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Question :-

Your company is implementing CPM to manage its customer service interactions which include new product orders, returns, repair requests, billing inquiries, etc. There are 25 request types in total. For the initial implementation, processing of these requests will be largely capture and route ; where the CSR will capture details of the request and then it will be routed to another department to complete processing. In future implementations, process steps for each request type will be automated according to its frequency and priority. These automated steps will vary significantly by request type. Which design will give you maximum flexibility? (Choose One)
Create a new service item work type for each request type. Use a common workflow that is called by each service work type. In a future release, create workflows that are specific to each request type.
Create a single general service item work type that will be used for every service type. Add multiple Interaction Driver task entries for each request type that point to the general service item work type. In a future release, circumstance elements of the request process to vary by request type.

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