S90-08A - Advanced SOA Design & Architecture

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Example Questions

Which of the following statements are false? Governance can become an issue with service agents because: Which of the following functions would not be suitable for a typical service agent? The Process Abstraction pattern can help solve which of the following problems? A service composition architecture with the following requirements needs to be created: 1. Services will have different periods of availability. 2. Sometimes the destination of a message cannot be determined until runtime. 3. All the services do not support the same messaging protocol. Of the following choices, which patterns should be used to address these requirements? In order to realize the failover support provided by the application of the Redundant Implementation pattern, the Intermediate Routing pattern also needs to be applied so that services can be load balanced. Which of the following statements is false? When applying the Policy Centralization pattern, if you create a global policy that conflicts with a service-specific policy that you already had in place, then: Which of the following statements is true? The Reliable Messaging pattern requires: The application of the Protocol Bridging pattern helps overcome disparity between: The WS-BPEL technology can be used when applying the Compensating Service Transaction pattern. The Atomic Service Transaction pattern can be applied using the WS-Coordination and WS- AtomicTransaction standards. The State Repository pattern is one of the core patterns that comprise the Enterprise Service Bus pattern because complex compositions often include long periods of inactivity while waiting for composed services to complete their processing, thereby providing an opportunity to defer state from memory to a state repository. Load balancing is commonly associated with which pattern? Which of the following statements are true? Of the following Web service technologies, which is most commonly associated with the Orchestration pattern? The use of the Intermediate Routing pattern typically results in: Which of the following statements about the application of the Policy Centralization pattern is true? A common XML-based technology used to apply the Data Model Transformation pattern is: Which of the following statements regarding the application of the State Repository pattern is false? Which of the following is a common problem associated with the application of the Policy Centralization pattern? Technical service contracts that use the same XML schemas will support the exchange of messages based on the same data models. The Protocol Bridging pattern addresses problems that occur when services using different transport protocols or different versions of the same transport protocol try to communicate. An atomic service transaction requires that: A service fa?ade component can be used to abstract the part of a service architecture that has negative coupling potential. The application of the Legacy Wrapper pattern typically results in: The application of the Redundant Implementation pattern helps increase the autonomy of: When applying the Schema Centralization pattern, multiple services can form dependencies on the same centralized schema. The Asynchronous Queuing pattern can be combined with the Event-Driven Messaging pattern to allow a service consumer acting as a subscriber to receive all event notification messages that are broadcast, even those that are sent when the service consumer is unavailable. Because the Process Abstraction pattern advocates the abstraction of ___________ logic, its application helps filter out ___________ logic in support of defining ___________ services. Which pattern aims to increase the autonomy of a service specifically via the use of a replicated database? Which of the following statements accurately describes the difference between the Atomic Service Transaction pattern and the Compensating Service Transaction pattern? The Process Centralization pattern: A service agent has a technical contract that allows it to be explicitly invoked by service consumer programs. Official Endpoint is a compound pattern that is comprised of the Logic Centralization pattern and the Contract Centralization pattern. The application of the Intermediate Routing pattern can address which of the following needs? For a given service inventory architecture you would choose between an enterprise service bus product or an orchestration product, but you would not use both together. The Protocol Bridging and Data Model Transformation patterns can be applied together to the same message or data exchange. The application of the Contract Centralization pattern requires that runtime access policies be implemented. If a service consumer program needs to get data from a service that is not available, it can poll the service by periodically issuing a request message. This type of interaction can be inefficient because it can lead to unnecessary message transmissions. Which of the following statements describes a solution to this problem? The messaging framework established by the application of the Event-Driven Messaging pattern positions a(n) ___________ as being responsible for the broadcast of event notification messages. With the Rules Centralization pattern, business rules are: Which of the following statements about the Schema Centralization pattern does not make sense? Even though atomic service transactions can be used to ensure that all services within the transaction either succeed or fail, in larger transactions involving multiple services, the amount of required memory consumption can ___________. The application of the Intermediate Routing pattern relies on the use of service agents. In order for the pattern to be applied properly, these service agents must be active in that they must change data within the message as part of their routing functionality. The application of the Protocol Bridging pattern automatically results in the application of the Data Model Transformation pattern. The Service Fa?ade pattern can be used to introduce a logic layer that resides between the ___________ and an underlying ___________. The application of the Rules Centralization pattern achieves the ___________ of business rules data within an inventory, but it also ___________ business logic associated with business-centric services. By applying the Service Broker compound pattern, you establish an environment capable of carrying out which of the following patterns?