P2050-028 - IBM Emptoris Strategic Supply Management Technical Mastery Test v1 Exam

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Example Questions

Emptoris SLM has sophisticated evaluation criteria including by category and by region. Who do we compete with most with this capability? Which of the following is an example of Sourcing allowing an organization to streamline the Award process? What is a "measure"? The field label description can be changed by pointing at the field and pressing? What is a bookmark? Which of the following is NOT true about approvals in Contract Management? What is not an example of a function within Sourcing Desktop Intelligence (SDI)? Of the following, who is not a competitor of Spend? Category managers often lack visibility into sourcing event savings across business units. As a result, they often have difficulty in reporting savings achievements and failure to meet savings targets. Which type of report, available in Sourcing, would help a category manager successfully obtain this information? User security is managed via: Which one is not a Supplier Lifecycle Management enabled activity? The interview wizard helps facilitate the contract request process. Which of the following is the interview wizard NOT able to do? The Classification system allows supplier to be classified by categories and? Which of the following is not an RFx-type? Based on contract attributes, which of the following allows users to create approval contracts in minutes? Which of the following is NOT completed via Contract Management search capability: Selected users have the ability to provide suggestions back to the Spend Analyzer administrator(s) for areas to modify the application should they see error(s). Which is not an example of feedback that may be submitted? "Optimization" or "Decision Support" assists buyers in making an award decision consistent with the business1 requirements and objectives. Which of the following scenarios would suggest an increased savings potential for the buyer? Which of the following is NOT considered a benefit of a reverse auction? Contract Management integrates with which application to edit a contract? From the options below, in what area can none of our Sourcing competitors meet what our solution can do? Identifying poor performing suppliers for mission critical categories is enabled by? In Emptoris Contract Management, users have the ability to dynamically update language within all clause templates and in progress contracts, which many of our competitors cannot do. From the selection list below, who is/are the only competitors who also allow for this? Which of the following is an example of an "Analytic" that a user can run to gather information pertinent to an Opportunity Assessment? Contract Management reduces contract review times by: RFx's may be created several ways. Which is not one of them? In the terms of the "auction checklist" which is considered HIGHLY important prior to running a reverse auction? How are administrative changes made to the Contract Management solution (changes to workflow, contract templates, etc) What is the primary concept associated with reverse auction? The Spend Analyzer view is divided into three areas. Which is not one of them? KPI's are used to calculate? Based on contracts, alerts can be driven off of which attribute? Supplier Assessment is used to? Spend Analyzer can be viewed in graphical or tabular form. The Graphs and Tables together are known as Tabulations. Which of the following is not considered a feature of Tabulations: When configuring a question in a survey, which is the odd one out? What is a "dimension"?