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Example Questions

Which is an objective of the Managing a Stage Boundary process? Which is created during the Starting up a Project process? Which risk response type is appropriate to respond to an opportunity? Which is a benefit of using PRINCE2? Which should be funded by a change budget? Which is a purpose of a Configuration Management Strategy? Which is NOT a benefit of using PRINCE2? Which is a valid statement about the Project Support role? Which is assumed to be a supplier's responsibility in the PRINCE2 customer/supplier environment? Which risk response type is a recommended response to both an opportunity and a threat? Which describes risk impact? Which is NOT one of the levels of plan recommended by PRINCE2? Which is a purpose of a Project Product Description? Identify the missing word in the following sentence. The [?] theme defines that the Project Board is responsible for the overall direction and management of the project, How should the Team Manager report that tolerances are forecast to be exceeded? Which describes a risk effect? Which is a responsibility of a Team Manager? Which does a Project Manager produce to define and control the work to be done? Which is an objective of the quality review technique? Which theme provides the controls to escalate any forecast beyond tolerance to the next management level? Which is a purpose of an End Stage Report? Which role is responsible for specifying the project benefits? Which is one of the three levels of plan in PRINCE2? Which is an objective of the Initiating a Project process? Which is NOT a type of issue? When considering how long the project stages should be, which might be a reason for one stage to be longer than others? Which of the following statements about lines of authority and reporting are true? 1. The Project Manager has day-to-day control for a management stage within the limits laid, 2. If a Team Manager forecasts a deviation beyond Work Package tolerances, this should be referred to the Project Manager down by the Project Board. Which statement describes the Implement' step within the recommended risk management procedure? Which is NOT a requirement of a Stage Plan? Which of the following statements about stakeholders are true? 1. Someone who thinks they will be affected by a project is a stakeholder on that project 2. Stakeholders may be internal or external to the corporate organization Which characteristic of a project reflects that there are different perspectives and motivations for customers and suppliers? If the Project Board instructs the Project Manager to implement a request for change, which document would contain details of that change? Which process provides the Project Board with the information it requires in order to commit resources to the project? Which is a purpose of the Organization theme? Identify the missing words in the following sentence. At an agreed frequency, a Team Manager will send a [ ? ] to the Project Manager. Identify the missing word in the following sentence, A project's output is produced during a project but the [?] for the project are often only realized after the project has closed. Which may be funded from a risk budget? Who carries out audits that are independent of the project? What theme defines and implements the means by which the project will verify that products meet business requirements? Which is a Benefits Review Plan used to assess? Which document should record the agreed amount of risk budget for a project? Which describes a risk event? Which of the following statements about customer's quality expectations and acceptance criteria are true? 1.Customer's quality expectations form a specific and precise list of Acceptance criteria are often expressed in broad terms as a means to gain common understanding of general quality requirements. 2. Measurable criteria that a project product should meet in order to be acceptable to key stakeholders, Which is a type of issue? Which is a purpose of a Project Brief? Which provides a single source of reference that may be used by people joining a project after it has been initiated so they can quickly and easily find out how the project is being managed? Which is NOT undertaken during the Initiating a Project process? Which of the following statements about quality assurance and Project Assurance is true? Which of the following refers to the actions identified to bring a situation to a level where exposure to a risk is acceptable? What should influence the Project Board's decision whether to delegate its Project Assurance responsibilities?