P2180-089 - IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Technical Sales Mastery Test v1

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Example Questions

In which layer is the Cast Iron Appliance positioned? What does Cast Iron mean by omplete?What does Cast Iron mean by ?omplete? What do I need before I can begin offering Cast Iron to my clients? When a process allows for one of the endpoints to be updated on a schedule basis, after hours for instance, what should be selected in the Use Case Table? A Cast Iron consultant wants to setup error notification. Is this possible through Web Console? What could be the meaning of ast Iron ?Integration in days?What could be the meaning of ?ast Iron ? Integration in days? What are the 3 key differentiators for Cast Iron? What type of documents can NOT be added to a Cast Iron project? What connectivity options are available for SAP? When estimating the level of effort, which of the following is relevant? Which one of these will the consultant need to have to create business process rules in Cast Iron? What is the tool used to design, test, and publish Cast Iron integration projects? What type of integration endpoints are NOT a good fit for Cast Iron? What are the supported mechanisms to transfer Flat Files? Which one of the following is not a supported endpoint? What does Cast Iron mean by rusted?What does Cast Iron mean by ?rusted? A customer is considering either to subscribe (term-license) to or purchase (perpetual license) the Cast Iron Cloud offering. Which option would you recommend? Use cases can be: What is a reason a Business Partner would consider Cast Iron instead of other IBM middleware offering? In a Cast Iron sale, what role is usually a key decision maker? Who fills out the Feasibility and Scoping (F&S) Document? What is TIP? Can a customer use the Cast Iron Cloud to connect a home-grown application with Salesforce.com? Is a Cast Iron TIP mandatory to start any Cast Iron project? Which solutions can Cast Iron connect to Salesforce.com? What is NOT a good fit for Cast Iron? The Cast Iron Web Management Console does which of the following? The Cast Iron cloud offering is multi-tenant solution? Which of the following Cast Iron products are available for ISVs? What data cleansing capabilities are available in Cast Iron? The customer is used to developing integration projects using Eclipse based tools. They want to keep using it for Cast Iron projects. Is it possible? Which delivery model are ISV partners asking to move towards? What is a good fit for Cast Iron? Who is Cast Iron number 1 competitor?Who is Cast Iron? number 1 competitor? When estimating the level of effort, which of the following is not relevant? What are Cast Iron product delivery options?What are Cast Iron? product delivery options? Which one of the following is NOT a Cloud Endpoint for Cast Iron? Your customer has created many projects with common integration scenarios. They started to consider using TIP. They can't find a TIP that could help him/her. Which one is correct? Your customer developed an in-house application and needs to connect it to Salesforce.com through the Cast Iron Cloud. Is it possible? Which options can Cast Iron utilize to connect to a target endpoint? What does Cast Iron mean by roven?What does Cast Iron mean by ?roven? Which of the following areas is included in the Feasibility and Scoping Document to be filled out? A customer is using Cast Iron Cloud offering for SaaS integration. Cast Iron announces a new release of the Cast Iron operating system. How does this customer get this version? To implement a solution a customer could do what? What is the most frequent integration scenario Cast Iron solves? What is the most common Integration scenario for Cast Iron? On average, how long after submitting a properly filled out Feasibility and Scoping Document should partners expect an estimate on the level of effort? Your prospect is a Cloud-centric company, with several SaaS endpoints and only with few On Premise endpoints. What is good fit for in a situation like this? In a scenario where your customer wants to use one of its available servers, what would be the best delivery option? Do you need a Cast Iron TIP and/or Application Connectors to integrate any customer systems?