OMG-OCUP-100 - OMG-Certified UML Professional Fundamental Exam

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Example Questions

Which will cause an activity to finish executing? ose two) What can be a classifier of an instance specification? In a sequence diagram, what does a stop symbol express? What does an association specify? What is specified by a use case? What do the initials UML stand for? What about event order is true for simple interactions? ose two) What does multiplicity in UML 2.0 signify? What is a good candidate for modeling a customer-initiated use case at an automated teller machine (ATM)? In a UML 2.0 interaction diagram, what can be accomplished with a general ordering? What does the arrow end of a dependency relationship indicate? How many diamond shapes can appear in a well-defined activity diagram? What are metaclasses? What statement most accurately characterizes the purpose of the Common Behavior package? If a well-defined activity has a parameter node with an incoming arrow and also contains a final node, which of these will always have values when the activity finishes? What is the meaning of a <<ize>>endency between two model elements? In UML, what is the behavior of an object caused by? What does a <<use>>endency mean in a relationship between one element and another? A found message in a UML interaction diagram is a message with what characteristic? What provides input values to a behavior on a decision node? When a customer uses a service to order books, the service contacts a commercial credit card validation service, an address verification service, and an internal client database. Assuming the Order Books process is modeled as one use case at the system level, which actors would there be? What are the primary purposes of packages in UML 2.0? ose two) Zev works as the librarian at the local library. an also borrow books as an ordinary library patron. many actors are needed when modeling people like Zev in a use case diagram? What statements are true about implementation relationships? ose two) What is a e? What is true about a comment in UML 2.0? (Choose two) What is the purpose of general ordering in a UML 2.0 interaction diagram? Which kind of behavior diagram is NOT a UML 2.0 diagram? What is true about lifelines? What is an expression in UML 2.0? What does an {ordered} designator do for a multiplicity? Which describes active classes? A property is a feature that can be represented in what ways? ose two) How many arrows can go out of an input parameter node? What is true about constraints in UML 2.0? oose two) Constraints are shown using what symbols? What does the method associated with a behavioral feature specify? What is a selector of a lifeline? What is the difference between the <<ementationClass>> ype?stereotypes? What is true of an operation's postconditions? ose two) What notation may be added to the line connecting a use case with an actor to indicate that the actor can participate in several instances of the use case at the same time? What is an interface? What statements are true about interfaces? ose two) What is an element in UML 2.0? What are true statements about dependencies? ose two) What does it mean when a classifier rectangle is labeled as an <<eration>>? What is true about every named element that is a member of a namespace? What is true of primitive types in UML 2.0? ose two) What is a relationship in UML 2.0? An activity is what kind of element?