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Consider the following situation: A PRPC application is running within a 1.2 GB JVM (Java Virtual Machine). There is approximatively 400 MB of free memory and garbage collector reclaims in average 32 MB of memory in the course of an hour. The application is generating approximately 30 database alerts per minute. The database CPU runs at an average of 76% peaking periodically at 97%. The alert log file does not report any byte warning with a 10 MB threshold defined. The Rules Assembly count is 0 when a typical interaction executes in average 74.6 rules. The application CPU peaks periodically at 20% but otherwise runs in average around 12%. Users are complaining about poor performance. Their interactions take in average 4.15 seconds. Which of the following approaches is most appropriate to resolve this issue? (Choose One)
Limit the number of database interactions by storing most data on a series of declare pages
Reconsider the database table indexes by reviewing query plans
Reduce the number of loop iterations executing on the large sets of data
Avoid retrieving the BLOB column during database interactions
Review the application profile log to determine which activities are taking the most time

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