P2170-033 - IBM i2 Intelligence Technical Mastery Test v1 Exam

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Example Questions

Which of the user permissions is not required to Set up a Database Subset? Can more than one picture be stored for a single record in iBase? Can Analyst's Notebook have more than one iBase Database opened in the Data Sources Task Pane? If Populate Cards function is applied on an entity when using iBridge, a card is created. What happens if Populate Cards is applied a second time after the data in the database has been updated? When creating an iBase Scheduler Configuration, which of the following is not a trigger for a Batch Import/Export? What is required for iBase Search 360 to work? Which of the following statements is false? For Social Network Analysis which one below is not a place to look for a link weighting? To get the sum of the link label values of all single arrowhead links pointing away from the entity, which analysis attribute below should be used? In the Time Line, a different color marker indicates that: Heat Matrixes can be used to ______________. Can the expand function be used on entities in the link chart within iBase? When creating a conditional specification, which change below cannot be applied to an icon entity? When working on a database with persons and their dates of birth, which iBridge function should be used to find persons born before a certain year? When expanding, users can limit the entity types or link types to be expanded by using which of the following functions? Which item below is not one of the analysis attributes? Which Social Network Analysis centrality measure is the most suitable to identify gatekeeper entities in a computer network? Which one of the following is NOT an available option when creating a new field for an entity? Which of the following is not an Attribute Class Type? What does Reflexive Link Type mean in iBridge? When setting up Search 360 on the iBase Database, which of the following must be enabled on the SQL Server? In the case where there are two or more entities on a chart, which function is used to find any entities in the database which are directly linked to more than one of these entities? Is it possible to create a new semantic type in ANB? To avoid the deleting of records to be a permanent and irreversible operation, what feature should be enabled? In order to merge entities from two different iBridge configurations automatically, what is the most important configuration? In which situation would Link End Conditions be used? When importing a file in ANB, which functionality is used to separate e.g. first name and last name into different columns?