PR000041 - PowerCenter Data Integration 9.x:Developer Specialist

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Example Questions

How does a single joiner transformation join data? Referring to Informatica Domain Architecture, select the statement which is correct and true. A Pipeline Normalizer transformation will reflect one input port for each occurs value which Is greater than 1. Which of following statements is valid for Dynamic lookups? The HTTP Transformation supports which HTTP Methods? (Choose all that apply) Choose 2 answers Which of the following statements is correct on workflow events? Which of these statements on worklets is correct? An Update Strategy transformation has the Forward Rejected Rows attribute unchecked. Which statement is correct and true? Which of the following is a reusable task available in workflow manager? Refering to the Lookup transformation, which statement is correct and true? A workflow has a session task. Both workflow and session each have been assigned a different parameter file. Which value will be set for $$ParameterValue in the session when using the following two parameter files?" Workflow Parameter file: [Global] $$ParameterValue=l [Session] $$ParameterValue=2 Session Parameter file: [Global] $$ParameterValue=3 [Session] $$ParameterValue=4 Referring to the Sequence Generator transformation, which statement is correct and true? Which of these statements is correct concerning a Lookup transformation's persistent cache? Which of the following techniques could be used to filter data read from a flat file source? Assuming that the Master Pipeline has 5 fields, two of which are part of the join condition and that all fields are connected downstream to the next transformation, how many fields are in the index and data cache files? When using the Joiner transformation and assuming that you are not employing the Push Down Optimization feature, which statement is correct? If after running a session task, it has been determined that the incorrect mapping was run for that session task, which of the following actions could be attempted? Referring to an Unconnected Lookup transformation: Which one of the following is true? (choose one) Can you use a Decode function to perform multiple searches based on a single search value? Subqueries can be used in the SQL override for uncached lookup transformations. A user needs to compare mappings across two folders using the comparsion tool in PowerCenter Designer. What does the user account need in order to successfully complete the comparsion action? (Given that the user account has been granted the ability to use PowerCenter Designer) Two pipelines (A & B) are entering a Joiner transformation with each having a record size of 100 bytes. Pipeline A has a total of 1000 records and Pipeline B has a total of 1,000,000 records. Which pipeline should be designated the master pipeline? By default workflows always have a run status of succeeded. Identify the methods to change the run status of the workflow. For the puposes of this question, assume there are no worklets in the workflow. Which is the correct priority of assigning a mapping variable? Which statement is correct regarding User-Defined Functions (UDF)? Which of the following Is NOT true of Aggregate functions? Which port types are applicable to the Stored Procedure transformation?(Choose all that apply) Choose 3 answers The constant DD_INSERT may be used in an expression within which transformation or transformations? (choose one) The Informatics Date/Time datatype supports values up to which level? (choose one) When would a Lookup transformation be classified as active? What does the function SETVARIABLE ($$Variable, value) do? From within your folder, is it possible to make a non-reusable copy of a reusable transformation for use in a mapping? When the Transformation Scope is set to All Input, which group of transformations listed below will always cause an upstream Transaction Control transformation to become ineffective? (choose one) The word FALSE is a valid Filter transformation condition? Given a Union transformation with 2 input groups, which statement is correct and true? Regarding the Sorter transformation and assuming that Powercenter is not utilizing Pushdown Optimization, select the statement which is correct and true: The user creates a mapping by using aggregator transformation. The aggregator transformation receives sorted input from sorted transformation. What is the dafault partition type for aggregator transformation? Which command line tool would you use to import a workflow into a repository? Referring to the SQL Transformation: which statements is correct and true. In the TO_CHAR (date) function, what do the format strings D, DD, and DDD produce? (choose one) What is the first column of the bad file? What is a pipeline lookup transformation? Which of the following PowerCenter applications is browser-based in the Informatica 9.x environment? Which of the following is not a Transaction Control Variable? An Unconnected Stored Procedure can run in the following fashions?(Choose all that apply) Choose 3 answers What function could be used to exchange 'i' with 'I' in the COMPANY port given the following expression? functionname{1, COMPANY, 'i' , 'I') Which of the following is true about database connections? Using the Properties view of a Session task from the Workflow Monitor, the reason for a session's failure can possibly be determined? Which statement on workflows is correct? Of the statements below, which best describes the underlying process taken when a user connects to a PowerCenter Repository Service for the first time? For the puposes of this question, the PowerCenter Developer is the only PowerCenter client application running, there are 2 nodes in the domain, node 1 is a gateway node and node 2 is a worker node. The PowerCenter Repository Service is running on the worker node.