S90-04A - SOA Project Delivery & Methodology

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Example Questions

The primary deliverable of the service inventory analysis is a ____________ of the service inventory. The reason why service testing is comparable to commercial software testing is because: A service catalog is a collection of ____________ for the services belonging to a ____________. Which of the following statements is true? Which of the following is not a goal of the service-oriented analysis process? Which of the following statements are true? The use of the schema custodian role is not common when XML schemas exist independently of service contracts even when the XML schemas are still used by the service contracts. Which of the following items might be contained in the service-level profile, as opposed to the capability-level profile? An SOA project carried out with a top-down approach can contain phases that require the completion of the following tasks: SOA projects introduce new considerations that tend to augment the traditional project lifecycle as follows: Service profile documents often end up forming the basis of service registry records. During the service modeling process, after all business process steps that belong to agnostic service contexts have been accounted for, the steps that remain should represent logic that is unique to the business process and therefore considered potentially suitable for encapsulation by task service candidates. When collecting information for the purpose of defining business logic for potential service encapsulation, which of the following types of information would not be useful? Which of the following statements makes sense? The typical scope of an iteration of the service-oriented analysis process is one business process. What happens to business process steps that are identified as not being suitable for service encapsulation during the service modeling process? Which phase of the service delivery lifecycle is comprised of information gathering steps and a service modeling sub-process? Which of the following types of information are generally documented as part of a service profile? A project team that delivers a reusable agnostic service may be tempted to skew the design of the service so that it better fulfills the project's immediate requirements. The ____________ role is commonly used to assume ownership over the service in order to prevent this from happening by protecting the service's integrity. Which of the following is an expected deliverable of successfully completing the service-oriented design process? Following the completion of the service development and service testing lifecycle phases for a new service, the ____________ and ____________ can become part of the service profile. An enterprise design standards custodian requires the authority to enforce design standards, which often leads to: The Claims Solution project is responsible for delivering a service composition comprised of seven services. The project team is following a meet-in-the-middle approach whereby a service analyst and two service architects will continue carrying out a top-down analysis effort after the initial set of services is designed and developed. What will happen after the top-down analysis completes and the final service candidates are noticeably different from the services that have already been delivered? The reason a governance specialist may need to be involved in pre-deployment project phases is because: Service modeling is a process during which services and service capabilities are conceptualized prior to their actual physical definition and development. Of all the service models, the ____________ service model usually requires the least amount of effort when it comes to service contract design because it tends to have the fewest amount of service capabilities. What is the primary difference between designing a task service and an orchestrated task service? A regular service profile will generally document information about a service on the following two levels: Which one of the following statements describes a step that is typically part of a service-oriented analysis process? Which of the following is not a common role on an SOA project? Top-down approaches typically ____________ the long-term governance burden of services. Bottom-up delivery is generally focused on fulfilling ____________ requirements while top-down delivery is generally focused on fulfilling ____________ requirements. Service discovery requirements can introduce the need to establish a service registry. Two service delivery projects are being carried out concurrently. Each project has its own project team. Even though both projects are delivering services for the same service inventory, each project team is given complete independence as to how services are designed and developed and what design standards are to be used. Which of the following statements describes a likely consequence of this approach? A service candidate is the equivalent to a technical service contract. The exact same service-oriented design process must be used when designing services belonging to different service models. Service candidates are typically used as input for the service-oriented design process. With a top-down delivery approach, the definition of the service inventory blueprint must be complete before service-oriented analysis can begin. A service profile may indicate that different service capabilities are assigned to different service custodians. Why is it important to identify potentially affected automation systems when carrying out the service-oriented analysis process? During a service modeling process, you are required to identify agnostic service candidates. Three service analysts try to help you, but each gives you a different opinion. Which of the following opinions would generally be considered good advice? Why are entity services often designed before other types of services? Which of the following statements describe business process steps that are not suitable for service encapsulation? Because service-oriented analysis is a process completed jointly by business and technology experts, it supports the service-oriented computing goal of Increased Business and Technology Alignment. Which of the following is not a valid reason for defining service composition candidates during the service modeling process? The Inventory Management System project is delivering a modest solution comprised of three services. The project team is following a bottom-up approach whereby service developers are building the services to fulfill tactical (short-term) requirements. Although not everyone agrees with this approach, it does actually directly support the following service-oriented computing goal: When subsequent iterations of the service-oriented analysis process produce new service candidates, which of the following should occur? Individual(s) assuming the ____________ role will often assume the role of ____________ because one role is generally responsible for the creation of ____________ and the other is responsible for their continuing evolution and enforcement. Which project delivery approach most likely will result in the delivery of a traditional silo-based application? The top-down approach is not recommended when: