S10-210 - Storage Networking Management and Administration

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Example Questions

Which two high availability elements can be achieved by remote storage replication? (Choose two.) You are using asynchronous storage replication to protect your critical database server. There are no replication agents installed on the database server. After a disaster, you are unable to bring up the database at the DR site. What is the cause? You have been asked to secure your FC switches in the data center. Unsecure protocols have already been disabled but you also need to restrict access to the switches only from specific IP addresses located on the production network. What should be used? The storage administrator is required to create five zones within the FC SAN. Which Fibre Channel server would be used to do this? You are asked to secure management access to your SAN devices. Which three actions should you perform? (Choose three.) You are asked to set up a server to boot from a SAN. Which setting on the HBA needs to be configured? Your company performs a full backup of a database server every Saturday night and incremental nightly backups for each day of the week thereafter. It takes 14 hours to perform a restore from a full backup and averages two hours for each incremental restore. The database server fails on Wednesday at 10:10 AM and needs to be fully restored. What it is the RTO? A number of servers are experiencing slower than expected performance. Analyzing the server, switch, and storage logs do not indicate any issues. You have been asked by the customer to address this issue. What will improve performance? The enterprise storage system has the "call home" feature enabled and configured. However, the storage administrator has been told that "call home" is not working. Which two actions should you perform? (Choose two.) The latest storage utilization report shows that 80% of the current 500 TB of enterprise storage is allocated. The storage administrator must specify the amount of additional storage needed for local copies for approximately half of the active storage. How much additional storage should the administrator request? Your organization operates in a regulated environment and contracts with a service provider to manage tape backup media for highly confidential, secure data. Using SNIA Storage Security Best Practices, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.) Only one of many servers is suffering poor performance with a nearline (Tier 2) storage system. The server administrator has not discovered any obvious root cause. The server has multiple paths to the storage system but only one path is active. Routine monitoring by the storage administrator has determined that a single storage port has received a high number of bad frames. What should the SAN administrator do? You have received an emergency call from the night shift after they attempted to merge three small SANs in the engineering department. Once completed, all devices in SANs A and B communicate with one another but SAN C could not communicate with either of the other SANs because the fabric has become segmented. Which statement is correct? When troubleshooting an issue on a host, you discover that the existing file system partition has been corrupted after you provisioned a LUN to another host connected to the same FC fabric. What is the cause of this problem? Some business critical database applications have been suffering from slowly increasing performance issues with one enterprise SAN-attached storage system. In particular, the applications are showing higher than normal read response times. What should the storage administrator monitor to determine the root cause? You have been hired as a consultant to help resolve boot-from-SAN server reboots. The company has hosts, storage devices, and tape drives in the same zones. A large number of RSCNs are generated during the backup window. What is the cause of the problem? You have completed installing your FC SAN. When everything is powered on, numerous devices are not available. You need to verify that the devices appear within the FC fabric by accessing the appropriate FC service that provides a list of devices and their respective function. Which server within the Fibre Channel fabric would be used to do this? Only one of many servers has poor performance within an enterprise SAN. The server administrator has found high disk timeout values without a decrease in throughput. The server has multiple paths to the storage system but only one path is active at this time. What should the storage administrator monitor to assist with troubleshooting? You are provisioning storage to a host with multipathing software installed and correctly configured. You discover that there are four paths to LUNs instead of the expected eight paths. Why does this happen? A new server needs to start from LUN 1 instead of LUN 0. Which HBA setting must be configured? A new FC switch has been installed into the data center. You want to disable any unsecure protocols used to access the management ports. Which two protocols should be disabled? (Choose two.) A company wants to implement a database which requires a storage subsystem with no more than 2 ms write latency and 1 ms read latency. Which type of drive would you use? What describes the FCoE transport protocol? You are asked to secure 2.5 PB of data so that in case of a failed drive replacement, data on the drives is not usable. Which data protection method should be used in this case? Which storage related offering serves as intermediaries to multiple cloud storage providers? You have replaced an HBA and are trying to add it to an existing zone using the FC switch GUI interface. You are unable to do so. Why is this happening? Your CTO is concerned over misuse of corporate storage assets because an employee was found to be hosting a music library on one of the SANs storage arrays. You have been instructed to provide some level of device security to the corporate FC SAN. FC has a number of cost- effective (free) industry standard protection mechanisms that provide or restrict user access to SAN resources. Which two FC provided mechanisms would you implement first? (Choose two.) You have a file system which allows data and metadata segregation. How should you accelerate read I/O on the file system while keeping costs low? A company needs to replicate a database from its main office to a disaster recovery site 3,000 km away with a five minute recovery point objective. Which type of replication should the company use to replicate the data? You determine that throughput between a server and an FC storage array is lower than expected. Your privileges only allow you to change the configuration of the HBA on the server. Which configuration setting can you change to increase throughput? A server has lost half of its paths to its LUN on a storage system. The help desk determines that one of the two HBAs was just replaced. The SAN administrator has modified the zoning with the new WWPN of the replacement HBA port, but the missing paths have still not recovered. Which action would you perform next? After the storage administrator merged two multi-vendor FC SANs, an error indicates that two ports have become isolated causing a segmentation to exist in the fabric. Which two events would cause this? (Choose two.) A server with a dual-ported HBA loses access to storage during switch SFP replacement. You want to prevent this from happening in the future. Which action should you perform? A storage networking device has experienced a failure that has "phone home" and opened a service request for a part that can be a customer replaceable unit (CRU). Your support vendor has dispatched a replacement part using a secure courier service. According to SNIA Storage Security Best Current Practices, which statement is correct about the repair process? A data center has an existing three tiered storage solution consisting of enterprise, nearline, and tape. Each storage tier has available expansion capacity. A new mission-critical application is being developed that will require 4TBs of extremely low latency enterprise storage. The new application will be hosted on clustered servers. Cost is not a factor. Which solution will meet the requirements? Which type of a backup changes the archive bit? You have twelve 500 GB drives and you need to provide two LUNs using RAID 6 protection for a customer. What will be the size of each LUN? A customer has upgraded all switches in their redundant fabrics during a single maintenance window. Shortly after the upgrades are completed on the core switches, all servers lose access to all SAN attached storage. What would have prevented this scenario? You receive a ticket from a database group which is complaining about slow access to storage on only one particular server, as compared to other servers in an active-active cluster. You verify zoning and LUN masking which are fine. On the FC switch, you verify link speed, errors, and throughput for the FC switch ports used by this server. There are no errors on the ports and the link speed is the same as on the switch ports used by other servers in the cluster. You notice that on one port on the FC switch used by this server, that there is no throughput at all. What is causing the problem? You have a server which is booting from a SAN. After adding new SAN storage to a host, the host will not boot from the SAN. What will resolve this problem? You have been asked to implement a remote data replication scheme. The current data center is mostly constructed of FC components and the corporation is highly invested in the technology. The remote data center needs a synchronous replication solution. What will accomplish this goal? The CIO would like to segregate management device IP network traffic from server IP network traffic within the data center to limit potential security threats. What would be used to accomplish this? You are installing an OLTP application on a new server. The I/O profile of the application consists of 100% random read operations of 8 kilobyte transfers. You need to determine which HBA to use in your application to accommodate 50,000 IOPS. What is the minimum FC link speed that will satisfy the application's requirements? What is the maximum distance between two 8 Gb FC ports that can be connected using 50 µOM3 grade multimode fiber cable? You are performing an FC switch replacement and you want to ensure that no hosts will be disconnected from its storage. Which multipathing software feature, on a server, must be supported and configured for a server to continue to have access to the fabric attached storage in this scenario? Your company asks you to increase restore speeds. What should you do? A storage subsystems Web browser management interface reports that the subsystem has become degraded and remotely opens a service request with the vendor. Your vendors level three storage support engineer wants to remotely access your storage subsystem for troubleshooting. What is a SNIA Storage Security Best Current Practices solution? After provisioning a new LUN to a host, new storage cannot be detected on the host. Which three actions should be performed to troubleshoot this problem? (Choose three.) Which protocol commonly uses CNA devices? A company has a storage subsystem that supports a variety of replication options. They have purchased an identical array and placed it at a secondary site 50 km away and will provide the shortest RPO. Which statement is correct?