NS0-510 - NCIE-Backup & Recovery Implementation Engineer Exam

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Example Questions

The SnapMirror source controller binds on which default port? You have just completed the deployment of a NetApp data protection solution for a customer's data center. You want to show the customer how to use NetApp OnCommand System Manager to see a display of the raw and actual storage capacity they have just purchased. Which utility in the NetApp OnCommand System Manager interface shows raw and actual storage capacity? Which two tasks should be completed as part of the post-implementation phase of a project? (Choose two.) Which two technologies serve as the basis for SnapVault-based backups? (Choose two.) Which three pieces of information are needed to determine the throughput required for backups? (Choose three.) What is the correct method for creating a new storage policy? Which two NetApp products support heterogeneous storage environments? (Choose two.) Which SnapVault command displays detailed information on the most recent SnapVault transfer and Snapshot copy activity? Which command should you use to view SnapVault snapshots? When deploying a NearStore VTL, which two steps should be completed before configuring the VTL through the GUI? (Choose two.) You are planning to install SnapManager for Microsoft SharePoint Server. On which servers should you install the SnapManager manager software and the SnapManager Agent software? What are three components of an Open Systems SnapVault (OSSV) installation? (Choose three.) Which command is used to alter the characteristics of a SnapVault relationship, including the transfer speed, the number of re-tries, and the primary and secondary paths? What are two components of an Open Systems SnapVault (OSSV) installation? (Choose two.) The Disk Compression attribute is automatically enabled on virtual tapes imported from physical tapes on NearStore VTL running on version 5.2.x. How does NetApp System Manager display storage capacity and space utilization information? Which two configurations does the NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) contain? (Choose two.) When a SnapVault Secondary requests an incremental backup from the primary, the SnapVault Primary creates a new snapshot and compares it to the most recent ONTAP-scheduled snapshot in order to identify the changed data blocks. Which three pieces of information do you need from a customer site to build a backup and recovery plan? (Choose three.) Which two events occur when a volume with qtrees is backed up using SnapVault from Primary to Secondary? (Choose two.) Which statement is true about using Snapshot copies to take hot backups of an Oracle database? Which two prerequisites must be met for the tape restore command to run successfully? (Choose two.) You have installed SnapProtect and DataFabric Manager software on two different Windows 2008 R2 servers, which are NOT configured with Windows failover cluster services. The DataFabric Manager host fails. Which three parts of your SnapProtect solution are no longer working? (Choose three.) Which TCP ports should be open on a firewall to enable SnapVault backups and restores between Primary and Secondary with NDMP-based backup management? A customer wants to seed a Volume SnapMirror relationship without sending the initial baseline over the WAN. Which tool should you recommend the customer use? Which three data protection solutions use Snapshot technology as the underlying foundation? (Choose three.) Which NearStore VTL CLI command can be used to display the revision level of the VTLOS operating system? What information is needed to determine the throughput required for backups? (Choose three.) You are using SnapProtect to manage a tape device connected to an FAS controller. How should the tape device be configured in the backup application? Which four pieces of critical information should be identified during the discovery phase of a SnapVault-based implementation project to enable proper solution design? (Choose four.) Which NetApp backup and recovery solution is best for backing up remote office heterogeneous data storage? What is RTO? What are two applications that can manage Open Systems SnapVault-based backup environments via NDMP? (Choose two.) Where can you view the aggregates assigned to a resource pool? You are planning data protection for a customized Microsoft SharePoint deployment. In order to restore a SharePoint farm, certain files must be backed up. These include SQL master and system database files, SharePoint content database files, and SharePoint configuration database files. Which two additional files must you back up in order to restore a SharePoint farm? (Choose two.) Which statement is true when using Snapshot copies to take hot backups of an Oracle database? When vaulting from a mirror copy in SnapProtect, what is the required setting for the option snapvault.snapshot_for_dr_backup? You are planning the scheduling of backup transfers for three datasets on one primary storage system. Which two performance factors should you consider? (Choose two.) What is the first step for calculating the total size requirement for a data center using the Unified Application sizer? What are two reasons for mounting the contents of a backup to a VMware ESX server? (Choose two.) SnapVault is a disk-based backup solution that _____. (Choose three.) What is RPO? A customer wants to have a zero or near zero RPO. Which solution should you recommend? You are designing data protection for a Microsoft SQL server. Which NetApp data protection software solution should you use to migrate application data from local or third-party SAN LUNs to LUNs on the NetApp storage system? What is multiplexing in a tape environment? A customer has deduplicated data on a storage controller. Which NetApp Data Protection solution transfers the data in a deduplicated state without needing to expand the data for data transfer? Which automatic storage policy protects the SnapProtect index database, which catalogs the Snapshot copies created by SnapProtect backup operations? Which interface tool should you use to monitor space capacity? Which two statements are true about using Protection Manager to restore data? (Choose two.) Which Open Systems SnapVault command can be run on the primary system to verify successful installation and ensure that the services are running properly?