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Example Questions

True or False, You should NOT run the CPM Service Process Accelerator to create a new service item if the PRPC Application Accelerator has been used to generate the new work type. To specify the numeric scoring values for a question within a quality review or customer satisfaction survey, choose one componet you would configure. (Choose One) True or False, CPM service processes can be completed (Resolved) during an interaction, or can remain open and continue processing after the interaction is completed. True or False, Switching the CPM Composite context refers to conditionally displaying tabs based on customer data. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of suggesting processes to a user during a customer interaction? (Choose One) Your business analyst has requested that you suggest a process to a user during a customer interaction based on the % of other customer interactions in which this process was performed. For example, suggest a new claim process if more than 75% of customers with a similar profile also requested this process. To implement this request, you would __________________. (Choose One) The starting activity for a CPM service item should be saved in the ____________. (Choose One) Which of the following statements about CPM Knowledge content is true? (Choose One) True or False, A CPM service item object can be a cover (i.e., has a class that inherits from the Work-Cover- class). When designing UI components, which of the following is NOT a best practice? (Choose One) The purpose of a CPM quality review is to _____________. (Choose One) Which of the following is a best practice for design of the CPM composite area? (Choose One) True or False, As a best practice, you should embed all CPM customer composite pages within the pyWorkPage of the service item/object. Which of the following statements is true about CPM interactions? (Choose One) To configure the CPM interaction goal value, you would __________. (Choose One) Which one of the following cannot be configured using the CPM Interaction Driver rule. (Choose One) True or False, The CPM Estimated Application Savings Report is used to quantify the cost of implementing CPM. Which one of the following is not a valid result type when using the CPM portal search function? (Choose One) True or False, If more than one Intent When rule is associated with an Intent Task rule, they are evaluated using the logical condition OR". In order for service items/cases to be visible in CPM portal search results, ___________. (Choose One) True or False, In CPM, the class group for Service Items inherits from the class group for Interactions. Which of the following would be important to know if you were evaluating the impact of potential process improvements on your company s business objectives? (Choose One) True or False, In most implementations, CPM becomes the system of record for customer information such as account data and financial account transactions. Which one of the following is not a standard work pool/class group within CPM? (Choose One) The text that displays to the user as the task name within a CPM Interaction Driver category list is __________. (Choose One) Which of the following rule types is not typically added when configuring a new CPM service item? (Choose One) Which one of the following CANNOT be configured using the CPM Configuration Tools Wizard? (Choose One) Which of the following is NOT a best practice in CPM dialog management ________? (Choose One) Your business analyst has requested that you conditionally display tasks within the Interaction Driver depending on specific customer data. For example, only show Task A and Task B if the contact is the owner of the account. The best approach to accomplish this would be to______. (Choose One) The class of the Intent Task rule determines _________________. (Choose One) True or False, Flow-action-based dialog requires that a dialog rule be referenced from the assignment and flow action within the workflow diagram. True or False, A CPM service item that is started in one interaction channel (e.g., email), can be resolved during a subsequent interaction in a different channel (e.g., phone). To add a new task to an existing Interaction Driver category you would ________. (Choose One) The CPM Interaction Driver is used to ____________________? (Choose One) Which of the following is NOT a coaching tip best practice? (Choose One) Which of the following steps is necessary in order to configure CPM portal search for an external data source (such as account data from a legacy system)? (Choose One) Which one of the following statements about the CPM user interface is correct? (Choose One) True or False, A task can appear in more than one CPM Interaction Driver category. Your company is implementing CPM to manage its customer service interactions which include new product orders, returns, repair requests, billing inquiries, etc. There are 25 request types in total. For the initial implementation, processing of these requests will be largely capture and route ; where the CSR will capture details of the request and then it will be routed to another department to complete processing. In future implementations, process steps for each request type will be automated according to its frequency and priority. These automated steps will vary significantly by request type. Which design will give you maximum flexibility? (Choose One) You should minimize the number of comments fields used within service item screens because ______________. (Choose One) True or False, By using the CPM SLA override service process, you can identify an SLA rule that should be used for all work for a specified customer for a specified period of time. True or False, To maintain backward compatibility with future CPM releases, you should not The CPM Tabbed Navigation method _________________. (Choose One) Which of the following would you configure in order to specify the subset of properties that can be included within dialog scripts. (Choose One) Which one of the following is a benefit of interaction goal processing within CPM? (Choose One) Which of the following is NOT a valid knowledge topic content type. (Choose One) Which rule would you modify to limit the number of interaction tabs that can be opened at any one time within the CPM interaction portal? (Choose One) In CPM, a "contact" refers to _______________? (Choose One) True or False, For each individual CPM service item type, you can choose whether to use flow action-based dialog or assignment-based dialog. Your company is implementing CPM to manage the account services function and other public inquiries (such as literature requests, etc). The company has 5 different account types and 10 different account request types such as billing, shipping, etc. In their current system, CSRs first choose the account type then proceed to handle the request type. 75% of the steps used to process requests are the same for each account type and all request types are applicable to each account. Some areas such as entry screens and service levels vary by type of account. You have already configured interaction search and customer verification, and have configured the CPM composite area to display account details such as account type, status, recent transactions, etc. You must now design the Interaction Driver function. You have already created an Interaction Driver category, tasks, and service items to handle the general public inquiries. Which of the following is the best design for the account services functions? (Choose One)