P2070-055 - IBM FileNet P8 System Implementation Technical Mastery Test v1 Exam

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Example Questions

While implementing a Workflow solution on FileNet P8, a business requirement lists the need to integrate existing legacy applications in the workflow. The legacy mainframe applications have Java interfaces that can be invoked from the workflow. Which is the best method to achieve this integration? : Which IBM FileNet Content Manager tool facilitates migrating all or part of the FileNet P8 system or application from one environment to another? Which is NOT a characteristic of a workflow definition? In which of the following situations should you use sub maps in a work flow? A business process application package usually contains Content Engine artifacts, Process Engine artifacts, non-FileNet artifacts and instructions for how to import and deploy them What else might it contain? What is the primary use of FileNet Deployment Manager? What tool is NOT used during export/import of Process Engine assets? How are the connection points grouped in IBM Case Foundation? As part of an initial setup of Deployment Manager, a base set of XML files can be created to use as a template for configuration. What is the command line used on a Microsoft Windows based server to create these XML files? Which type of asset CANNOT be exported or imported using FileNet Deployment Manager when deploying an application? Which type of process queues are available in CPE? Which two tools in combination can be used to troubleshoot work flow exceptions? What is Administration Console for Content Platform Engine (ACCE) replacing? Which of these are TYPICAL uses for extending P8 with subscription event handlers? An IBM FileNet Administrator is deploying an application from a source environment to a destination environment for the first time. To do this, the administrator must perform several steps to set up the deployment configuration and define the relationship between the two environments. Which one of the following is NOT a step in this process? Which of the following is NOT true about authentication for P8 custom applications? Which one of the following statements on 5.2 FileNet Content Manager compression is correct? The CE has discoverable, self-describing meta data. Which of the following things can NOT be discovered through CE meta data? Which one of the following tools is replaced by PELog in CPE? Which of the following is NOT a reason to use the Microsoft Visio diagrams ? Which event log is automatically created during the creation of an isolated region? Which error log is created by Content Platform Engine server ? While implementing a FileNet P8 solution, you would like to make content addition to the FileNet ECM repository easy, intuitive and productive to end users. The proposed solution should address requirements such as allow documents of a specific type to be added to a given folder, hide certain properties from the user when entering metadata for the document, and apply pre-configured security to documents. Which of the following techniques best addresses these requirements? In what significant functional way or ways do the CE Java and .NET APIs differ? The CE Java and .NET APIs include a mechanism called "fetchless instantiation". Which of the following best describes that mechanism? A document comes into the company and you need a select list of individuals to process the document before it can be moved to the next step. What would you use within a workflow to accomplish this scenario? What is the purpose of FileNet Configuration Manager? Which of the following is NOT a standard, out-of-the-box feature of P8 security? Which of the following uses REST APIs? What is the recommended size of the nursery within the CPE jvm in relation to heap size? Which one of the following is TRUE with FileNet P8 folders? Which one of the following is NOT a function of the FileNet Process Configuration Console? While implementing a line of business application on FileNet P8, the customer has asked to provide the end users a set of pre-defined searches that users can select to retrieve the relevant documents. Which of the following techniques would you use? Where are the application server logs located in a typical IBM WebSphere CPE installation? Which is the best way for custom applications to get information at runtime about the data model of a P8 system? Which of the following system steps would you use to implement process orchestration that will allow to interact with and use external web services from a work flow: Who can add custom classes or properties to a P8 repository? What is the significance of F_Originator field in a work flow?