RF0-001 - RFID+ Certification Exam

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Example Questions

A medium-sized goods manufacturing company has hired you as an RFID engineer. The company sells the manufactured items to Surfside, a chain of shopping malls. Recently, Surfside has announced that it will buy products only from vendors who provide items with RFID tags. Therefore, the manufacturing company has decided to deploy a slap-and ship RFID application to conform to Surf Side's requirements. What are two advantages of the slap-and-ship application? (Choose two.) You are an engineer. You are assigned to implement an RFID system in the bookstore inside the regional office. You have devised an RFID system to track books and use them to gather information about the books. Which type of frequency signal should you use for this RFID system? As an engineer you implemented an RFID-based tracking system in a warehouse facility. According to the design requirements, stationary interrogators are required to be mounted on the forklifts. Which two factors should you consider in this implementation? (Choose two.) As an RFID engineer you have been hired to implement an RFID-based control system in a business complex. You need to design a site diagram for the RFID system. Which two statements are true of designing the site diagram? (Choose two) A dense-reader interrogator: In a portal application where it is desirable for the interrogator to be triggered to read at certain times, which of the following would be the preferred trigger method? Which two statements are true of the ISO/IEC 18000-7 standard? (Choose two.) What should you refer to determine the length? When attaching a passive ultra high frequency (UHF) tag to an asset that is made of metal, the technician would need a standoff between the tag and the metal surface: Which statement is TRUE regarding human exposure to radio waves? You are implementing and RFID system for animal identification for a dairy farm. To enable support for the anti-collision algorithm you require interrogators with frequencies below 135 KHz frequency. These interrogators comply with which air-interface standards? Which of the following combination completely describes the features provided by a smart label? How many spectrum channels are available for interrogators operating in dense-reader mode as per the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Part 15.245 (US)? You implement serial interrogators in an RFID-based tracking system in a facility. Which statement is true of serial interrogators? At you are implementing an RFID-based employee access system for a building. Which ISO/IEC standard should serve as a reference for commands and specifications used in this implementation? While implementing a smart label printer/encoder in an RFID system, which two main practices should be followed? (Choose two.) As an engineer, a plastic toy manufacturing company has hired you. The company wants to implement an RFID dock door system to track the movement of the manufactured toys from the manufacturing facility to the shipping point. In order to choose the vendor for RFID tags you analyze the latest reports on EPC tag performance of various vendors generated by the RFID Alliance Lab. Which tag performance parameter should you NOT consider in the given scenario when selecting a vendor for RFID tags? Class 1 tags are deployed for an RFID-based tracking solution for a manufacturing company. You need to deploy printer/encoders that would provide support for future RFID standards and enhancements. Which type of printer/encoders should you choose keeping in mind future enhancements? Which two statements regarding RFID exposure to humans are true? (Choose two.) Passive RFID tags operating at 915 MHz can normally be read at: Ultra high frequency (UHF) output power is measured as: Which statement is TRUE of the tag shadowing effect? You plan to implement an RFID solution that uses RFID printers with conductive inks. Which component can you print using conductive inks? How do you ensure that the RFID system is not too sensitive to tag orientation while implementing an RFID tracking system in a warehouse? Contact labeling uses what type of RFID label applicator? An RFID hardware manufacturing company is required to supply RFID tags and interrogators to a cosmetics manufacturing company that plans to deploy a conveyor system. The RFID hardware that is manufactured needs to be tested in an environment where there is no RF noise or electromagnetic interference (EM). Which type of testing should you undertake to test the RFID hardware? RF absorbing materials: While implementing an RFID-based tracking system, it is recommended that you conduct a detailed testing of the operating environment by using all the RFID hardware and software that you plan to deploy. What does testing of RFID hardware and software determines? After installation of an RFID system in a facility, on testing the system you realized that problems occur with tagged items for a conveyor-based RFID system. What should you do to diagnose this problem? As an engineer you have been assigned the task of deploying an RFID dock door system to track movement of items in a manufacturing facility. Since the deployment of the system, you are facing the low tag readability problem. When you closely examine the system, you find that the walls reflect RF energy from the readers installed. Which effect will NOT be produced due to the bouncing back of RF signals by the walls? You are an RFID engineer. You plan to implement an RFID-based tracking system in a paper manufacturing company. The tagged paper products will be packed in wooden boxes. What should be your two main concerns while implementing this system? (Choose two.) A DVD library hired you to implement an RFID solution in order to avoid the theft of DVDs from the library. You plan to put tags on the DVDs to detect theft. The tag on a DVD will be turned off only when the DVD is purchased by a customer. Which type of RFID tags should you use in this scenario? A container yard unloads 40 foot (12.4 meter) containers from a freighter. As a container is lifted, the active tag is read, however other tags still on containers on the freighter are also read. A solution to this problem would be to: You plan to implement an RFID-based tracking system in your company. While choosing between types of interrogators for the system, what should you do to maximize your investment? Which type of tags should you use for this implementation? (Choose two.) An RFID based material tracking system is implemented in a manufacturing unit. You had planned to setup a printer/encoder on the system. Which two statements applies regarding positioning of the printer/encoder? (Choose two.) You implement network interrogators in an RFID-based tracking system in a facility. Which two statements are true of network interrogators? (Choose two.) You are working as an RFID engineer in a company branch office in the US For which two purposes should you use the spectrum analyzer? (Choose two.) Which ISO/IEC standard defines parameters for air interface communication for HF- based RFID system? When preparing for the installation of passive RFID forklift system, all of the following can be done EXCEPT: Which two statements are true of the ISO/IEC 18000-3 standard? (Choose two.) High frequency (HF) RFID systems are thought to create interference with: You have been hired as an RFID consultant in a metal tools company. You have suggested the use of thin foam backing on the metal tool items upon which tag will be placed. Which advantage will the use of thin foam backing provide? What are the two primary considerations while deploying serial interrogators? (Choose two.) You implement an RFID-based tracking system in a shampoo manufacturing company. The system will use an ultra high frequency (UHF) frequency system. What will be the effect of tagged material on the RF energy? You are an RFID specialist for a private TV channel. The company has recently deployed an RFID access control system to restrict access to its premises. The company plans to deploy another RFID system to track the movement of videotapes from the entry gate to the studio. The tags on the videotapes will include information, such as the type of tape, the tape ID, the production date, and the production members. The company plans to include small sensors attached to interrogators in the new RFID system to turn on the interrogators only when the tagged videotapes enter the interrogation zone. This has been planned to ensure minimum interference between the two RFID systems. To save time and effort, you plan to make changes to the existing site diagram to include the new RFID system to be deployed. Which change should you make to the existing site diagram to depict the new RFID system? Which two statements are true of ISO/IEC 18000 standards? (Choose two.) Which two statements are applicable for an RFID transponder inlay? (Choose two.) During identification cycles, in which of the following modes will interrogators respond to commands from the network host?

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