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Question :-

The power company EnergyCo uses a PRPC-based Incident Management application with a single work type defined in the framework (class: EnergyCo-FW-IncMgt-Work-Incident). EnergyCo has four divisions (DivA - DivD). There is a new requirement: Solar Panel related incidents must be stored in a separate table from other incidents for all divisions (i.e. a single "Solar Panel" table is used for all divisions). There is no Solar Panel specific class. In order to meet this new requirement, which of the following approaches is most appropriate? (Choose One)
Circumstance based on an IncidentType property
Add a Solar Panel specific database table instance to the EnergyCo-FW-IncMgt-Work-Incident class
Add a class to the framework layer and all implementation layers
Add a class to only the framework layer for greater reusability

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