your current deployment has multiple Orion NPM servers monitoring multiple locations from a single site. This is producing inaccurate data and high WAN bandwidth utilization. What are the two most efficient ways to address this issue? (Choose two.)