P2170-035 - IBM i2 Analyst Notebook Support Mastery Test v1

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Example Questions

Which statements are True? Which of these Analyst's notebook search mechanisms requires a threshold to be set by the user. (The threshold is set on a sliding scale between values of 1 to 9)? To enable more verbose logging about the install process than the system event log provides, you must add a value to a key in the registry. The key in question is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Installer. The new addition is a string value named Logging, with the value _____________. Which one is not True? Line strengths are line styles that can be applied to __________. Which of these is not a timeline layout? Which of these menu selections takes you to where you can change both the time period for the auto save function and the directory location of the auto save files? Which of these can be directly applied to a histogram to visualize the results of a histogram filter? At version 8.9, IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook ________________. Which of one of these is not one of the 8 Task Pane tabs? Which of the following file data types can you not use within the importer? Which one is NOT correct? Selecting the Tools menu, Options menu, In the Options folder, select icons page; allows you to select the __________. Identify the template file installed and used by default as the base for all new charts with IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook 8.9.1. To prevent you from losing work if your computer is accidentally switched off or if there is a power failure, you can automatically save changes you make to a chart at regular intervals. The default auto save option is set to save ______________. Which one of the answers is not an examples of entity representation? Which Social Network Analysis centrality measure identifies who may be the most active in the network, based on the number of direct links each entity has to others in the network? Which one of these can be used to draw attention to key entities and to distinguish groups of entities? Which of these Analyst's notebook layout options can move an event frame so that it is wholly contained within a page? IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook is supported on a number of virtual machine environments. Which of the following is not listed within the IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook 8.9.1 release notes? When in the Task Pane, Add Chart Items Tab and selecting to work on entities; which is not available from the shortcut menu ? With an existing chart open and using the Task Pane, Filters and histogram Tab - Which statement is false? Using the Task Pane, Import Data tab, which of the options will allow you to rerun a previous import when you already have a specification & without prompting for the source data? Which of the following are true? Which of these options can NOT be specified/used to deal with importing blank data items? Which one of these statements is incorrect about Conditional Formatting? Which of the below is not true for the auto save files function? Which of the following best describes IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook? Which Social Network Analysis centrality measure is the most suitable for finding the entities that may have strong influence in the network due to their direct links to other highly active or well connected entities in the network?.