P2090-739 - IBM InfoSphere Guardium Technical Mastery Test v2

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Example Questions

Which of the following best describes the role of the aggregator in a Guardium environment? An audit administrator wants to track database changes performed by database administrators and reconcile these changes with an existing change tracking database. Which Guardium features can be used to implement this scenario? Which of the following actions is NOT a known benefit of using correlation alerts? What is the effect of enabling the Log Policy Violation option when creating a new correlation alert? On a Big Data environment protected by Guardium, which scenario is invalid? Which of the following is not a valid termination action for an extrusion rule? Which of the following steps must be taken before a custom table can be defined on the Guardium appliance? How is authentication and encryption implemented between collectors, aggregators and the Central Policy Manager in a multi-tier Guardium environment? What is a security policy? What are the four types of tests that can be used in a Guardium vulnerability assessment? A developer has recently created a temporary database to test her new human resources management application. To test it in a production-like environment she copies the MANAGERS table from the production server into her test database. This table includes sensitive personal information. Which of the following will help the database auditor identify this new database? What is the purpose of Guardium's Application Events API? Which of the following components collects and parses the live database traffic used to trigger a real- time alert when a security policy rule is broken? How does Guardium handle correlation alerts? Which of the following is often required to ensure that Guardium can identify a user's credentials through the Stored Procedure Monitoring feature? Which of the following cannot be monitored using CAS? Which of the following is true about Guardium's entitlement reports? Which of the following is true about applying CAS templates to CAS hosts? Which of the following is a valid use case for scheduled database auto-discovery? Which of the following problems is the Application User Translation feature designed to help with? When the S-TAP is in open mode, what would you need to configure to enforce a termination without any data leaking? Data is collected through a security policy using non-selective audit trail that only consists of rules with alert action. Which of the following cannot be viewed when reporting on these data? In a Guardium environment where data servers can talk to the collector, what is the relationship between the S-TAP and the collector appliance? What is the name of the software-based Guardium probe that can be configured on a supported application server to capture web credentials? A database known to contain the medical records of a foreign head of state is accessed at 1:30 AM. No security mechanism is installed and so this highly sensitive information is leaked to the media. Could this breach have been detected by running a Guardium vulnerability assessment without creating any custom assessment tests? What does "Auditing" mean in Guardium? Which of the following Big Data environments are supported by Guardium? What are the different types of rules available to be used with Guardium policies? The query builder contains all of the following panes except for: Which termination mechanism is most suitable for monitoring privileged users where preventing data leaks is much more important than latency? Which of the following native SQL commands is required to link external data to internal data? How would a DBA or developer notify Guardium using the Application User API that an application user has taken or given up control of a data server connection?