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Question :-

Your company is implementing CPM to manage the account services function and other public inquiries (such as literature requests, etc). The company has 5 different account types and 10 different account request types such as billing, shipping, etc. In their current system, CSRs first choose the account type then proceed to handle the request type. 75% of the steps used to process requests are the same for each account type and all request types are applicable to each account. Some areas such as entry screens and service levels vary by type of account. You have already configured interaction search and customer verification, and have configured the CPM composite area to display account details such as account type, status, recent transactions, etc. You must now design the Interaction Driver function. You have already created an Interaction Driver category, tasks, and service items to handle the general public inquiries. Which of the following is the best design for the account services functions? (Choose One)
Create Interaction Driver categories for each account type. Create a new CPM service item type for each account/request type combination and customize where differences exist.
Create Interaction Driver categories for each request type (e.g., Billing, Shipping). Create new CPM service items for each account type, and then add Interaction Driver tasks so that each account type service item exists in each request type category. Circumstance elements of the service processes where differences exist.
Create an Interaction Driver task category for account services. Create a new service item type for each request type. Automatically populate the account type on the service item object from composite clipboard pages. Circumstance elements of service process where differences exist.

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