OMG-OCUP-300 - OMG-Certified UML Professional Advanced Exam

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Example Questions

Which UML 2.0 Superstructure package reuses the InfrastructureLibrary package? When may a ReplyAction be invoked? What requirements can an object node make on the kinds of values it has? (Choose two) What kind of relationship is an information flow in UML 2.0? How is a power type name indicated in a diagram? A DeploymentSpecification serves what purpose? What does a port specification on a trigger do? Which stereotype is used on a dashed arrow joining an instance value to a constructor? What is usually true of an Execution Environment? What is true about an information flow? An Instance Specification acquires which characteristics in the Deployments package? (Choose two) The preconditions of behavioral features of an interface can be specified in what way? What is NOT possible when a classifier receives a request via one of its ports? What does OCL stand for? What is a protocol state machine used to define? What is a power type? What are the ways that the UML metamodel reuses the InfrastructureLibrary package? (Choose two) How can UML be extended? (Choose two) An association class possesses the properties of which elements? (Choose two) Which action retrieves the end objects from an instance of an association class? What does the protocol conformance between two protocol state machines mean? When a component is deleted, what happens to objects in a component's namespace? If an action has a behavior with three sets of parameters, how many of the sets can provide output for a single execution of the behavior? What is true about an InformationItem in UML 2.0? What is NOT possible when a classifier receives a request via one of its ports.? An information flow may NOT occur between which elements? What are the instances of a power type? If an activity is executed three times in parallel, how many executions exist? (Choose two) What characteristics of components best enable them to be used to represent diverse and "largescale" aspects of information processing environments? What happens if the explicit context declaration is omitted from an OCL statement on a diagram? What boundary do lightning bolt arrows cross to have an effect? What is true about a parameterized class? (Choose two) A. A class with parameters that are names of other, imported classes, and the binding tells which actual classes are imported. Where do the outputs of a loop node come from? What is true about a template class parameter that is constrained by class C? Actual parameters must be ___________. A ReplyAction always follows what action? How does OCL refer to the contextual instance of the OCL expression? An employee inadvertently removed all of the ownedMembers of the new BoosterMotor component from his company's development repository. The next day, the manager was unable to find some pieces of the Booster Motor component's specification. What pieces could the manager no longer find? (Choose two) What is an abstract type in OCL? Which action does NOT require classifiers as static inputs? Which UML superstructure packages are mandatory compliance points? What is a protocol of an interface? Duplicates are NOT allowed in which OCL types? What is true of a protocol state machine? In planning to describe (in UML) a middleware software package, a company recently acquired, which class is most likely created to describe the package itself? How does OCL identify comments? Which stereotype is NOT expected to see decorating an Execution Environment instance? What standard UML stereotype best captures a component's ability to represent larger-scale features of a data processing installation? Which action can continue to be enabled after it executes? How is a power type indicated in a diagram? What happens to the exception from a Raise Exception Action when used in a model that has no exception parameters declared?