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Question :-

The power company EnergyCo uses a PRPC-based Incident Management application with a single work type defined in the framework (class: EnergyCo-FW-IncMgt-Work-Incident). EnergyCo has four divisions (DivA - DivD). DivD has a new requirement: Solar Panel related incidents are stored in a separate table from other incidents. There is no Solar Panel specific class. In order to meet this new requirement, is it necessary to add a Solar Panel class? (Choose One)
No; it is possible to circumstance based on an IncidentType property
No; a add a Solar Panel specific database table instance to the EnergyCo-DivD-IncMgt-Work- Incident class
Yes; it should only be added to the implementation layer (e.g. "EnergyCo-DivD-IncMgt-Work- Incident-SolarPanel")
Yes; it should only be added to the framework layer for greater reusability (e.g. EnergyCo-FW- IncMgt-Work-Incident-SolarPanel)

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