OG0-093 - Combined Part 1 and Part 2

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Example Questions

What level of the Architecture Landscape provides a long-term summary view of the entire enterprise? In the conceptual TOGAF Governance Framework process, content and context are kept separate. This _____ allows the introduction of new governance material without unduly impacting processes. According to TOGAF, which of the following best describes the purpose of a Compliance Assessment? Which of the following best describes the meaning of "Initial Level of Risk" in Risk Management? Which one of the following statements about the structure of the TOGAF 9 document is true? What are the outputs from Phase E? When considering adapting TOGAF for use _____. Which of the following describes an objective of Phase F: Migration Planning Phase? Complete the sentence. The Requirements Management Phase _____________________. Which one of the following best describes an Architecture Compliance Review? In which part of the ADM cycle do building block gaps become associated with work packages that will address the gaps? Complete the sentence: Building Blocks that are viewed as being at the left-hand side of the Solutions Continuum are known as________. Which model within TOGAF is closely related to the concept of Boundaryless Information Flow? What is the scope of a super-domain architecture as described in TOGAF? Which of the following describes the Architecture Vision document? Which of the following is described by the TOGAF Architecture Content Framework as a type of artifact that shows relationships between things? Which phase of the ADM establishes a set of Principles? Complete the sentence. According to TOGAF, all of the following are responsibilities of an Architecture Board, except ______________________. Which model within TOGAF is intended to assist with the release management of the TOGAF specification? Which of the following qualitative criteria is least appropriate for consideration in the Data Architecture Which of the following best describes how TOGAF defines an enterprise? According to TOGAF, which of the following activities is described as part of the approach in the Preliminary Phase of the ADM? Sometimes during the process of identifying opportunities and solutions in Phase E, new applications or methods are discovered. What approach does TOGAF recommend in such an instance? Which one of the following categories from the Document Categorization model consists of the normative parts of TOGAF which are considered central to its usage? Which phase of the ADM ensures that implementation projects conform to the defined architecture? TOGAF uses a version numbering convention to illustrate the evolution of the Baseline and Target Architecture Definitions. Which version number in this convention indicates a formally reviewed, detailed architecture? Which Architecture domain is recommended to be the first architecture work undertaken in the ADM cycle? In which ADM phase is the Implementation and Migration Plan coordinated with other frameworks? Which one of the following provides a foundation for making architecture and planning decisions, framing policies, procedures, and standards, and supporting resolution of contradictory situations? Which one of the following statements best describes why the ADM should be adapted? Complete the sentence. TOGAF describes the role of an Architecture Contract as_______. Which one of the following does TOGAF state is an objective for Phase A: Architecture Vision? Which part of the TOGAF document describes taxonomies for categorizing the outputs of architecture activity? According to TOGAF, which of the following best describes how the Enterprise Continuum is used in organizing and developing an architecture? Scenario: Please read this scenario prior to answering the Question You are serving as the Chief Architect for a large, global commodities trading company which has been growing rapidly through a series of acquisitions. Each business is performing well in its markets. However, the lack of integration between headquarters and the business units has increasingly caused problems in the handling of customer and financial information. The inability to share information across businesses has resulted in lost opportunities to "leverage the synergies" that had been intended when the businesses were acquired. At present, each business unit maintains its own applications. Despite an earlier initiative to install a common application to manage customer, products, supplier, and inventory information, each business unit has different ways of defining each of these core elements and has customized the common application to the point where the ability to exchange information is difficult, costly, and error-prone. As a result, the company has made the decision to introduce a single enterprise-wide application to consolidate information from several applications that exist across the lines of business. The application will be used by all business units and accessed by suppliers through well defined interfaces. Refer to the Scenario As part of the process for establishing the Enterprise Architecture department, you are developing a set of architecture principles to guide the activities. You need to specify the best approach for this work. Based on TOGAF 9, which of the following is the best answer? Which of the following TOGAF components was created to enable architects to design architectures addressing Boundaryless Information Flow? Which one of the following is an objective of Phase A, Architecture Vision? Who should approve the Statement of Architecture Work for a given TOGAF ADM project? Which of the following is a key element of a Requirements Impact Statement? When selecting the specifications for the Technology Architecture, which of the following would be least appropriate as a selection criteria? How could you confirm that business goals and objectives are met by the final Technology Architecture? According to TOGAF, which of the following terms is defined as the key interests that are crucially important to stakeholders? In the Application Architecture phase, the _____ should be evaluated against the target business architecture in the checkpoint review. The sponsor of a TOGAF architecture project has indicated that she expects the resulting system to have high availability. This is an example of ____. Complete the sentence. The Solutions Continuum represents implementations of the architectures at corresponding levels of the _______________. Complete the sentence. The TOGAF Architecture Governance Framework includes ________________. Which of the following is not part of the TOGAF Data Architecture? An organization with a mature architecture capability could elect to eliminate a ADM phase such as Architecture Vision based on _____. Which of the following is described by the TOGAF document as "a detailed plan of the system at component level to guide its implementation"? Which of the following best describes the class of information known as the Reference Library within the Architecture Repository?