PEGACSA71V1 - Certified System Architect (CSA) 71V1

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Example Questions

An application is currently configured to send an email if an assignment is not completed in 2 days. It must be changed so that it is sent after 1 day instead. Where would this be configured? A smart shape is a preconfigured: You need to add a field to a form that provides a large list of dynamic values to choose from. What should be used? Where Is an Edit Validate rule referenced? A PRPC application can be built on a top of another PRPC application. Primary path stages can be defined as: (Choose Two) Select the valid options for instantiating a subcase. (Choose three) The default urgency for an assignment is 10. An assignment with this service level associated to it is started:Initial Urgency : 15GOAL : 1 day - 10DEADLINE: 3 day - 15PASSED DEADLINE : 1 day - 10If after four business day, the assignment is not completed, what will be the case urgency value? Files ­ such as images, documents, and spreadsheets ­ can be added to application documents. Data pages can be populated from a: (Choose Two) A review-type harness allows a user to: Which of these are tipically configured on a dynamic layout? (Choose Two) CustomerSatisfaction is an integer property value; 10 means "Gold", 9 means "Silver", and 8 means "Bronze." Which rule type is the LEAST appropriate for directing case processing in a flow based on Customer Satisfaction? A decision shape in a flow can represent either a decision or a fork. Which statement describes difference between a decision and a fork? Select the statements regarding data tables that are MOST accurate. (Choose Two) Which Decision rule type is best used to handle nestd "if" conditions? When a user enters a claim request, they need an option to save their progress so they do not lose their changes. Select the best option to satisfy this requirement. Which types of content can a system architect find on the clipboard? (Choose Two) A case can be configured to transaction stages using a multistep process. When decomposing a case, a step in a case stage represents: Two case types in the same application use the same section. What would be the most appropriate "Applies To:" class for the section? A correspondence can be used to send: (Choose Two) A control specified in the cell of a section takes precedence over the control definde in the property value A stage ca be configured as __________(Choose Two) What is the primary purpose of an assignment shape in a flow? Which of the following statements best describes the purpose of the Data Propagation feature? Given an application with CaseTypeOne and CaseTypeTwo, a flow action applied to ORG-App- Work is accessible from: What statement best describes the relationship between a case and a subcase? Which of the following is not a type of a declarative rule? Select the UI control that displays a drop-down list with dynamically generated values. Use a single step assignment in a stage when you: (Choose Two) What is the best pratice for requesting data from an external database? A stage can be ________ (Choose Two) An assignemtn can be routed to: (Choose Tow) You can configure a PASSED DEADLINE milestone for a case. Select the best approach to verify than an end user enters an email address in the correct format A requirement dictates that a purchase request application must allow an end user to review the Terms and Conditions, which they must accept before they submit their request. What is the most appropriate choice to satisfy this requirement? Which flow shapes can be used to send an email? (Choose three) Which statement about a flow diagram is NOT true? A service level ____________. (Choose Two) What are the two components of a guardrail warning? (Choose Two) What can be user as a source for a repeating layout? (Choose Two) Select the true statement about optional actions added to a case stage Select the decision rule that is most appropriate for implementing a set of nested "if" conditions. Pega Guardrails are guidance for following best practices and have little to no Impact on application performance. Which statement best describes how a service level affects the urgency value of an assignment or a case? By default, declare expressions calculate when: Select the statement that best describes the Clipboard tools While configuring a process flow in "draft mode", we add shapes to describe a process, then we _________, ___________and_________. (Choose Three) Which of the following represent class for case type