RCDD - Registered Communications Distribution Designer

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Example Questions

All of the following are true about the post construction phase EXCEPT: The formula for calculating BTUs from electrical power is: Color codes for cross-connections fields have been used for many years. Which color is used to identify horizontal cable? Color codes for cross-connections fields have been used for many years. Which color is used to identify campus backbone? The purpose of QoS on an IP network is for: IPv-4 addresses are ________ bits in length. You have been asked to provide a UPS that is always serving the load from its batteries and the electrical supply is used only to recharge the batteries. Which one of the following types of UPS will meet this requirement? When installing outlet boxes in ten private offices in an area which may prove to be difficult to install future additional telecommunications outlets, the MINIMUM quantity of outlet boxes that should be installed is: Rack mounted hardware is installed in two standard sized racks or cabinets. Those sizes are: If looking to specify an optical fiber backbone within a building going 275 m (902 ft) between the equipment room (ER) and the telecommunications room (TR), what type of fiber should be specified to support a 10 GB ethernet application? A building has a series of CATV outlets each with cables installed back to a telecommunications room (TR), and each telecommunications room (TR) is connected to the headend. What is this type of topology called? You are preparing to test newly installed open office cabling. Within the open office cabling, there are multiple consolidation points (CP) that were installed while waiting for furniture. How do you proceed with permanent link testing? Which of the following is an undesirable electromagnetic effect on a device(s)? Which one of the following is part of the security metric to consider in selecting the appropriate labels for an administrative system? All of the following are used to control static discharge EXCEPT: A properly designed distributed paging system will provide a sound pressure level (SPL) for audio paging that is between ________ above ambient noise level. In order to maximize its ability to send and receive, an antenna should be ________ to the desired frequency. A building can have multiple equipment rooms (ERs) for all of the following reasons EXCEPT: What is the worst case acceptance value for attenuation when testing 2000 m (6562 ft) of 50/125 multimode fiber at a wavelength of 1300 nm when the fiber has 2 connector pairs and 3 splices? A rapid increase in voltage with a duration of half a cycle best describes a(n): Premises optical fiber links should be tested: What are the three typical voltages used in centrally amplified paging systems? What type of estimate is based on the cost of performing similar work in the past, adjusted for current job conditions? When installing a heavy backbone cabling vertically, recommended methods of securing the cable include all of the following EXCEPT: Most types of firestop putty have ________ properties. You are starting work on a new high school. The architect has provided you with a telecommunications room located between the kitchen cold store room and the automotive and welding shops. What should you do? You are designing a cabling system for a chemical plant. What type of device is needed to prevent the spread of fire along the cable other than the barrier penetrations? Which type of cable tray is best described as a ventilated bottom with side rails? When designing a backbone distribution system, you are asked to include a combination of media types. Your choice of media types include: The electromagnetic spectrum of visible light lies in the ___________ frequency range of the spectrum. An active video converter is used in what type of CATV cable distribution system? At the end of the third week of a project, the actual cost of work performed is $7000 USd and the budgeted cost of work performed is $8000 USd. Which of the following is true? What is the recommended distance between ceiling mounted speakers in a hallway with heavy traffic? The MINIMUM finished height of access flooring in a general office area is: A ________ eliminates the need to remove or install materials. Important considerations when designing telecommunications distribution within modular furniture include all of the following EXCEPT: The decision regarding the number of optical fibers to install (fiber strand count) in a backbone depends largely on all of the following EXCEPT: The MINIMUM separation distance between grounded metal telecommunications pathway and unshielded power lines is: Certain systems must exist relative to bonding and grounding at every site. Which of the following is NOT one such system? All of the following are nominal wavelengths for laser light sources EXCEPT: The MINIMUM number of antennas needed to create a DAS is: Cables are installed in a ceiling in a straight line. The ceiling run is 60 m (200 ft) in length. What is the MINIMUM number of J-hooks required to support the cables? An installation crew is pulling an optical fiber cable into a riser. The cable has an outside diameter of 25 mm (1 in). As the cable is being pulled off the reel and through a pulley into the riser, you must verify that the minimum bend radius for the cable being pulled is observed. The pulley must be sized at a MINIMUM of: Using Ohms law, a circuit of 120 volts and a resistance of 15 ohms will have a current of ________ amps. The MINIMUM dimensions of the telecommunications main grounding busbar is ________ and variable in length. Multiples of the basic frequency of an electrical waveform are called: When allocating termination space for CAT 6 and optical fiber cables, it is recommended that additional space of up to ________ percent be considered for the routing of the cables and patch cords. Time division multiplexing (TDM) systems are designed to transport ________ between end point systems. You are given a choice of methods of routing backbone cabling vertically through a building. The one option that you do NOT want to use is: A building has six floors plus a basement. Each floor is 10,000 square feet and has approximately 50 CATV outlets respectively. There is a single hardline trunk cable installed from the basement headend passing through a directional coupler in each floor's telecommunications room (TR). Which leg of the coupler will have the LEAST signal loss?