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Question :-

Given the following classes and properties: MyCo-Data-Shape- .Area .Color MyCo-Data-Shape-Rectangle .Length .Width MyCo-Data-Shape-Circle .Radius A page list property is defined at the class group MyCo-FW-ShapeApp-Work. The property name is .Shapes and it is defined as being a Page List of class MyCo-Data-Shape- Which of the following statements are NOT correct? (Choose Two)
At runtime .Shapes(1) could be of class MyCo-Data-Shape-Rectangle while .Shapes(2) is of class MyCo-Data-Shape-Circle
At runtime pages of .Shapes can be of either MyCo-Data-Shape-Rectangle or MyCo-Data-Shape- Circle but all pages must be the same.
At design time PRPC will provide a warning as it is not a good practice to define a page list with an abstract class
At design time an architect can create a rule in MyCo-Data-Shape-Circle regardless of if the rule exists in MyCo-Data-Shape-
A rule defined in MyCo-Data-Shape-Rectangle can modify the .Color property

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