NS0-504 - NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer - SAN, Cluster-Mode

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Example Questions

When running Data ONTAP in Cluster-Mode, which topology allows for guaranteed maximum network performance for iSCSI? Which are three characteristics of an iSCSI or FCP SAN implementation? (Choose three.) You are trying to do a single file SnapRestore for a file, but you are receiving an error message that the directory structure no longer exists. Which is the most likely explanation? A Solaris administrator just noticed that a host has lost connectivity to the company SAN. Which file should the administrator check for SAN connectivity errors? NetApp recommends that Fibre Channel switches that have both disk and tape connected to them should have separate zones created for each. Which two will allow you to read and analyze a packet trace file generated by the storage system? (Choose two) Which mechanism allows you to make LUNs available to some initiators and unavailable to others? An administrator for a virtual server named abc17 mounts a new volume named vola at junction named /accounting/teama and creates two directories at the root of the new volume named 2011 and 2011/june. He also copies a file called report.doc into the directory named june. An NFS client mounts to the root of the namespace. What is the fully qualified path to report.doc? Which resource is associated with all logical interfaces? A volume named volume217 resides on an aggregate named node7_aggr12 and is mounted in the namespace at junction /source/april/test217. A file named revert.cpp is at the root of volume217. A volume move operation relocates volume217 to node3_aggr3. What is the fully qualified path to revert.cpp after the move is complete? Which FC SAN topology provides the best performance and scalability? Which option of the snap restore command allows you to specify a different directory, as long as the directory already exists? To create a 64-bit aggregate, which optional switch/flag/parameter/option to the aggr create command must be included? Which statement describes the results of the SnapMirror resynce command? What are two possible impacts to consider when changing the cfmode to single_image?. (Choose two.) A company wants to use jumbo frames in their Ethernet network. They should set the packet size to which industry conventional value? Which utility on Solaris 10 can be used to collect information about firmware and driver versions for an Emulex LP1xxxx/LPe1xxxx HBA? When migrating from Data ONTAP 7G to Data ONTAP 8.0 7-mode, existing non-traditional aggregates are designated as ________. The root admin on the UNIX box receives an “Access Denied” message when he attempts to access a newly mounted qtree. What’s the most likely cause of this error? Which command displays the statistics for Ethernet network interfaces? Which Data ONTAP option sets system-wide throttling for all transfers? The SnapVault secondary system allows you to keep a separate schedule of Snapshot copies from your primary system. Which statement is true about a SnapMirror destination Vserver? What does Storage Failover allow? iSCSI and FC SAN deployments share requirements for these planning steps with one exception. Which task is NOT required for both types of deployments? Which command collects detailed diagnostic information from a Brocade FC switch? What are two ways a storage administrator can improve the operational availability of NAS application data? (Choose two.) Which command configures the Remote Support Agent (RSA)? Which system is recommended as a secondary system for SnapVault? For access to a VMFS datastore created on a NetApp LUN on an ESX 4.0 system for an ALUA configuration, the path selection policy should be set to: With 64-bit aggregates, the number of FlexVols that can be created on a storage controller is ____. Which two statements apply to the fs_size_fixed volume option? (Choose two.) What is the maximum distance between a standard clustered pair at 2Bbps? Which three steps are required to make a LUN visible to a NPIV-supported VM? (Choose three.) You have a Windows 2003 host using the NetApp ONTAP DSM MPIO environment with a FAS6000 high availability configuration running single image cfmode. When you disconnect a cable from the FC switch to a storage target port, how will the I/O fail over? A Windows 2008 iSCSI initiator is NOT able to switch between different paths when a path becomes unavailable. What is a likely cause? In a Fiber Channel configuration, the host's HBA is referred to as the ___________, and the storage system's HBA to as the _____________. The OSSV agent on the primary system listens to TCP port 10000 for all SnapVault communications. Portsets limit host access to certain paths when they are bound to ____________. After issuing the aggr split aggr0/plex0 aggrNew command ____________. Which command disables client access to Snapshot copies on a volume called flexvoll? Identify the two commands that could be entered on the SnapMirror destination storage system. (Choose two.) How can you "throttle" SnapValue updates and baseline transfers so that the primary or secondary is not transmitting data as it can? Which type of VLAN protects against media access control (MAC) spoofing? What would you use to share a data LUN among multiple servers where each server has simultaneous write access? Which two Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode clone technology can clone an individual LUN inside a volume without cloning the entire volume? Which keyword alone can be used to convert an asynchronous SnapMirror relationship to a synchronous SnapMirror relationship? NFSv4.1 pNFS reduces traffic over which network? What are two functions of iSCSI access lists? (Choose two.) Which statement is true about expanding an aggregate from 32-bit to 64-bit in place?